How would I know which Internet Speed is better for me?

Internet is seemingly everywhere in today’s society. With the Internet of Things taking over, the Internet has become an increasingly essential part of our lives. Whether it’s for work, school, or entertainment purposes, most people spend a large portion of their day online, and with faster speeds, you can do more than ever before.

It is critical to comprehend what sort of internet utilization do you have and what speed is needed to help you use it effectively. So when you pick an internet speed you do not face any slow internet speed issues. When you have so much going on like work from home and online schooling apart from the previous requirements you can face confusion. If you have an ISP like Spectrum Internet, then you have the leverage to ask their representatives about the most suitable internet speed for you according to your usage.

In case if you planning to choose a new internet connection or you want to understand which internet speed will be more suitable for you, you can find many options and answers but the right answer should be considered by you.

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Questions that you should ask yourself:

There are certain questions that you should ask yourself before choosing any internet speed. One thing to recollect is your need. The quantity of the gadgets or devices like tablets, PCs, or PDAs you need to interface with your internet. Other prominent determinants include:

Your internet usage

  • Perhaps it will be work from home, or someone needs to take online classes. Now here you need to configure the kind of websites that will be used. Some websites require a higher internet speed; Google Classroom works faster than Zoom.
  • Most people are using VPN for their remote work or work from home, when we talk about VPNs be wary of the fact that it requires a very high internet speed. VPN network will put more load on your Wi-Fi internet and if you do not get the right kind of speed, you will see the buffering sign on your screen more often than not.
  • When we mention the online classes, some schools use regular Zoom links but some schools might have introduced their online platforms, and to access the online classes without any intrusion a high internet speed is critical.
  • One more critical thing is that what kind of internet surfing, will be done online is it simply electronic media or do you like to watch YouTube chronicles and Netflix or Hulu. For real work, you need a higher tier internet speed since you need more bandwidth for your Messages and online get-togethers.

How many devices will be connected?

When you approach a certain internet service provider to get an internet connection always make it clear to the sales agent about the number of devices that will be connected with your internet connection. This includes your laptops, computers, mobile phones, tablets, Smart TV, game station, or any fax machines. You can tell them that these are the certain number of devices that will be connected to your internet and they will tell you which speed is good for you.

The trick here is to specifically mention the number of gadgets that will be connected to your internet at the same time for instance. There can be two people working and 2 kids who need to take their online class at the same time. When you mention the number of your computers that will be connected at the same time only then you will get the right speed.

Most reliable internet speed

For your information let us give you an idea about the internet speeds. If you are going to connect 2 devices at the same time then 25 Mbps or 50 Mbps will be enough for you. But if you plan to connect 4 to 5 devices at the same time then you should opt for 100 Mbps.

However, for 6 to 7 devices, the best speed will be 500 Mbps. And if you plan to use your internet for 4k games then 1 GIG internet speed will be ideal for you. Most people complain that they face slow internet speed issues when they are during a meeting and kids face issues. While they are taking the classes that is because you do not mention the kind of internet usage and the number of laptops or computers that are connected at the same time.

When more devices are connected to the internet at the same time the more the bandwidth is distributed among them thus offering lesser speeds per device.

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Summing Up

Though it seems confusing that what internet speed will fulfill your requirement it is fairly simple to configure in reality. You just need to do some digging and find out what is your requirement. What kind of internet user you are, and how many computers or laptops do you want to connect to. These simple questions will answer what speed you require.

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