Install VMware Tools on MacOS Mojave using VMware

Let’s know about How to Install VMware Tools on MacOS Mojave using VMware, well, if your MacOS Mojave 10.14 has been installed successfully on VMware on windows then after that, you will need to do one more task which is VMware tools. for example, if you want to install the more operating system on your PC then on that time you will need to install VMware tools in order to not face any kind of windows issues. moreover, if you install MacOS Mojave on Virtualbox on Windows or you have to install MacOS Mojave on VMware on windows, and you are getting into MacOS Mojave, besides that, you want to use its features and function then hands down, you will need to install Vmware Tools like a driver.

If you want to get know more about MacOS Mojave then I recommend you to install MacOS Mojave beta version on any virtualization software such as VMware and Virtualbox, as a guest machine on your computer. however, you can download MacOS Mojave freely from this link. as you know every company of the operating system is trying to give something good to their users.

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MacOS Mojave Current Version

You might be looking about what is the current version of MacOS Mojave, hands down, every Mac user wants to know about its new version or current version. well, the current version of MacOS Mojave is 10.14.4 and it has the best features and functions, and it is consist of high-quality, high-graphics and second-to-none performance. although, if you want to give it a try so you can do it with Virtualization software like VMware and Virtualbox. therefore I will provide the article link below so you can install MacOS Mojave on VMware and Virtualbox.

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Install VMware Tools on MacOS Mojave

In order to install VMware tools on MacOS Mojave, at first, you will need to install MacOS Mojave on VMware perfectly then after that, you can do it.

Step 1. at the first step, open VMware and launch MacOS Mojave. 

install vmware tools on vmware
Launch MacOS Mojave

Step 2. While you get the MacOS Mojave screen then go to Taskbar -> VM and click on Install VMware tools.

install vmware tools
Install Vmware Tools

Step 3. after that, you will see the pop-up window of VMware tools, so, select and double-click on Install VMware Tools.

install vmware tools
Click the Install VMware Tools

Step 4. once you have clicked then the install VMware tools wizard will pop-up, so in here you don’t need to do something, just Continue.

Vmware tools welcome wizard
Welcome Wizard

Step 5. in here, click the Install button after that, click the Continue Installation. remember it will take a while to complete the process.

install vmware tools software
VMware Tools Software

Step 6. to install Vmware tool you will need to provide your username and Password. so, type your name and password then click the Install Software.

install vmware tools software
Login to Your Account

Step 7. wait a while to complete the installation process.

installation of VMware tools
Vmware Tools Installation Process

Step 8. ok, the installation has been done, so now, it will ask you to restart the Guest Operating system. therefore, click the Restart button. 

vmware tools installed
The installation has been done

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System Preferences Security & Privacy of MacOS Mojave

Step 9. while your guest machine restarted then again provide your username and password.

Step 10. now you will need some more settings for Vmware tools, so, go to System Preferences and click the Security and Privacy.

preferences security
preferences security

Step 11. in this step, you will see an option which is Allow Click on that, after that, click the Lock Icon then provide your password, afterward, the extension will unblock automatically. 

Provide your Name and Password
Provide your Name and Password

Step 12. now you are all reserved with block extension, therefore, go to VM on the taskbar and click the Reinstall Vmware tools and complete the Vmware Tool installation again with the above steps.

reinstall vmware tools
Reinstall Vmware tools

Step 13. while the installation has been done successfully then simply click the Restart button.

vmware tools installed
The installation has been done

Step 14. while, you restarted then now you are able to do lots of task inside MacOS Mojave 10.14. such as, you will have full quality, full-screen resolution and many more.

Video Guide


That’s all, you have learned how to install VMware tools on MacOS Mojave using VMware. so I hope you get whatever I mentioned here. so follow the above instructions and if you face any problems then feel free to ask me.

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