Increase Internal Storage upto 256 GB With Best Method

In this article, I am going to tell you about Increase Your Mobile Storage With Best Method. many websites let you know about how to increase your mobile storage and you will get many results but none of them will work for you. but today the method which I am gonna tell you is the best method ever. the only thing you need is to follow my footstep and certainly, it will work out.

Lots of mobiles come with a very low internal storage which has given low memory notification after downloading some data or apps. if you have a low storage phone then you are in a good place. you can increase your mobile storage by following this method.

Best Method to Increase Internal Storage

here I will tell you about the best method to increase your internal storage and hands down it will work out in Android and IOS. remember there is not any kind of software or method which can increase your internal storage because when the company sets specific storage then no one can increase it with any kind of software. the only method you can do is here below that I am going to tell you.

Method 1. Photo Compress

the first method is about to compress your photos. I know everyone has lots of photos inside their mobile and that photo takes a lot of space. so the only way you have to compress it with Photo Compress App. what this software will do? it will compress your image size and the quality will remain the same.

Step 1. firstly install a photo compress app from the play store.

photo compress app

Photo Compress App

Step 2. In the second step, you need to go to the File menu and inside the file menu choose any image folder that you want to compress it. here I selected one folder which its size is about 72.9 MB.

photo folder

Photo folder

Step 3. after that select all the images and share them with photo compress. to compress all the selected images.

Step 4. then select the image quality after that click on the compress button to start compressing the file.

Step 5. at the last delete the original folder, don’t worry your compressed file is inside the photo compress folder. go and check it there you will find out your file.

so here the compressed file size is finally 14.49 MB. which increases your internal storage.

compressed file

Compressed File

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Method 2. Video Compress

One best method to increase your internal storage is to compress video, you know video takes too much space that you will face low memory notification. the thing you need to do is compress your all videos to increase internal storage.

Step 1. go to play store and install Video Compress App.

video compress app

Video Compress App

Step 2. Open the app and allow video compress to access on your device. then select any folder that you want to compress video, after that select any video to compress.

Step 3. click on compress video to start compressing.

compress video

Compress selected video

Step 4. Bitrate video quality and press compress video to start compressing video. you can see the original size and the compressed size.

Method 3. Delete Unwanted File

One of the best methods is to uninstall unwanted files I mean delete those files the one you are not using. like games, Applications, and many more. because these files are taking so much space on your mobile. and it will slow the speed of your memory and mobile. so start uninstalling from now to increase your internal storage.

delete file

Delete Unwanted File


remember there is not any kind of software that helps you to increase your internal storage. because if the company sets specific storage on your device so it means that you should install and uninstall unwanted files when time goes by. to top it off don’t waste your time on scam articles and websites because in reality there is not any kind of software that can increase your internal storage.

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In conclusion

I have told you about the best method to increase your internal storage. these methods are second to none and surely it will solve your problems. just believe in my methodology and you will be successful. besides that daily visit my website for the latest Article.


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