How to Survive More Solo Runs in the Cycle: Frontier

The Cycle: Frontier is a challenging first-person shooter game set on Fortuna III, where players must compete against each other, and the environment to complete objectives and survive. There is no question that this game can be a harrowing experience, especially if one opts for solo runs.

Solo runs in the game can be especially difficult. And while you can use hacks from Battlelog to survive, you need some basic tips and strategies to help you out. It is where the following expert’s tips will prove their worth in gold.

The Cycle Frontier

1. Familiarize Yourself with the Map

When it comes to surviving solo runs in The Cycle: Frontier, one of the most important things you can do is understand the map of Fortuna III. With no teammate to rely on, you must be able to navigate the environment effectively and make informed decisions about your route, equipment, and tactics. To achieve this, you need to have a solid understanding of the map, including the locations, terrain types, and routes available.

One key aspect of understanding the map is familiarizing yourself with the different terrain types on Fortuna III. Each terrain type presents unique challenges and opportunities, from forests and mountains to swamps and deserts. For example, forests can provide cover and concealment and contain dangerous wildlife. Mountains can offer high ground for reconnaissance but also slow down your progress.

By knowing what to expect from each terrain type, you can make informed decisions about your route and avoid danger.

2. Plan Your Route

Planning your route is one of the most critical steps before embarking on a solo run in The Cycle: Frontier. It can significantly increase your chances of survival by minimizing your time in dangerous areas and reducing the distance you need to travel.

When planning your route, consider the objectives you want to complete and the resources you need to gather. Suppose you need to gather a specific resource and plan your route to pass through areas known to contain that resource.

Also, consider the time of day and weather conditions when planning your route.

3. Use the environment to your advantage

Taking advantage of the environment on Fortuna III is an essential aspect of survival in The Cycle: Frontier. The planet’s unique terrain and natural features can be used to gain an advantage over your enemies, stay hidden, and complete objectives more efficiently.

Among the most effective ways to take advantage of the environment is to use the high ground to survey your surroundings. For example, climbing to the top of a hill can give you a clear view of the area and allow you to spot enemies from a distance. It can give you a strategic advantage and will enable you to avoid or prepare for encounters with hostile players. You would be amazed by the effectiveness.

4. Stay Hidden as long as you can

While there are many games where such a strategy would not be helpful, Cycle: Frontier certainly cannot be counted among them. By avoiding detection, you can reduce the risk of being attacked by other players and increase your chances of completing objectives and gathering resources.

Hence, to stay hidden, it is vital to tiptoe and use cover to conceal yourself from other players. This can include using the terrain to your advantage, such as hiding behind rocks, trees, or other natural obstacles or using buildings and other structures for cover. Additionally, it is important to avoid making noise that might draw attention to yourself, such as unnecessarily running or shooting your weapon.


5. Choose your weapon carefully

When choosing equipment for a solo run in The Cycle: Frontier, selecting weapons and tools that suit your playstyle and the objectives you want to complete is essential. For example, if you prefer a stealthy approach, you might choose quiet weapons and tools that allow you to move quickly and quietly, such as a bow or a silenced pistol. On the other hand, if you prefer a more aggressive approach, you might choose weapons that deal more damage, such as a shotgun or an assault rifle.

It is also important to choose equipment that is reliable and efficient. Select weapons and tools that have low recoil and high accuracy and are easy to use and carry. Additionally, consider the weight and size of your equipment, as carrying too much weight can slow you down and make you more vulnerable to attack.


Surviving solo runs in The Cycle: Frontier is a thrilling and challenging experience that requires preparation, strategy, and skill. By following these tips and tricks, players can increase their chances of survival and thrive in the harsh and unforgiving world of the game. Whether you are a veteran or a newcomer to the game, this guide will help you navigate the dangers of The Cycle: Frontier and emerge victorious.

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