How To Get Rich in 2020? Best Method To Get Rich

If you don’t want to get rich in 2020 than my this article is not for you, but if you have ever dreamed to be the world’s richest person or you have seen someone very rich or millionaire and you wished to be like that than this article is for you. because I am always writing the article

So this article goes to those who are really working hard to get rich. I have seen many people successful and unsuccessful and I meet them and have searched for its reason who become successful on the behalf of their hardworking

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Get Rich

Do and Don’t

so I noticed something very clearly from them that “DO and DON’T” which means everything has its own way, the method of working good or bad. Like this becoming rich is also having DO and DON’T

There are many reasons why you can’t be rich.

Human Minds biggest Problems (Excuses)

A human being consists of many excuses, problems, pretends and justification. for example, when your favorite dish isn’t cooked so you say I am full I won’t eat but when you get hungry you just need one reason to eat food because you are feeling hungry. Or all of your friends are sleeping and asking you to sleep but you don’t sleep because you are not sleepy but when you get sleepy you don’t need anyone to tell, you sleep silently.


than why? you human beings always make excuses, pretends for not doing, for not stepping towards your success, for not fulfilling your dreams. pretending once I get the job or I get the money or you say its still early you are young or you say your parents are uneducated, illiterate, don’t have that much money at home or your city is small. Many excuses you gave to yourself or you say “I am bad luck or I am not lucky”

Make One Reason

If you gave reasons to yourself if you say you are young it is your enjoyment time than live it if you are thinking of luck also think but stop or leave thinking about your desires, dreams, wishes. Select one whether you pretend or you make yourself. you are finding many reasons for not becoming rich for not stepping towards your dreams than find one reason for becoming rich for growing towards your dreams and work on it.

There are many ways of earning money

Perfect Plan

you can see many successful people’s house office car that in the past how it was and now how it is. so you can see the very latest example your mobile iPhone maker 1st his office was a garage and now it is a building of many floors. it doesn’t mean that when Steve Jobs started its job with the garage wasn’t a perfect plan. The plans he made wasn’t gone through his instructions.

He faces many problems, competitors and difficulties. but again he struggled and made the APPLE mobile on the top. What did you observe from this person? what did you understand? It means his plan wasn’t perfect. Everything didn’t go through his plans.


But again there was something present in his dreams and that was “ZEAL” which was hidden inside him. to make his thoughts, ideas successful but what you need? you need a perfect plan before starting. The day it works you will start your plan and the day you found to give me as well.

however, you make a perfect plan but there will be always a fault a weakness. than why waiting for a perfect plan.

Starting means start anywhere at any time. whenever you start that is starting so don’t wait for a step towards becoming rich. start your action.

Your strength your uniqueness

Your thumb is performing a unique role nobody is having the same thumb you have so if your thumb can perform a unique role than you, not your whole body. Becoming rich is not easy you have to work hard pay attention to your strength make something different use your mind use your skills.

The day you use it your power of strength will catch you out. your this strength can be your study, your hobby, your acting, your skill. Make time for yourself and bring out your power, strength, and uniqueness.


Changes it’s a reality if you change yourself according to time you will surely develop but if you don’t change that world and people will change you. for example you can see windows first it was simple and now it’s very designing. Change yourself for your benefits.

The most constant thing in this world is Change. if you didn’t change then you stopped. if you changed you succeed in changing the world.

Rich from thoughts

Be rich from thoughts if you didn’t make your thoughts rich than you won’t be rich financially, first of all, make your thoughts. Don’t waste on Liabilities which increases expenditure, waste on Assets which makes money. Learn how to manage your finances.

Four Reasons you will never be rich

  1. You focus more on saving rather than earning.
  2. We are content with a steady paycheck.
  3. You rarely step outside of your comfort zone.
  4. We buy things we can’t afford.

World’s Richest Man

Jeff Bezos- Net worth: $112 Billion- Source: Amazon

Bill Gates- net worth: $90 Billion- Source: Microsoft

Warren Buffett- Net worth: $84 Billion- Source: Berkshire Hathaway

Bernard Arnault- Net worth: $72 Billion- Source: Lvmh

Mark Zuckerberg- Net worth: $71 Billion- Source: Facebook

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In conclusion

Everyone wants to be the richest person in the world and if you are in line with those people then read this article carefully and follow all the methods which I told you. but again if you get any question then feel free to ask me.

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