Gaming Laptops VS PC – What To Consider For Your Next Purchase

With an ever-growing and immensely popular market in computer hardware and gaming, it’s become much more difficult to assess what makes a truly great device. Wide-scale competition in the technology market has provided consumers with endless options for gaming PC’s and laptops, however, this has created a market where it’s incredibly difficult to determine what would suit your needs specifically.

With the evolution of the gaming market, interest and demand for devices optimised for gaming has risen also, except many looking to acquire one don’t have the knowledge to know what makes a truly great device and with the vast amount of choices, it’s easy to get lost in the sauce.

Firstly identifying your personal needs is paramount. Many use laptops and desktops for the simple goal of browsing the web, making online purchases and keeping in touch with various friend groups via a handful of different social applications.

Gaming laptop

Laptop, or desktop?

Often, when you’re in need of an at-home device these are the two options that would stick out most, without considering tablet devices which have become far less popular than ever before. With that in mind, it’s vital to ensure you know the major differences between the two to make that choice far easier.

These days, getting access to online games is now far easier to both download and play. Besides, rather than the generic style of games, the popularity of online gaming in the way of innovative slots, live dealer baccarat with an updated look, and classic table games in different variations are rising in popularity, with great ease of access across multiple devices. Featuring many of these games, providers now optimise the games for both mobile and desktop, making the experience fun on all platforms.

If you know you’ll need something portable, then you’re half-way there and you need a laptop. If you’re more concerned about speed, graphics and power then a desktop will ultimately suit. While these points are true, the sheer quality of tech products in the market can now allow for more options than just that.

The PC and laptop hardware market boom has allowed for smaller and more portable devices to reach the next level in terms of power, speed and graphics quality, which has bridged the gap more than expected and it wouldn’t come as a surprise if laptops became the only viable option in future, but we’re still a great distance from that becoming true.

What makes a truly good computing device?

A Strong CPU

The CPU is responsible for data being processed, executing programs on the device and for interacting between various components within the PC. If you ensure you have a strong CPU using high-performance programs like games and powerful software such as video editors ensure the process is incredibly smooth and seamless.

Graphics Processing Unit

A GPU is what makes the graphics and video quality pop and is more important for those who use their devices for games, videos and movies. This is a vital component for those looking to partake in online streaming on platforms such as Twitch and using a lower quality graphics card drastically reduces the quality of streamed games.

Storage and Power

Much of the demand for laptops surrounds the power capability and how long a laptop can last on a full battery. The general consensus is that the full battery life should be more than 8 hours and this battery life should not be at the expense of power. Many laptops will allow you to tune your battery power to performance and sacrifice one for the other.

When considering storage, it’s a highly debated topic and for durability purposes, SSD or Solid State Drives are the much more viable option. This is mainly due to there being no moving parts within that can often result in faulty parts forcing repair and maintenance. This alongside the far greater speed of an SSD and the more affordable prices in today’s market make for a superior option.


External equipment

External devices and equipment are more preference than necessity and when assessing your options of what external equipment to pick from it all really comes down to needs. An essential for a PC system is of course a high quality monitor, of which the market has mounds of high quality options.

Also, if you’re gaming in particular, you’ll want a good setup of your mouse and keyboard and often you’ll need a set which are optimized for gaming. Many of the options in this field have productivity and design in mind, so they can look good on stream while hosting their viewers.

Adequate cooling and low-noise

Unfortunately for many computing devices, the heat generated from the devices has been an ongoing issue and this can go hand in hand with a lot of noise coming from the device. In order to combat this, ensuring a high-quality cooling system is installed is a massive factor to consider.

Avoiding overheating with a laptop is extremely high on the priority list. Allowing your devices to overheat can cause lasting damage and can often result in repairs being necessary and in some cases, requiring replacement. Aside from the fact you wouldn’t want a hand-held radiator on your lap this is a rather important factor to consider.

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