How To Unlock iCloud Activation Lock In All iPhones

In this article, I am going to tell you about how to unlock iCloud Activation Lock in all iPhones. you might be searching about it and I know you find out many websites and articles but it didn’t work. don’t worry this article will solve your problems. the method I’m going to tell you is very easy and useful because I tested much time in a different model of iPhones and it works out. so now I am here to let you know about this handy method.

As you know without unlocking iCloud you can’t use the mobile, you need to unlock it with Apple id account but the problem is here that you don’t know the Apple id email and password or perhaps you forget your Apple id password. so the things you need to unlock it if you don’t know how to do that then stay with this page you will get after some minutes.

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here I forget my iCloud password and I don’t remember what is my password so here I will try to unlock it with the below method. let’s do it together.

iCloud Unlock | Start your Phone

At first, you need to start your phone from the beginning. then after that select your language, while you selected your language then select your country or region.

start iphone
Startup iPhone

After selecting your country then in the next step, you need to provide your Apple id, if you don’t provide your Apple id then you may not allow starting with your iPhone.

activation lock
Activation Lock

Do it again

for unlocking iCloud or Apple id then comes back 2 steps and start again. do it as before you did like select your language and country, then press to the home button and click on the wifi setting. but in the latest iPhone, you need to keep pressing the lock button and select wifi setting.

Connect with wifi and click on the information button.

Connect to Wifi
Connect to Wifi

after that click on the Configure DNS. in here you just need to add some DNS server, do what I’m doing.

DNS Configuration

Add DNS Server

inside Configure DNS menu then in below DNS Servers add three servers and type this number. these servers worked for me and if you add this number then it will work for you too. after adding servers then save it.

add DNS
Add DNS server

after you add DNS servers then you need to add two Domains. just type this domain that you see in the picture then save it. 

add domains
Add Domains

now you have added DNS servers and Domains and you save it successfully. then you need to move back three steps and start from the beginning. do it again select your language and country then Press the home button and click on the Start over option.

after that, you will see the Activation Lock. now you need to enter email and password but unfortunately, you don’t know your email and password. then what you need to type this email and password that I will give you in the below. 

in place of the email type this one. go to your keyboard -> icon ->symbols type 8 times ID icon and after that type .com

iCloud Email

in place of password type this one …..YYYYY….. type that Y which shows in the picture.

iCloud Password

now press on the next button and you will see that your Activation Lock is unlocked. congratulation you unlock iCloud lock successfully.


This article shows you How To Unlock iCloud Activation Lock In All iPhones. here you learned the easy method to unlock iCloud. this method will works 100% just follow step by step. but again if you have any confusion or questions then feel free to leave comments.



  1. Michael Parák says

    Hi, I try it but I believed that in the past work it, but now it doesn´t work, have you got new Apple ID and password or another server? please reply me on email

    1. Rehmat Akbari says

      Hi, Michael have you tried it properly?

  2. Michael Parák says

    Yes of course

  3. Michael Parák says

    Can you try it is work?

    1. Rehmat Akbari says

      yes dear my one is work

  4. Dimen says

    Rehmat Akbari i bought an iphone that was reported stolen than the guy found it it’s stuck on this phone has been reported lost can’t get to the iCloud he told me if I pass he would give me the pass is there anything I can do he can’t call apple cause he got new one it’s iOS 14.5 iPhone 11 Pro

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