How to Lose Weight Fast Naturally and Permanently in 2020?

How to lose weight fast naturally and permanently, many ways can help you to lose weight but today I am gonna write about some easy steps that you can do everywhere even at home easily without machines and will lose weight definitely in one month.

Food is a safety global concern as foodborne diseases take a major roll in health. Many developing countries are exporters and importers of food items and the more affluent countries ensure that the food safety regulations designed by world health organization (WHO) have adhered to their local partners.

1: Warm Up to Lose Weight

First of all, you have to do warmup make your body warm by stretching all parts of the body. so that you can easily move your body.

Stretching Tips
  1. Squat (10)
  2. Squat with right heel up (20)
  3. Side stretch (10)
  4. Torso stretch (20)
  5. Rotator cuff (15)
  6. Shoulder rolls (12)
  7. Back and chest stretch (5)
  8. Shoulder stretch left and right (12)
  9. Hip sway side to side (15)
  10. Hip rolls left and right
  11. Arm Swings
  12. Torso side to side
  13. Hamstrings stretch left and right (10)
  14. forward bend (5)

2: Circle workout to Lose Weight

Many of us think that by eating oily thinks we get fat and will be a chubby person, yes its right you must control eating oily things those who are fat and have the belly, stomach, arm, thighs, chest problems they may follow this steps and may get a good result.

  1. Chest fly with single leg raise left and right (10 times)
  2. Military press with front kicks or knee up single leg one by one (10 times) each
  3. Alternating lunges with tricep extension single-leg one by one (10 times each)
  4. 50-speed bag fastly moving circle (3 sets)
  5. 100 football run speedily (3 sets)
  6. Clam rock and raise for (30 sec) lying on the mat get your feet together in a rectangular shape both legs and hip up.
  7. Crunching jack knives that is a killer move for your arms  its a bit tough exercise but it a great fat burner for the women, sit on the hip both hands and knees up (20 times)
  8. Moving wide squat with w/v’s knees bend and shoulder up  if you love yourself then push yourself together fit and faster, sit on your thighs knee bend and both shoulder up and down (20 times)
  9. Dumble clean press single hand moving up and down one by one (10 times each)
  10. Lunge and squat with hammer curl (20 times each leg)
  11. Rear kicks body strength body burn (30 sec) jumping jacks 30 sec while doing this exercise it’s very important to remember to push yourself to your capacity

3: Abdominal and Stomach Workout to Lose Weight

Which is very essential for male and female both are facing this problem. some people are slim from other parts of their body but having fat from their stomach so let’s start our exercise that our belly portion gets right of fats. but its also important to know that if you do the wrong stomach you may face lots of waist problems. there is some guidance you may fellow while you are lying doing for stomach exercise.


Don’t push your hip high or up also don’t down your hip too much down it should be contractive and keep your body a line and it has to be parallel to the floor, your nack and body has to be a line all time. your nack shouldn’t be down nor up it has to be a line.

Abdomen Workout
  1. Rocking plank: Moves your all body forward and backward (20 times)
  2. Side plank raises: Sit side and your one leg and hand then move up and down your body. (10 times each)
  3. Advanced pelvic thrust: One leg high and one bend then push your body up (10 times each)
  4. Diagonal doggy kick: Doing it (10 times each) leg sitting on the knee. this exercise targets another problem that many women face settling backs you get right of fat and say bye-bye forever
  5. V- leg raise: sit by your hip and move your leg one by one for 10 times each.
  6. Reach through: Lay down and bend your knee then push your shoulders and head up and down (3 sets of 20 times)
  7. knee push-ups: (10 times)

Note: It very important to hydrate your body by having a water break, small sip but not too much after each exercise. but other times drink plenty of water, as it will help in cleansing your system and keep your skin healthy. instead of sticking to anyone kind of workout formal, keep changing it according to your fitness goals. Avoid junk foods

4: Diet plan

A well- balanced diet and a strict exercise routine will help you in making your body and surely you get the right of fats. food is an essential part of human life.

5: Morning

Early morning drinks a glass of water with lime, followed by having some almonds soaked overnight, and then a cup of green tea.

6: Breakfast

Have a big breakfast comprising white eggs, toast, mushroom, porridge made from skimmed milk, and a fair amount of fruits especially apple.

7: Lunch

Avoid eating too much rice. have lunch dal, green salad, vegetables, grilled fish or chicken and chapatis.

8: Dinner

You must know that dinner shouldn’t be heavy. do a light dinner especially vegetables prepared in olive oil, green salad, grilled fish or chicken and a small amount of dessert food to satisfy your sweet.

Note: if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle. to set up an effective fitness routine. you must have a disciplined approach. slimming pills or weight loss diets will not give you long term effects, but a well-devised regular exercise regimen will eventually show wonders.

Healthy Tips

  • Daily eat boiled egg two times
  • sleep regularly
  • Maximum- 7/8 hour
  • Minimum- 4 hour

9: Metabolism-boosting foods (Vegetarian)

Almonds, Apples, Asparagus, Beans, Berries, Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrots, Celery, Cucumber, Curry, Eggs, Garlic, Grapefruit, Lemons, Limes, Oats, Oranges, Peanut Butter, Spicy peppers, Spinach, Tomatoes, Yogurt

Fat burning foods

Egg Whites, Salad, Garlic, Corn Flakes, Rucola, Pumpkins, Kiwi, Lemon, Nuts, Onion, Soy, Tea, Strawberry, Wheat, Apple, Avocados, Peanuts, Olives, Walnuts, Sunflower seeds, Coconut oil

Fruits for weight loss

Apple, Cherries, Pear, Banana, Watermelon, Grapefruit, Lemon, Avocado, Coconut, Pineapple, Tomato, Walnut, Orange, Pomegranate, Cantaloupe, Berries, kiwi

Lose Weight juice

  • Mean Green– Apple, cucumber, celery, kale, lemon, Ginger root
  • Heart Beat– carrots, oranges, apples, beetroot, kale
  • Green Lemonade– Apple, cucumber, kale, spinach, lemon
  • Beetroot– beetroot, carrots, sweet potato
  • Watermelon Juice
  • Lemon Juice

In Conclusion

If you want to know more tips about how to lose weight fast naturally and permanently. Then, my next article will be ready but the above information. And tips I have said follow it and you will be successful in your exercise. to top it off, Daily visit my website for the latest Article. And if you get any kind of questions then feel free to comments.

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