What Are Parts of Speech? How Many Parts of Speech We Have?

In this article, I will teach you all about eight parts of speech that we have in English grammar. I will show you with definition, example, and its usage. you will learn it easily, I describe each speech with a simple definition that you should get.

This parts of speech are the basic English grammar that every student should know before going to a high-level class. because it will increase your knowledge and your speech. as if you imagine while we are going to a school or English classes at first the teacher teach us parts of speech because it is necessary to know.

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what are parts of speech?

Parts of speech:

In grammar, a part of speech (also called lexical categories, grammatical categories or word classes) is a linguistic category of words. In English, there are eight parts of speech.

How many parts of speech do we have?

A list of parts of speech:

A list of parts of speech in English grammar include the following:

  1. noun
  2. pronoun
  3. verb
  4. adverb
  5. adjective
  6. preposition
  7. conjunction
  8. interjection

1. Noun:

A noun is a word used to refer to people, animals, objects, substances, states, events, ideas and feelings. A noun functions as a subject or object of a verb and can be modified by an adjective.

Example: People> Sara, Ali, Hameed

Animal> lion, cat, dog

Thing>  table, cup, television

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2. Pronoun:

A pronoun is a word used instead of a noun.

(he, she, it, they, we, you)

Example: Sara loves you > NOUN

she loves you >   PRONOUN

Ali lost his books > NOUN

He lost his books > PRONOUN

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3. Verb:

A verb is used to show an action or a state of being.

(cook, sing, dance, teach, read, go)

Example: He is writing a letter.

she reads her book.

They are enjoying the party.

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4. Adverb:

An adverb is used to modify a verb, adjective, and the other adverbs.

(quickly, nicely, fastly, completely, rudely)

Example: she talks politely.

They walk quickly.

We write the letter completely.

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5. Adjective:

An adjective is used to describe the goodness and badness or specify a noun or pronoun.

(good, bad, nice, tall, small, clever, ugly, smart, short)

Example: Sara looks beautiful.

Hameed is a nice person.

Ali is a good boy.

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Are used before a noun to form a phrase that shows where, when, how and why.

(in, above, on, under, behind, in front of, beside)

Example: The cat is in the box.

The monkey is on the floor.

The books are in the cupboard.

What is preposition? and divided into how many parts?

7. Conjunction:

Are used to join two sentences, two clauses or words.

(and, but, when, if, also, although)

Example: This is my book and those are yours.

Ali is tall but Akbar is taller.

I will talk to him if he regrades.

what is Conjunction? how many kinds of conjunctions we have?

8. Interjection:

Are used to show your sudden feelings, surprise or emotion.

(oh, aha, hurrah, wow, alas)

Example: Wow! she is so beautiful.

Alas! his grandmom died.

Hurrah! we are late for the center.

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