Top English Idioms you should know in daily conversation

An idiom is a group of word or phrase. which is important to know because idiom or expression are used in our daily conversation. using the idiom in your speech either in written form or spoken form becomes one of the most parts of English life. as you know in English movies they are using quite a few (a lot) of idiom and expression that we don’t know its meaning and we will not understand what they said. so you need to learn about idioms and expression to make your English second to none (best).

here is the most common idiom that used in daily conversation and movies. and this is those idiom which native speaker use in their speech. so in below table, there is idiom with their meanings.

Idioms with their meaning:

Idioms Meanings
A walk down memory lane to think back or to remember
Sticking out in my mind to remember something clearly
An assault on my senses something to put effect at once on you
stay in your mind difficult to forget something
Had a ball to had a good time
hands down definitely
Feel so at home feel comfortable
Go wrong Incomplete
Fair and Square honesty
Break a leg good luck
Let the cat out of the bag to share the secret of someone
Paying off to pay money
Get a shot of to take a picture
You didn’t make it you were not able to be there
Super bummed very upset
Time Flies to be surprised about how much time has gone by
The golden rule the most important thing about something
It’s all worked out it ended well
Did the weather cooperate was the weather nice
Make it in arrive
Pretty much almost
I gotta run I do have to go
Are in high demand something wanted a lot by a lot of people
In the run-up to during the time just before an event
A gap in the market An opportunity to make money
It struck me I suddenly realized
Handy Useful
Face to face person to person
On their best behavior being nice and polite
All hell broke loose a lot of trouble comes to you
Started off on the wrong foot to start your day badly
One day shy one day less
Didn’t agree with me made my stomach hurt
Sick as hell very sick
On the dot on the spot
Freaked me out made me scare
Bird’s eye view a view of an object from above
I was in heaven I was having a good time
Sitting on the top of the world I am having a good time
Catching a cold to become sick
take a hand to somebody to pay attention to somebody
Shifts the burden move the responsibility
Keep chasing up asking for an answer again and again
To drive a company to run a company
Hit the book to start study
buckle down to start working seriously
Running against the clock to be late
Woke up from the wrong side of the bed to start your day badly
Fall through to not happen
That sucks that’s bad
Quite a few a lot
second-to-none the best
Head & Shoulder above the rest to be better than others
Can’t stand dislike
In over their head in a difficult situation
To know what you are getting into to know what to expect
Can’t believe your eyes what you see is not believable
Something to behold amazing
Anything goes you can do anything you wish to do
Never cease to be amazed not surprise
Get a little old no more fun
Out of hand very bad
In a frenzy a lot of excitement
Racking my brain thinking
It dawned on me I remembered
A pretty penny a lot of money
Total long shot very unlikely
Water under the bridge something that has happened and cannot be changed
Chip on your shoulder to be angry
off to a rough start a difficult or challenging beginning
keep your eyes on to watch closely

Idioms used in News Report:

here in the table, all idiom is mostly used in news report. learn this idiom and get know what the reporter is saying.

Idioms Meanings
Brought to a halt stopped
On top of all that as well as  all those other negative things
Down under an expression that means Australia
A one-off blip a single bad result which won’t be repeated
A resumption of a restarting of
Limited impact small influence
To co-sponsor to support jointly
On the spot immediately
They are still short they are still lacking
Grabbed the headline become a popular story in the news
In the wake of after / following
Picked themselves up recovered and started playing well again
High Yield Large / benefits

Idioms used in context:

in the table below are the idioms which mostly used in a context. like if you have any speech about any topic then you can use this idiom in your context. they are easy to use and most handy.

Idioms Meanings
Jump to conclusion to make a decision quickly
lookout for any try to find out something/somebody
Going red to turn red because you are so angry
freelance work online job
Insight into clear understanding
To devise create a plan
Looking after people take care of people
Had a go at him to criticizes somebody
Follow in his footstep to be as successful as him
What did you make of something what is your feeling about something
Quick-witted intelligent person
Get up people noses annoy/feel bad
Trustworthy able to be trusted
Take an instant dislike to somebody/something to dislike somebody/something as soon as you meet them
Resent somebody to feel angry about somebody
To somebody face directly to them
Behind somebody back in absence of somebody
Put a strain on somebody relationship to put tension on somebody relationship
Stick up for somebody to take a side of somebody
As time went by over a period of time
Settled down to become more relaxed
Looking up to become better
Look up to search
See the light to understand
Played a major rule to be a big reason
As a rule as usual
Word of mouth oral communication
To weigh to pros and cons to compare goodness and badness
Run in my family common in my family
Everything but the kitchen sink eat everything possible

if you want to know more about idioms so leave a comment below and I will publish an article about idioms and expressions which will be the most useful and helpful.

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