How to Control your PC from Any Android Phone

Do you want to make your Android Smartphone as a mouse and keyboard? However, in this article, I am going to show you How to Control your PC from Any Android phone. there is no matter which android version you are using but if you are using Windows operating system then you have several handy applications that you can install on your PC and install it on your Android. Although there are tons of apps, in this case, I will show you the best and easy application where you can control your PC easily. it is somehow like you are streaming your phone with your PC but in this case, you will not be able to control your entire computer with your smartphone. controlling your computer with android is amazing.

Think you are watching a movie on your computer and the PC is far from you but you can’t access to mouse and keyboard to do some changes or pause/play the video. on that time you can use your android phone as a mouse and keyboard, it looks awesome to make your android as a remote controller. Well, doing this you will need to install the application on your PC and Android then you have full control of your computer. even if you want to play a game and wanna control from android then needless to say you can do it.

How to Control your PC from any Android Phone
How to Control your PC from any Android Phone

There are various kinds of remote control apps but I will walk you on the app that you will enjoy and it is easy to use and control your computer. whether, you are watching a movie, playing games, working on different kinds of files, creating documents, and many other things. So, once you connect your android with your PC then you can control each and everything. Now, let’s have a look and test the application, moreover, read each line attentively and follow all steps.

How to Control your PC from Any Android Phone

As I mentioned above, you can control your computer from any android phones, whether, you have Samsung phones, Oppo phones, Huawei phones, Nokia phones, and other company’s smartphones. Simply, you need to install the controller application on your PC and Android, below I will show you how you can do it. afterward, connect your Android with your computer and you will see your desktop screen on your phone screen and you will have full control of your computer on your Android phone.

The application which I am going to tell you called ApowerMirror App, Well, this application is one of the well-known and handy application among thousands of apps. it is free and easy to use plus it has tons of features. However, without Android phones, you can control your PC from iPhone mobiles too only you have to install it on your mobile.

APowerMirror App – Control PC from Android Phone

You can download and install this app from the play store on your phone and download and install it on your PC too. after you installed on both devices then open the application and connect your Android with your PC. One thing I tell you, you can play a game from your phone even your computer is not with you but you can control it from your Android. Moreover, both devices should be connected to the same Wifi connection. Further, follow the below steps.

Some Handy Features

Mirror & Control Android screen:
The first improvement of the APowerMirror app is that you can control your PC from your Android but you can also control Android from your PC and you can display the Android screen on the PC or projector. Once you displayed the Android screen on the computer then you can control the screen with mouse and keyboard even you can send messages using a keyboard.

Record & capture phone screen:
Moreover, you can record your phone screen whatever you are doing and you want to capture and make a record then this application allows you to do it. if you are playing a game and you want to make a record and upload it on youtube or facebook then at that time this feature will work for you.

Send messages using the keyboard:
While using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media and you want to send messages to your firend then this application has the opportunity to use the computer keyboard and type a message and send it on any social media.

Get Android notifications on PC:
You will get your phone notifications on your computer and whenever, you are receiving coming calls, new messages, emails, or any other notifications then you can get it on your computer and you are able to answer your notifications through your computer.

Connect via USB & WiFi:
Once you install the application on your Android or Computer then you can connect your Android via USB and Wifi connection. However, using USB cable provides a stable user experience while using Wifi allows you to control Android remotely.

Download and Install APowerMirror App

Now you have some idea about this application and this is the time to download and install the application on your computer and Android or iPhone.

Install APowerMirror App on Android

  • #1: To install the app on your phone go to Play Store and search for APowerMirror.
  • #2: Then click on the first app.
  • #3: Now, click on the Install button and wait to complete the installation.
Control your PC from Android
Install APowerMirror on Android Phone
  • #4: After installation then open the application.
Connect Your Android phone with PC
Open The Application

Install APowerMirror App on PC

  • #1: Open your favorite browser or click on the link.
  • #2: Then, click on the download button and download the setup.
  • #3: Once, the file is downloaded then go to Download folder and find the setup.
  • #4: Now, double-click on the file.
  • #5: After that, install the APowerMirror by clicking on the Install button.
How to control your PC from Any Android phones
Install APowerMirror App
  • #6: Wait for 10 to 15 minutes to complete the installation and remember, make sure your computer is connected to the internet to complete the installation.
Install APowerMirror App on PC
Wait for Installation
  • #7: Now, open the app by clicking on Open Now.
APowerMirror Installed Successfully
APowerMirror Installed Successfully

Connect your Android with PC

Once, you open the application then it will ask you to allow the application to access your phone, afterward, click on the center button from the bottom. while you click the button then it will search your computer (it means the application should be open on your PC too, in order to find your computer and connect to your computer). After searching it will find your computer and click on your computer name.

Connect Android with PC
How to Control your PC from any Android Phone

While you are connected with your computer, then you will see three option on your mobile screen and the three option means:

  • Phone Screen Mirroring: if you select this option then it means you can control your phone from the computer. whatever you want to play and any application you want to run then you can do it from your PC. Therefore, you have full access to your phone from your computer.
    Here, on the right side of the phone screen, you can see different options and it means you can apply each option on your phone screen from the computer. like you can make a record, you can edit any photo, you can take a picture, and etc.
Phone Screen Mirroring
Phone Screen Mirroring
  • Computer Screen Mirroring: if you select this option then it means you can control your computer from your Android phone. you will have full control of your computer and you can work on any document, application, games, movies, and etc from your Android phone.
Computer Screen Mirroring
Phone Screen Mirroring

Work on PC from Android

So, now you installed the application on both devices and I am sure you have connected both devices with the same Wifi connection. However, you can connect via USB Cable but Wifi connection is better. Once the Android is connected with your PC then you will see the computer screen on Android and you will have full access to your computer from Android.

However, you can control your computer from Android and you don’t need to use a mouse and keyboard to give input to the computer although you can give input from your Android. Then, you can play your computer games on your Android or you can watch a movie on Android even you can open MS-Office or other applications and work on any document from Android.

How to Control PC from Android Phone
How to Control PC from Android Phone

Although the screenshot is shown above so it will be the same and while working on your computer from Android, it gives the feeling like you are working on your own computer, not from Android. Really I like it and I have written this paragraph from my Android phone controlling my PC.

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This method will work for any Android phone version and ApowerMirror application is the best and handy app that you can control your PC from Android phone, even if you have iPhone mobile then you can use this method the same procedure will work. only you need to select an iOS option from APowerMirror on Android and install the App on your Mac computer too. Moreover, if you get any questions related to the iPhone procedure then ask me in the comment box and if the article was helpful for you then don’t forget to give your feedback.

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