Top Insurance Companies In The World in 2020

In today’s life legions of people love to insurer themselves in any case, as we have top insurance companies where each person can get a large benefit and opportunity to protect themselves. well, the company will help you financially and it will take all the burden that you will face in the future. No one has the clue what will happen in the future, maybe you will face car accidents, feeling like a dog (falling sick), losing something, and many other victims you will give. Therefore, we have top insurance companies such as Life insurance, Health insurance, Home insurance, Car insurance, and many more.

However, we have many insurance companies in various criteria on a different basis. if you want the insurer any of your family members then take a look at the top 10 insurance companies which rank in 2020. the company will give you a large number of opportunities, revenue, premium collections, geographical area, assets, and more. as you know there are lots of insurance company but I will mention the top companies in this article.

Top Insurance Companies In The World 2020

Almost people can insure themselves in developed countries because most of the insurance companies are there and they will protect your life and things. if we look at developing countries then you will find less of insurance companies. So, before you get to know about top insurance companies, make your mind what kind of insurance you want.

Because you will have Life insurance, Health insurance, Car insurance, and many others, Although I have mentioned above. Anyway, the below companies are best in all criteria. therefore, have a look.

1: Allianz Insurance company

Firstly, take a look at the largest insurance company which found in 1890 in Germany and the chairman of this company is Oliver Bate. However, according to my search, Allianz ranked among the top Forbes Global list and it operates more than 70 countries with having more than 85 million customers. Allianz is nominated in the top 3 insurance companies this year and its revenues stood at 145.7 billion.

Allianz has been very competitive in the insurance industry and asset management. Although this company has become in the top 5 in the Life and Health insurance business, Moreover, Allianz corporate with customers in many criteria such as motor, accidents, property, general liability, travel insurance and assistance services.

2: AXA S.A

The second top insurance company in the world is AXA and it found 1816 in France and the headquarter is located in Paris. the chairman of AXA is Thomas Buberl. the company gives the services and offers life insurance, property and casualty insurance, retirement products, and asset management. So, this company has more than 102 million customers in over the world and it is located in more than 60 countries. AXA company has $1,034.5 billion in assets.

3: UnitedHealth Group Incorporated

The United Health Group found in 1977 in the USA and the chairman is Dave Wichmann. this company is located in over 50 states and more than 130 countries. the company has $158.5 billion assets. mostly it offers life insurance, health insurance, and many more in the world. So, the united stated people mostly insure themselves with (UHGI) and so far this company is on the top among all companies.

4: China Life Insurance (Group) Company

However, Chine is one of the top countries among all and it developed many new things and produces new technology that all countries used the product of china. Therefore, China Life Insurance company is the largest company in 2020 even it is so far and china’s life insurance company is focusing on the life and health insurance. this company was found in 1949 in Beijing China and the chairman is Dairen Lin. So, the current asset of chine life insurance is $97.6 billion with 13 subsidiaries, 3 transactions available for CSV export.

5: Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China Ltd.

Ping insurance group company is also developed by china and it is the largest life and health insurance company moreover Ping insurance is the personal financial services provider and it mostly provides banking, investment, and internet finance products. So, Ping insurance company was found in china in 1988 and the chairman is Ma Mingzhe. However, the Ping insurance has divided into four parts which are life insurance, property insurance, whole-life insurance, endowment, annuity, automobile.

6: MetLife

Metlife has more than 90 million customers in over 60 countries and it was founded in 1868. However, this company is the largest and oldest provider of insurance, annuities, and employee benefit programs. Metlife has the largest market cap of $4.65 billion. Although it is one of the top insurers and best over the world.

7. Anthem, Inc

Most people want to deal with health and life insurance company and you get a 70% idea about top insurance companies but the biggest life and health insurance company is Anthem, Inc over the world. Anthem, Inc is located in the United States and now it has a branch in California too because it has more than 40 million customers, and people like the way it serves and helps the customers. However, Anthem, Inc was founded in the USA in 2004 and the chairman is Gail Koziara Boudreaux.

8: ING Group

The ING Group is a Dutch multinational and founded in 1991 with having $52.33 billion market cap. ING Group has more than 37 million customers in over 40 countries. This company provides a large of services like commercial, and investment banking, insurance, and asset management. However, in 2018 ING Group announced a partnership with another member of AXA. Now, they both serve the clients and product’s best insurance overall.

9: Aviva

The first name of Aviva was CGNU but in 2002 the company changed the name to Aviva and it was found in the United Kingdom. However, Aviva is the largest general insurer in the world and it is the biggest insurance company in Canada. Aviva offers life insurance, health insurance, general insurance, and asset management. Moreover, it has $533.3 billion in assets. So, Aviva serves more than 33 million customers in 16 countries.

10: Prudential Financial

The United States has many largest insurance companies but one of the top 10 companies is Prudential Financial. this company has $815.1 billion and it provides insurance, annuities, retirement products, and investment management services to clients in over 40 countries. So, Prudential Financial has a market capitalization of $42.4 billion.

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However, there are many insurance companies but you have to choose which one is the best and provides different criteria. So, mostly you will love to have life and health insurance, therefore, I have mentioned the top 10 Insurance Companies in over the world in 2020.

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