Best Video Editing Software For Mac (Free and Premium) 2021

Earlier before, we need the assistance of a professional video editing expert to get our little video edited or burn into a CD. However, the rise in the technological revolution has put an end to it. Video editing is no longer a hassle anymore but has become a child’s play. Notwithstanding whether you want to create a simple video shoot for your YouTube channel, beautiful birthday composition, or a musical parody, video editing won’t be a problem anymore.

Macs are known to be the best computer. When it comes to video editing because of its high acceptability, easy interface, and many interesting features for video editors. Searching for the best video editing software may depend on the project basis. But that won’t stop you from trying from few programs on App Store or splurging on a premium program.

Some premium programs like Apple Final Cut Pro is a one-time subscription and would be a better option if you will continuously need its service. While Amazon Adobe Premiere Pro is subscription-based which means you’ll have to resubscribe when needed. However, other software like iMovie are built with efficiency and will serve you well so far you don’t need numerous effects of features. Fortunately, many free video editing software like iMovie is versatile with multiple devices and formats.

If you’re a video editor and searching for the best video editing software for Mac. Without wasting your time let’s explore our top 6 best video editing software for Mac including free and paid 2021.

Our Top 6 Best Video Editing Software for Mac (Free and Premium) 2021

Final Cut Pro X

If you’re a beginner into videography and you plan on growing bigger into it, then Final Cut Pro X is well worth your consideration. Though it’ll take few tutorial videos to get yourself fully started, once you’re into it. You can start from basic editing and get more advanced over time.

Fortunately, Final Cut Pro X is a professional video editing software and it’s approachable enough for vloggers, or videographers to get on board with. Also, it sure cheaper when compared to other side editing software. As a Pro video editing tool, it’s packed with numerous interesting features to help us realize your vision.

Meanwhile, Final Cut Pro X’s latest version has a multi-timeline needed for editing and also comes with other professional video editing features. Also, this video editing software supports up to 360-degree video, graphics, and effects. It allows you to easily switch between multiple angles and edit multi-cam recording setups. Amazingly, you can also create HDR content. That’s just to show you how wonderful Final Cut Pro X is for video editing. Apple is offering a free trial which gives you an insight into what you’re to expect and helps you decide before subscribing.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe’s Premiere Pro CC is another video editing tool on our list that’s specifically created for professional videographers to help them put out movies, short films, and others. Also, it’s a good option for those looking forward to building a career through videography and it’ll help sharpen their teeth. When it comes to video editing. However, if you’re not are not an expert with video editing yet. Then you should go for Final Cut Pro X or check the next pick.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC (Creative Cloud) is a fast-evolving editing tool from Adobe and it continues to bring out great updates over time. Meanwhile, instead of going for the software’s single edition. It’s advisable to pay the subscription fee as long as you’re using it for a long period. Another advantage of this software is that it isn’t exclusive to Mac, but rather Windows and other operating systems.

That subscription gives you access to Premiere Pro for editing all kinds of videos including 3D and even 8K. Also, you’re allowed to use its audio tracks, customize light and color, add graphics, and easily put together the video how you want it to be. If you’re using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or other Adobe software. The Premiere Pro CC will be a great option for integrating different workflows.

Apple iMovie

If you’re a beginner and looking forward to becoming an expert video editor, Apple iMovie will be of great assistance to you. Amazingly, you can use this app on your Mac, iPhone, or even iPad. This is one of Apple’s free video editing software and it allows you to edit video from anywhere you are because of its compatibility with both Mac and iOS platforms.

For amateur videographers, Apple iMovie has enough features in-store to help you make it big in videography. Also, you can easily combine numerous video files, add title screens to your video without much hassle, and add different audio tracks and videos. There’s also a video filter, picture-in-picture, and some amazing special effects.

The Apple iMovie latest version also supports 4k video editing. This means all those amazing 4k videos you captured with your iPhone/iPad or camera can be converted into a movie in iMovie. If you’re not yet familiar with video editing, this is a perfect place to start with.

Adobe Premiere Elements 2021

Adobe Premiere Elements 2021 just like its name is a Lite version of the Pro Premiere version. This makes it a little less active and lacks some basic features, unlike the Pro version. Also, without a subscription, you can pay for the software once you’re set.

If you’re a beginner and just getting started with video editing. Then the Adobe Premiere Pro Elements 2021 will be a great option for you. Apart from giving you numerous tools to improve your videography skills. It also allows you to combine videos, images, and audio files into a single complete video. Fortunately, the software is compatible with both Mac and Windows PC.

Unlike other video editing software, Premiere Elements 2021 allows you to organize the files you’ll be using in one video. Also, it can guide you completely throughout the editing process. Above all, it supports 4k video and lets you add in some fun effects to spice up your video.


Shotcut is a well-known versatile video editing software for both Mac and PC. Once you have passed the learning stage, you can find things a lot easier with Shotcut. Also, since it’s a free program, you’re given the option of fully using the program and decide whether you like it or not without spending a single dollar.

Similar to other Pro video editing software. Shotcut is a multi-track editing program and allows you to easily rearrange the workspace to suit your taste. It also supports a variety of file types for both platforms including 4k video, ability to edit color, audio, and lighting effects in videos.

Despite not being the easiest software to pick up for your videography. Its nature of being a well-known free program means plenty of people are using it and they make amazing video guides on how to use it. Also, if you’re looking for a portable option, Shotcut is there as you can run it directly from an external drive.


Lightworks combines the services of free editing software with a premium one. Similar to Shotcut, it sports a very simple learning curve. However, most of the features that make it one of the best video editing software are only available in the paid version. Amazingly, Lightworks allows you to export your final product in a higher resolution and more video formats but that’s only available in the paid Lightworks Pro.

Whether or not you need the free or premium version depends on the type of job you’re doing. The Lightworks paid version lets you easily edit multiple files. Import a wide range of file formats, add titles, manage audio, and customize the visuals.

However, the free version will be a great option for people who don’t want to make a career out of video editing. But just needs a simple software that can do 720p video resolution. However, after trying the free version and want to stick with it as your primary video editing software. You can easily upgrade to the premium version and start putting out high-quality videos. Also, Lightworks is compatible to varieties of OS including Mac, Windows, and Linux. This makes it one of the best video editing software available for professional videographers.

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If you’re a newbie that’s just stepping foot into the world of video editing. A free program should be the first software for you to start with. However, if you’re improving and the need for advanced needs arises. Then you can pay a few dollars to access the features you need. Meanwhile, before paying for a program, always ensure it’s compatible with the type of video you’re shooting. While some programs support 4k resolution, others are only limited to 3D.

The massive outbreak of the technological revolution has made everything easier for everyone. Fortunately, you can easily edit your video on the go using your iPad/iPhone with any of the above mentioned compatible programs. We’ve outlined our best 6 Video Editing Software For Mac. Go through our top list, and subscribe to our page to get the latest tech news and reviews.

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