what is Article? and it divided into how many parts?

Def: Article is a word which is used to determine a noun or an adjective and come before nouns.

“A, An, the” are the words called articles.


I eat an orange.

She is a girl.

The cat loves comfort.

Note: Articles are divided into two parts.

  1. Indefinite Articles.
  2. Definite Articles.

1.Indefinite Article:

Def: In English Grammar, there are two Indefinite Articles which are…

“A and an”

  • A is used for words beginning with a consonant.

Example: A book, a pan, a rubber, a bag, a ruler, a duster, etc…

  • An is used for words beginning with a vowel.

Example: An umbrella, an orange, an apple, an iron, an elephant, etc…

  • Some native speakers use “an” before words beginning with H if the first syllable is not stressed.

Example: An hotel- a hotel, an historical novel- a historical novel, an university- a university.

  • In its original numerical sense of one.

Example: Not a word was said.

      A word to the wise is sufficient.

  • In a vague sense of certainty.

Example: One morning a man came to my home.

      A Brak Obama is retired for his country.

  • In the sense of any to single out an individual as the representative.

Example: A cow is a useful animal.

      A pupil should lessen his teacher.

  • To make a common noun of a proper noun.

Example: A Damon comes to school.

      A loin eats all animals.

2. Definite Article:

There is one definite article exist in English Grammar which is


Usages of Article “The”

  • It is used before things or group of things.

Example: The book you bought is useful.

      Let us enjoy the picnic.

  • It is used before common nouns.

Example: They are the student who got the 1st position.

                             The horse is a noble animal.

  • It is used before ordinal numbers.

Example: The fifth class.

      The sixth class.

  • It is used before the superlative form of an adjective.

Example: Ali is the tallest boy in our class.

   Sarah is the happiest girl of her family.

  • Before some proper names.

Example: The Pacific ocean,

     The Sahara deserts

  • Before names of things unique of their kind.

Example: The sky, the sun, the moon, the ocean, the earth, the sea.

  • Before musical instruments.

Example: He can play the music.

  • As an adverb with Comparative form.

Example: The more they get, the more they want.

    Harry writes the best in the class.

The omission of the Article:

  1. Before names of substances and abstract noun (uncountable noun) used in general sense

Example: Honesty is the best policy.

     Gold is a precious metal.

2. Before plural countable nouns used in a general sense.

Example: Children like chocolates.

     Laptops are used in many countries.

3. Before names of meals (used in a general sense)

Example: Breakfast is ready.

      Dinner is ready.

4. Before languages.

Example: I am studying English.

     They speak Sindhi in class.

5. Before school, college, university, church, bed, hospital, prison.

Example: My mother is in hospital.

     She learned English at school.

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