Top 5 Ingenious Tasks You Can Complete With ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an Al-powered chatbot by OpenAl with superior language processing capabilities. The program responds to human-triggered prompts to generate human-like content. ChatGPT uses reinforcement and supervised learning techniques to recognize commands in a prompt to deliver comprehensive answers. Users can use this program to tackle tedious tasks, including writing blogs, composing poetry, answering questions, and more.

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The Top 5 Ingenious Ways to Use ChatGPT

Since its discovery, ChatGPT has brought plenty of excitement among social media users, corporate boardrooms, and learning institutions. Some concerned parties have even argued that ChatGPT could replace humans in several sectors. Although this computer program recognizes written inputs and generates accurate responses, it can never replace humans. Regardless, you can still prompt this chatbot to do the following five things.

Writing Customized Resumes

ChatGPT is superb at brainstorming ideas to help you write content-rich and neatly-formatted resumes. This highly intelligent chatbot will use your input prompts, including skills, experience, education, and achievements, to develop a resume in minutes. It is the fastest way to write and customize resumes when applying for a new job.

ChatGPT’s training allows it to answer questions accurately and custom-write a resume for every role from scratch. It can as well fine-tune and optimize the content of your current resume. The process of writing a CV with ChatGPT is easy and quick. Start by signing into the program, choosing a resume template, and entering the professional content you want included.

Solve Math Problems

Although ChatGPT cannot replace dedicated mathematic-solving tools or competent tutors, it’s robust for generating human-like answers to mathematic problems. It can solve any mathematical conundrum, explaining the answers per the laid-down formula and algorithms. The tool can recognize and solve simple and complex math problems in algebra, trigonometry, and statistics.

The language model used by this tool claims to understand statistics and probability, so you can use it to learn the basics of mathematics. In commercial settings, you can use the program to better understand money-related discussions, including refunds, penalties, paybacks, and any amounts you may owe. However, the tool has problems understanding decimals, natural numbers, and fractions.

Writing Poetry

ChatGPT received enough training to write poems matching every theme and style known to humans. Enter the basic content you want the poem to revolve around, and it will generate a captivating one matching the correct tone and mood. You can prompt this chatbot to write great poems, whether acrostic, haiku, sonnets, or free verse, each formatted correctly and with accurate grammar and styling.

The disadvantage of ChatGPT is that it does not have emotions and won’t mourn or console. Therefore, your poems will lack the human touch that increases the thrill. People with a mastery of the English language and poetry can tell between a human-written and ChatGPT-written poem without needing a ChatGPT detector.

Creating Online Content

Did you know people can earn money by creating content for blogs or websites? Not only that, but also completing these surveys helps others make extra cash on the side. Perhaps unbeknownst to you, you can make money online by creating content, answering surveys, writing blogs and website copies, offering tutorials, and more. We all know how tiresome and involving the process of creating content is. Writing a 500-word blog post or article could take up to three hours, not to mention the time involved in editing and proofreading.

You can write your blog and web copies faster using ChatGPT to brainstorm ideas. The chatbot uses an advanced language model to ponder a myriad of different ideas on every subject and topic you can think of. Nevertheless, do not forget that ChatGPT only generates ideas, and the content it writes is not 100% plagiarism free. You must use other tools or professionals to check for grammar, wording, plagiarism, and readability.

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Composing Music

The last creative way to utilize ChatGPT in your everyday life is to compose music. On its own, this chatbot lacks the power to compose enthralling music, its capacity limited to suggesting basic chord progressions and writing lyrics. However, it can offer legible tips on structuring and arranging your songs. You can prompt the chatbot to help you brainstorm relevant ideas for harmonies and melodies or music concepts.

ChatGPT offers suggestions on how users can alter and extend the chords to compose more intriguing songs. Songwriters can also rely on ChatGPT to create fresh musical ideas and copy the unique styles of famous musicians. Composers and producers can make use of this chatbot to write lyrics to their music, analyze already composed songs, and give the best suggestions on the most trending topics.


ChatGPT has unlimited capabilities and can do virtually everything you ask it to do. Besides the normal texts and content people can write using the program, there are many other creative use cases. These include but are not limited to solving mathematic problems, composing music, writing poetry, and writing customized resumes when applying for a job. Even if the tool is not 100% viable all the time and still requires a human expert to fine-tune the details, the results and conveniences it brings forward are undeniable.

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