What is Christmas? why and who celebrate Christmas?

what is Christmas: which is celebrated on December 25th is an important Christian holiday. The origin of the word “Christmas” comes from “Christ” and the “Holy Mass” It is believed that the day commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ although a lot of people doubt that the day corresponds to the actual date of his birth. In spite of its Christian origin, this day is also celebrated by a lot of non-Christian countries and the celebration includes a lot of non-religious customs.

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1. Foods and Gifts:

People exchange gifts and greeting cards. The Homes are decorated with Christmas trees, light and garlands. Dinners are planned with special and delicious foods like turkey, hams, mashed potatoes, cookies, stuffing, roast chicken, cake or pudding, fruit cake, fruit salad and many more. however, needless to say, these foods aren’t the standard menu of the families from totally different countries all the families gather to have a lot of fun.

3. Celebration:

Many towns, cities, and schools also hold their own Carols by Candlelight services, with local bands and choirs sometimes helping to perform the Christmas carols and songs, As it is the middle of summer in many countries at Christmas time. the words to the Carlos about snow and the cold winter are sometimes changed.

4. Santa Claus:

A central imaginary figure is father Christmas, also called Santa Claus. He is believed to fly on his sleigh bringing gifts for children and play enjoyable music…

4. Merry Christmas:

as you all know that what was unique among all the births in human history, including the birth of all the prophets, was that Isa al Masih was born of a virgin. this birth was so important that it was announced to “Merry(Mariam)” by the archangel Gabriel (Jibril) who, as a result, we know, is only sent with the very most important messages and the Injil records it like this:

God sent the angel Gabriel to Nazareth, a town in Galilee, to a virgin pledged to be married to a man named Joseph, a descendant of David. The virgin’s name was Mery. The angel went to her and said, “Greetings, you are highly favored! The lord is with you. ”

 5. Little Christmas Tree

I watch the snowflakes fall

Against my window pane

And wonder if you

Are watching snowflakes too

I take a walk downtown

To where you used to meet me

There’s joy everywhere

But all are waiting there

Is just a little Christmas tree

Looking sorta sad n lonely just like me

None seems to care

They just went away

And the left is standing there

All alone on Christmas Eve

I hear the Christmas bell

The happy people singing

The songs of good cheer

That only brings me tears

This is the season of love

I’m sad as but I can be

why did you have to leave me

And an opportunity for economic growth. It has become an important period for business activity. Shops make a lot of profit and a lot of countries realized this economic impact.


  1. Christmas celebration is on
  •  December 24,
  •  …………….. 25,
  •  December 26,

2. Jesus Christ’s Date of birth

  • is on December 25th,
  • we are not sure about the exact date

3. Santa Claus comes

  • on foot
  • on a flying sleigh

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