Top 5 Best Games In 2019 – Most Popular Games To Play Now

In this 21st century, all are running towards Money, success and how to get more famous. so there are many reasons, solutions, suggestions, methods, and tips to improve their wishes, dreams, and desires. But behind this, we forget to talk to about a very important thing which is going very fastly in our generation. Children are doing and even elder, older all are doing. Don’t be confused I am talking about Games which is played very attentively by everyone nowadays.

How do our brains learn? and I am especially interested in the possibility of making our brain faster, smarter and better. and in this article I am going to tell you about the top five best games.

when we say the game most of you think about children. 99% of school-aged individual children do indeed play games. But let’s be frank when the kids are in bed, who is in front of play station. most of you the average age of the heads of households mean age of the gamer is 35 years old. If we look at the project and graphic of video gameplay. The video gamer of tomorrow is older adults.

It is here to stay it is having an amazing impact on our everyday life.

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PUBG Games

PUBG games

what makes a game good? is it the quality of the gameplay? Does the story make it good? Maybe its soundtrack or after design makes it a good game. This is why PUBG is a good game. This is why it was nominated for the game of the year. when it comes to gameplay PUBG is a resolution. it takes a brand new concept we have never seen before. PUBG gameplay is a seriously resolution. every performance of the game is perfect. If you want to loser the mid-range PC. PUBG game is for you.

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Counter- Strick, Global Offensive

Counter Strike games

First person shooter very competitive game in the scene called the counter strick- Global Offensive. This game was realized in 2012 it is clearly the second most popular game on the screen and even during the week. The game has a daily picture can earn a player base of over 6 hundred thousand strong.

Minecraft Games

Minecraft games

Coming to number three, the most popular game in the world in 2018 is one I am sure you have heard of at least once before. It is called Minecraft. This end game which was developed by Notch in 2009 has explored. and January 1st, 2018 Minecraft still clams for seventy-four million monthly active users. this includes the player on PC, mobile, and cleanser and I personally don’t see this game falling off anytime soon because there is always another kid born who once played with blocks.

League of Legends Games

League of legends games
League of legends

The top game League of legends. it still maintains some of the highest concrete higher base worlds wide with eighty-one million active monthly users and still consisting the most shoot game on TV. League of Legend also has arguably and the most popular competitive gaming scene with its world championship games after the passing viewership even basketball and baseball.

Fortnite Battle Royale Games

Fortnite Battle Royale games
Fortnite Battle Royale game

It is an apick game brand new game Fornite realized 2017 fortnite battle royale recently broke record picking at almost four million concrete players. Fornite is another Royale game where one hundred two player field only one servive. Fornite has also been chalanging the league of legend. beacuse it is a new game it might be very interesting for the viewers.

In conclusion

Top 5 Best Games In 2019 – Most Popular Games To Play Now. these games are on the top ranking of the world game and I have told you about the best game if you want to give a shot so go with these games. they are awesome. besides that, if you have any question then ask me.

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