What is preposition? and divided into how many parts?

Preposition: In grammar, a Preposition is a word used before a noun, a noun phrase or pronoun connecting it to another word to show in what relation it is regarded to other words in the sentence.


Mother pours the milk into the bottle.

Intelligent children never run across the road.

Note: A preposition is divided into different parts or Kinds of a preposition.

  1. Simple Prepositions.
  2. Compound Prepositions.
  3. Participle Preposition.
  4. Phrase Prepositions.

1.Simple preposition:

Generally, monosyllable words or containing one syllable words are called simple proposition which is used to show the relation between two people or thing.

(At, by, for, from, in, of, off, on, out, through, till, to, up, with, since)

  1. On: means (days, weekend “American English”)
  2. In: means (months, seasons, year, morning, evening, afternoon or period of time)
  3. At: means (night or weekend “British English” or used to show an exact or a particular time)
  4. Since: means (from a particular time in the past until a later time or until now)
  5. For: means (used to show an amount of time)
  6. To: means (used when saying the time to mean before the stated)
  7. Of: means (used for people and things)
  8. By: means (for people, time and things)
  9. Out: means (used for people and things)
  10. Up: means (for a place or people)
  11. Off: means (used for things)
  12. With: means (for people)
  13. From: means (people, place and things)


What did you do at the weekend?

There is a meeting at 2:30 this afternoon.

It’s twenty to six.

In the evening, I wish to relax.

The dinosaurs died out 75 million years ago.

2. Compound Proposition:

Are generally formed by prefixing a preposition. The words of more than one syllable are called compound preposition.

(into, inside, across, behind, between, upon, without, beneath, outside, within, before, beside, below, beyond, about, underneath, along)


I hung my coat behind the door.

Without my parents, I can’t go anywhere.

let us talk about the air pollution of our society.

Ali Haider was sitting between two girls.

I have lots of money inside my pocket.

3. Participle preposition:

The words having ING are called participle preposition. In a few similar words which are Present participles of verbs. are used absolutly without any noun or pronoun being attached to them. for all participle purposes, they have become preposition.

(During, barring, concerning, considering, pending, regarding, respecting, touching)


During speech i got stuck.

Regarding my idea noone talked.

The massage that professor send still pending.

4. Phrase preposition:

Group of words used with the force of a single preposition OR a words like “In front of” is a group of words but is not a complete sentence in itself, it has no verb. it is just a phrase, we call it prepostional phrase.

(in front of, in order to, because of, in spite of, by way of, on account of, instead of, for the sake of, with regard to, in place of, in addition to, owing to)


On behalf of my staff i congretulate all the position holder.

There is a resturant in front of my office.

For the sake of my parents I forgive him.

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