How Many Calories Should You Eat Per Day to Lose Weight?

In this article, you will get ideas on How Many Calories Should You Eat Per Day to Lose Weight? First of all, let’s know what calories itself mean? Calories are a way of keeping track of bodies energy budget. A healthy balance occurs when we put in a thousand much energy as we lose. If we consistently put more energy into our body, then we burn the access will gradually be store as fat in our sell and will gain weight.

If we burn off more energy, then we will parish will lose weight. So we have to be able to measure the energy we consume and use and we do so with the unit called the calorie. One calorie; the kind we measure in food also called its large calorie is defined as the amount of energy.

Women and Men Calories

It will take to raise the temperature of one-kilogram water by 1 +c. Everything we consume has a calorie count, a measure of how much energy the items stored in its chemical bones, the average pieces’ slices have 200 and 72 calories. They are about 78 in a piece of bread and an apple has 52 that energy realizes during digestion and store in other molecules that can be broken down to provide energy when the body needs it.

How many calories should you eat per day to lose weight? However, It is used in three ways. About 10% an able digestion, about 20% fuel physical activity, and the biggest chunk around 70% supports the basic functions of our organs and tissues. That third usage course bounds to your basal metabolic rate several calories you needed to survive, if you are eating or moving around add in some physical activities indigestion and you arrived at the official guidelines for how many calories the average person requires each day. 2000 for women and 2500 for men those estimates are based on factors like average weight, physical activity, and mass-o-mass.

Time of Exercise

Everyone who wants to be fit and healthy he/she should daily have a reasonable workout at least for 20 to 30 minutes that a small drop of sweating and your body get full warmup and your heart breath limitation gets up. And you get the maximum benefits. Although many people say that working out for a longer than 45 minutes to an hour hurts your hormones and do more harm than good ultimately limiting your progress though many people say there is no need to worry so much about overtraining the more time you put in your workout the faster result you will get.

Lose Weight?

So, I will give you a more informative and faster way, how to lose weight? it’s not only my personal view and suggestion but scientific research also said on this topic. So let’s start with the common belief that you should never exceed how long workouts and preferably even keep your workout under 45 minutes. This idea is mostly based around what happens to hormones? Like testosterone, growth hormone, and cortisol during exercise.

When you start working out your body will respond by naturally boasting in the testosterone level and the theory is that this boast is supposed to help improve our performance, help us build muscles to a greater degree and it is also supposed to help us to burn more fat. So far so good, However, the ideas that after 45 minutes your cortisol level will start raising and your testosterone level start dropping, putting your body into a catabolic mode. Where you more likely breakdown muscle tissue for energy and store mode body fat. So, exercising passed 45 minutes always start to be the best time or waste the time or worst something that can undo all your hard work at the gym.

For Example

Now, for example, two groups are working at one gym at the same date and day one group only train arm for nine weeks while other group train their arms at the same way but also included 8+ set of legs at the end of their arm workout to similarly more testosterone and growth hormone production.

Sure enough, after each workout blood test showed that the group that also train their legs experienced higher spikes in growth hormone levels and at the end of nine weeks the group that trained both their arms and legs increase their strength and train arm by whooping 37 percent while the group that only work their arm without training their legs to increase their arms by only 9 percent so this truly shows that working 45 minutes is best than all.

How to Lose Weight?

How many calories you use and how many calories you reduce? So we gain calories from proteins and fats so we get. Therefore, how many calories should you eat per day to lose weight?

  • Per gram carbohydrates, we get 4 calories
  • Per gram proteins, we get 4 calories
  • And per gram fats we get 9 calories.
Lose Weight with Calories Foods
Lose Weight with Calories Foods

Where we use and spend our calories? There are three things that our calories are used, factors influencing calories out (number of calories we burn on a daily bases) first while eating our….

  1. Basic metabolism BMR (basal metabolic rate) how it is and how the calories will use? Basal metabolic rate means while resting when we don’t do anything so how many calories our body even our every part of body uses? As you know that each part of the body functions their functions every hour even every second our heart, kidney, lungs, stomach even our cells performs their functions that’s why everyone says that boost your metabolism
  2. Our digestive system: how our digestive system works? Our digestive system 10 to 15% decides that on daily how many calories we use to digest the food we eat and then there is the thermic effect of food (TEF) so whatever we eat, how our digestive system tries to digest the food we eat? Like if we eat more fiber food, eat more vegetable foods or eat healthier protein so it takes time to be digested,
  3. Our physical activity: how much we are active? it depends on how many calories we burn, calories as fuel for physical activity
  4. A Newly factor: our stress that hormonal status and your occupation they put force on you to burn calories. But your overall metabolism gets down which is the sign that your calories get less burn. So, it is also an important factor to lose weight, which means that where we use calories. Here, it will decide how many calories we need to use. To maintain a healthy weight, we have a formula (Equation) that we use HARRIS BENEDICT EQUATION or Formula that a healthy women or female gets to know how to maintain their weight and calories to use, in this formula you will know age, height, and weight that 1st your BMR (Basic metabolic rate) is included if you include your daily activity so it would be very easy to know your daily calories. So after calculating BMR you would know your lifestyle.

Calories to maintain weight

  • BMR * activity level
  • The activity level define as:
  • 1.2- sedentary (no exercise)
  • 1.3- lightly active (light exercise)
  • 1.5- moderately active (moderate exercise)
  • 1.7- active (hard exercise 6-7 days per week)
  • 1.9- extra active (very hard exercise/ training or physical job)

So, let’s have an example a female weight 58kgs, height in CM 168, and age 34

  • Females: 655 + (9.6 * BW) + (1.7 * H) – (4.7 * A)
  • Female= 655 + (9.6 * 58) + (1.7 * 168) – (4.7 * 34)

655 + 556.8 + 285.6 – 159,8 = 1337.6

Total calories required in a day = 1337.6 * 1.3 (activity level)

Overall = 1739 calories.

To maintain a healthy weight calorie, you have to apply for weight loss calorie deficit diet so the calorie deficit. I recommend you to start from 200 to 500 you can deficit. Now I will share a small chart on how many calories you burn in day to day activities? Like sitting in a meeting, playing with children’s, busy with your laptop, reading books, working at home, or walking around.

How Many Calories Should You Eat Per Day to Lose Weight?
Daily Activity to Burn Calories

Now calories in food that how many calories are present in one cup of beans, vegetables divided into three parts. Like leafy vegetables very less calories and plane food like Boston, Romaine, Arugula, Belgian Endive, Cress, Curly endive, Leaf Lettuce, Radicchio, spinach, Kala, broccoli, collard greens, lettuce, cabbage, Bok choy, parsley

And leafy vegetables but teste starchy vegetables than starchy vegetables like potato, sweet potato, yams, squashes, peas, and corn.

However, there are many heavy foods like meat, egg, bread, and grains. Moreover, fast food has also calories such as mini fillet burger, zinger burger, McDonald’s, Burger King, Pizza, and Fires. These fast foods will increase your weight. Although, juices also have calories like we have orange juice, coca-cola, fruit drink, sweet tea, beer, iced lemon tea, red wine, white wine, and many more.

Diet for Sugar

Last but not least that all calories are not the same. For example, if we take diet coke and compare with an apple that there is zero-calorie, no sugar. But the chemicals which give you harm but if we take fruit having more calories. But healthier and sugar gives u equal calories. Though it should be any kind of sugar-white, fructose, glucose, sucrose, and jaggery sugar all are having the same calories. But from jaggery, you will get many more benefits and it is healthier than white sugar which is having empty calorie

Now let’s have some diet suggestions according to your daily routine and it sounds good if you follow the diet plan. Most people say we do follow but again we gain weight. Although it’s not about regional eating, seasonal, cultural home-cook food but also focuses on timing and portion size. That what time you eat and check the size of the food you eat.

If you eat all day, you won’t lose weight and if you eat on time. But large again you won’t lose weight. Calorie deficit maintain. When you know the deficit of your calorie in what amount you have to eat and when to eat. A very low-calorie diet plan can lower your metabolic rate in the long run. Lengthen your activity. Most people diet only food like only vegetables, fruit, soup or egg which is not a proper one.

All Kind of Foods

How many calories should you eat per day to lose weight? However, the human body needs all kinds of energy nutrition you have to eat from all groups of food like protein, calcium, vitamins, carbs. You need fats in moderation to have a glowing skin, fresh mind, strong heart, nervous system, and for your immunity boast. So, you must eat from each food group in moderation so in short don’t focus more on calories.

But focus on nutrition because your diet nutrition should be strong so you can maintain your calories. Then, in that limited calories how much nutrition you eat that is more effective fruits, vegetables. However, you can include to your diet, focus on healthy protein, Len protein or quality protein.

How Many Calories Should You Eat Per Day to Lose Weight
All Kind of Foods

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Always try to maintain your weight and try to not eat those foods that increase your body fat. However, we have several weight loss supplements but doing exercise and losing your weight will give you more benefits. Therefore, I hope you get all the information and ideas on how many calories should you eat per day to lose weight.

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