Why Are Cisco Certifications Popular? How to Pass Cisco 400-151 Exam with Help Of Practice Tests?

Are you looking for Why Are Cisco Certifications Popular? Or How to Pass Cisco 400-151 Exam with Help Of Practice Tests? So, Cisco is a popular corporation in the field of technology, Which offers products, solutions, and services majorly in the networking industry. It is considered to be a real leader in the IT field. Being interested in quality, it offered a certification program to equip specialists with the most relevant skills and knowledge in the chosen domain. Thus, it offers a wide range of certifications that are divided into levels and tracks. The program is made up of the following 5 distinct levels:

  1. Entry-Level – is perfect for candidates who are just starting a career in networking;
  2. Associate Level – is the foundational level where a professional gains the skills to configure and maintain Cisco devices such as routers and switches;
  3. Professional Level – This is the advanced level that showcases the professional’s ability to solve real-world networking problems using Cisco 300-425 ENWLSD tools;
  4. Expert Level – It is the most coveted level of certification which indicates, That an applicant has the expert skills in implementing Cisco services and solutions to the actual enterprise network;
  5. Architect Level – this is the highest level which can be achieved under the Cisco certification program. It proves that a professional can design an actual network system.

How to Pass Cisco 400-151 Exam with Help Of Practice Tests

To add more, each certification can be gained by passing an exam or a series of exams. Before we focus on one of the exams and the related credential, let’s first understand why Cisco badges are so popular in the IT world. Here are some of the key reasons you should know as you plan to get certified.

1: Inventions and innovations

Cisco has spearheaded most of the inventions and innovations in the world. As a result, many companies require Cisco credentials to entrust you to deal with their devices. Therefore, Cisco credentials are recognized widely because they showcase the ability of the professionals to deploy Cisco systems which are globally used for businesses.

2: Global trust

Since many companies are using Cisco devices such as routers and switches, the world trusts Cisco products when it comes to networking. This is because they offer high efficiency in a business environment. Therefore, certifications have also gained popularity as a result of the outstanding services offered by cisco products.

3: Structured certification program

Getting any Cisco credential is based on a structured procedure. There are requirements that every candidate must meet to be considered for the badge. Passing exams that are set to cover the real-world challenges makes the professionals more competent. After getting a certification of the associate level it’s easier for you to upgrade your skills and earn a credential of the higher level. So, you always know what is your following step in the certification journey.

4: Regular updates

One of the most fundamental things which Cisco does is to update its certification program to suit the industry demands. This makes credentials well-known because they address the daily needs of the network industry. Every certified professional is aware of the major networking changes and can provide highly scalable solutions where necessary. Therefore, certifications become famous because they keep pace with evolving technology.

5: Results in high income

Many employers value badges from a recognized institution such as Cisco. In most cases, certified professionals earn higher than those who have no certification. According to the latest research done by PayScale.com, the average salary a professional with the CCNP credential earns is $83,000 per year. Therefore, high income makes the credential to be that popular because many professionals would like to be better-paid in their careers.

What Do You need to know about the 400-151 Test?

Since we are done with the reasons for Cisco certification popularity, it is time for you to understand some few aspects related to the 400-151 ROUTE exam. This exam is one of the three you need to pass to obtain the CCNP R&S certification. This credential evaluates your ability to implement, verify, plan and solve local and wide-area enterprise networks. The other two exams which a candidate will be required to succeed in to become CCNP R&S certified include 300-115 SWITCH and 300-135 TSHOOT.

So, the 400-151 exam focuses on implementing Cisco IP Routing, which validates the professionals’ ability in using advanced IP routing and addressing in the implementation of highly secure routers. To sit for the test, you should be aware of the following details:

  • it contains from 45 to 65 questions;
  • duration of the exam is 120 minutes;
  • available in English, Japanese.

However, as you probably know, Cisco will retire most of its credentials as well as exams in early 2020 and unfortunately, the CCNP certification in R&S is one of them. So, CCNP Enterprise will replace this badge, which will give a new look at the latest IT skills. Instead of passing three exams, you’ll have to pass only two of them. For more details, check the Cisco official website.

PrepawayTo Excel in Your 400-151 ROUTE Exam

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As you might have understood, Cisco certifications are worth paying attention to as they can boost your chances to grow in your career or build a successful one. In addition, they will increase your salary, and earning the CCNP R&S badge is not an exception.

Now, you know what you need to Pass Cisco 400-151 Exam with Help Of Practice Tests and where to get the most valid and reliable prep materials. Such as exam dumps, video lectures, and study guides. Remember that time flies and you need to get certified as early as possible. Which can be demanding but eventually rewarding.

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