How to Add Dashboards to UnleashX on Your Original Xbox

The Original Xbox, a classic in the world of gaming consoles, continues to capture the hearts of enthusiasts. UnleashX, a popular dashboard replacement for the Original Xbox, provides a customizable and feature-rich interface for users. This article explores the process of adding dashboards to UnleashX, allowing users to enhance their gaming experience and unlock additional functionalities on their beloved Original Xbox.

Understanding UnleashX

Understanding UnleashX

UnleashX serves as an alternative dashboard for the Original Xbox, offering a visually appealing and user-friendly interface. Dashboards on the Xbox act as a home screen, providing access to games, applications, media, and system settings. UnleashX stands out for its customization options, making it a preferred choice for those seeking a personalized and intuitive dashboard experience.

Why Add Dashboards to UnleashX?

While UnleashX itself is a robust dashboard, users may choose to add additional dashboards for various reasons:

1. Feature Expansion

   – Additional dashboards may offer unique features or functionalities not present in UnleashX, allowing users to tailor their gaming experience to their preferences.

2. Aesthetic Preferences

   – Different dashboards come with distinct visual styles. Users may opt for alternative dashboards to match their aesthetic preferences and create a more visually appealing interface.

3. Application Access

   – Some dashboards provide convenient access to specific applications, emulators, or media players. Adding such dashboards to UnleashX expands the range of applications available at the user’s fingertips.

Steps to Add Dashboards to UnleashX

Follow these steps to add dashboards to UnleashX on your Original Xbox:

1. Prepare the Dashboard Files

   – Download the dashboard files of the additional dashboard you wish to install. Ensure that you have the necessary files, typically including an executable file and any associated configuration files.

2. Transfer Files to Xbox

   – Connect your Xbox to your computer using a suitable FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client. Transfer the dashboard files to the appropriate directory on your Xbox’s hard drive. The destination directory may vary, but it is commonly the “E” or “F” drive.

3. Modify UnleashX Configuration

   – Access the UnleashX dashboard on your Xbox. Navigate to the System menu and select the System Settings option. Look for the “Dashboards” or “Paths” section, depending on your UnleashX version.

4. Add New Dashboard Entry

   – In the Dashboards or Paths section, add a new entry for the dashboard you transferred. Enter the correct path to the dashboard executable and assign it a recognizable name.

5. Save Changes

   – After adding the new dashboard entry, save your changes. This ensures that UnleashX recognizes and includes the additional dashboard in its interface.

6. Reboot Xbox

   – Reboot your Xbox to apply the changes. Upon restarting, you should see the new dashboard entry in UnleashX’s menu.

7. Test and Configure

   – Access the added dashboard from UnleashX and test its functionality. Some dashboards may require additional configuration, so be sure to follow any provided instructions.

Popular Dashboards for UnleashX

1. EvoX Dashboard

   – Known for its simplicity and compatibility, EvoX Dashboard provides easy access to various functions, applications, and settings.

2. Avalaunch Dashboard

   – Avalaunch is praised for its sleek design and multimedia capabilities. It supports a wide range of file formats and includes features like FTP support and customizable skins.

3. XBMC (Xbox Media Center)

   – Originally a media center application, XBMC evolved into a full-fledged dashboard. It excels in media playback and offers an extensive range of customization options.


Adding dashboards to UnleashX on your Original Xbox offers a gateway to a more tailored and versatile gaming experience. Whether you seek additional features, a fresh aesthetic, or specialized applications, the process of integrating new dashboards is accessible and enhances the nostalgic charm of the Original Xbox. Explore different dashboards, experiment with customization options, and elevate your gaming haven with the wealth of possibilities UnleashX and additional dashboards bring to your beloved console.

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