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Once again, Apple released the latest Mac operating system called macOS Monterey the 12th version of the Mac system. On June 7th, 2021 on WWDC, Apple introduced and released the biggest operating system with major new features. Currently, macOS Monterey is in the Beta version and soon we will see its public beta.

Like previous macOS Big Sur, macOS Monterey is the current operating system having handy features like Universal Control, Single Mouse, Trackpad, and Keyboard, Airplay to Mac, Used as a speaker, Updated Safari Tab bar, and many more which you will learn in this article.

The main purpose to Download macOS Monterey ISO image is. To install it on several third-party systems like Virtualbox and Vmware. However, you can install macOS Monterey on your Mac system but it will be risky. The macOS Monterey’s first developer beta version has tons of errors. Although this version is for the Developer to check out and find out the major issues.

In case, you want to give it a try and check the macOS Monterey features. Then, I recommend you install it on virtualization software. Because installing on your personal Mac computer, it might crash your system.

Besides that, you can download the macOS Monterey ISO file to create macOS Monterey Bootable USB. Or, you can use macOS Monterey ISO image to install it on Virtualbox and Vmware. So let’s start the article.

Macs compatible with macOS Monterey

The below Mac computers can support macOS Monterey and they will receive all the macOS Monterey updates. Therefore, if you have the below Mac then you can install macOS Monterey. Besides that, you will get all the Beta updates on App Store.

  • 2015 and later MacBook
  • Early 2015 and later MacBook Air
  • Early 2015 and later MacBook Pro
  • Late 2014 and later Mac mini
  • Late 2015 and later iMac
  • 2017 and later iMac Pro
  • Late 2013 and later Mac Pro

Major New Features of macOS Monterey

Every time Apple releases a new operating system then there will be major new features that are useful for Mac users. Like previous macOS Big Sur has several handy features that are amazing. The same, macOS Monterey has wonderful features that are shown below.

1: Universal Control:

The major new feature of macOS Monterey is Universal Control that helps users to add more value to its iPad or subsequent macOS systems. In order to connect multiple keyboards, mouse, and trackpad to your all devices. Now, with the help of the Universal Control feature you can use only one keyboard, mouse, and Trackpad with your all devices and control all the Mac systems.

With only a single mouse and keyboard, you can switch between a Mac and an iPad seamlessly with no dongles or extra setup required. However, you can drag files between devices.

2: Airplay to Mac:

Here is another major of macOS Monterey that makes your work easy and now you can easily cast a movie or a song to your Macbook. You can connect your 2 devices is how much difficult though you need an Airplay server to use between your devices.

Finally, Airplay to Mac solves your problem and now with one click, you will be able to send the file from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac system. No matter, you are going to send a movie or your device screen. Airplay to Mac makes it easy.

3: Shortcuts:

Day by day things are looking better and now you can find all the shortcuts and features familiar to iOS and iPadOS. Apple developed iOS and iPadOS features on macOS Monterey to make doing common tasks on your Macbook.

With the Apple Shortcuts app on macOS Monterey, it will help you to “Achieve Peak Productivity” with the application. You can select pre-built actions for sharing files, making GIFs, converting content, and many more. However, you can customize the shortcuts for your own workflow.

Download macOS Monterey ISO Image

You can download macOS Monterey using the below link. Once the downloading is done then you can do multiple tasks with the macOS Monterey ISO image file. Like you can create a bootable USB for macOS Monterey. You can install macOS Monterey on Virtualbox and Vmware using an ISO image.

Download Links:

  • Download macOS Monterey ISO Image For VirtualBox and VMware Part 1 (4 GB)
  • Download macOS Monterey ISO Image For VirtualBox and VMware Part 2 (4 GB)
  • Download macOS Monterey ISO Image For VirtualBox and VMware Part 3 (3.6 GB)
  • Download macOS Monterey ISO file (16 GB) MediaFire

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This was all about macOS Monterey the latest and current operating system having major new features. Therefore, downloading the macOS Monterey ISO file will help you to do several tasks on your Mac.

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