5 Reasons Why You Need to Take the Open Group TOGAF 9 Certification Test Using Exam Dumps

If you are looking for the best reasons to take the TOGAF 9 certification test using exam dumps. Then, in this article, you will get 5 best reasons to Take TOGAF 9 Certification Test Using Exam Dumps. First of all, Let’s know about TOGAF, or The Open Group Architecture Framework, which is a method based on the architecture framework and created by the global consortium.

This approach is used by many world-leading organizations to improve their business efficiency by planning, designing, and mapping out their IT architecture. The purpose of TOGAF is to assist the IT industry in carefully strategizing developmental solutions that will help prioritize the needs.

Every enterprise needs qualified employees who will be able to lead the company to the top tier by using this approach. That is why the Open Group created its certification program that provides a clear path for professional development and credibility to the employers. In this article, we will talk about the reasons for obtaining the TOGAF certificate. But, first of all, let’s cover the basic information that you need to know about this pathway.

TOGAF certification paths

There are two paths that you can take to become a Practice Test Questions certified specialist: TOGAF 9 Foundation and TOGAF 9 Certified. The first level validates that you have the relevant basic knowledge of the TOGAF terminology, concepts, and structure and understand the TOGAF standard and core principles of Enterprise Architecture. And the second one proves that you know everything needed from the first credential and you able to apply it in the real world.

All in all, there are two exams that you can pass to obtain the certificate you want. If you want to earn TOGAF 9 Foundation, you just need to take one of them­– TOGAF 9 Part 1. If you already have this level of knowledge, you can enhance it to the next one bypassing TOGAF 9 Part 2. But if you want to kick-start your career by getting TOGAF 9 Certified, you can try the combined test.

Peculiar features of each exam

  • TOGAF 9 Part 1

You need to get at least 55% of 40 questions to pass the test successfully. Here you will run into a simple multiple-choice format. Be prepared for 60 minutes of your time. If you will fail the exam, you need to wait a whole month for the retake.

  • TOGAF 9 Part 2

In this certification test, you need to answer 8 complex-scenario questions and obtain 60% of the whole score. For this one, you will be able to sit for 90 minutes to do your best.

  • TOGAF 9 Combined Part 1 and Part 2

This version covers the same aspects as each exam has individually. You will have 150 minutes in total to take two tests. Also, there are no breaks between the sections http://www.certbolt.com.

Job positions you can land

TOGAF certified professionals have an incredibly special position in the business world. Thus, you can take one of the following job roles depending on the certification you choose.

TOGAF 9 Foundation:

  • Cloud Security Engineer;
  • Enterprise Architect;
  • Solutions Architect;
  • Security Architect.

TOGAF 9 Certified:

  • Principal Cloud Architect;
  • Enterprise Cloud Architect;
  • Master Principal Sales Consultant Enterprise Cloud Architect;
  • Enterprise Architect.

Top 5 reasons for passing TOGAF 9 exam

Professional life is not just about getting a degree. You should get a proper skill set for the resume before you can sit down for an interview. That requires a considerable amount of work to be put into the whole procedure. TOGAF 9 is a certificate that has many advantages for those who spend time and effort on it. Some of the reasons you should opt for one of the two credentials are listed below.

1: Business Architecture

The companies are rushing into the market day by day to secure business architecture, and quite frankly, are spending a good budget on the process. The savvy organizations know about the TOGAF certification program and know the fruits they can bear simply by incorporating this kind of individuals into their business. Certainly, these people sort out the architecture of the whole process and manage it accordingly. And such an outstanding ability is valued by any company.

2: The choice of path

Most of the credentials require the students to pass a certain amount of exams before they can become certified professionals. And to obtain higher levels, you need to perform the same procedure again and again. But the TOGAF 9 certification program is nothing like that. It offers the applicants two levels and three variants of passing the tests depending on their preference and knowledge base.

3: High salary

After getting a job position with the help of the TOGAF 9 certificate, you will be able to get a salary of approximately $80,000 per year. By any standards, it is quite high considering the present conditions of the job market.

4: Established processes

In the present era of economic turmoil, large companies and factories tend to accept only those specialists who have been certified by a well-known vendor. TOGAF gives you this right. When the TOGAF9 credential appears on one’s resume, so it automatically represents that an individual has the necessary skills to perform professionally in the workplace. This gives an upper hand in the interview and selection process.

5: Refined performance

The TOGAF certification validates your ability to efficiently perform in possible pressurized situations. And this gives the certified specialists a certain sense of respect in the corporation where they are dreaming to work.


As you can see, there are a bunch of reasons why you need to earn one of the TOGAF credentials or why you need to take the TOGAF 9 Certification Test Using Exam Dumps. It may be not easy to obtain it unless you are using the proper study materials. So, we recommend that you check one of the best and well-trusted websites with exam dumps and practice tests –PrepAway. As a result, you will surely pass any certification exam with great success by getting the bundles from this platform. Good luck!

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