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Are you confused about why you don’t have many viewers through your video quality is high or if you are using the best camera for shooting your vlogs? but have you noticed video sounds? However, 50% of the video is depending on high-quality audio if users can’t hear you then they never come back to your videos. Most of the vlogger’s focus is on the camera not on audio, However, you can shoot your video with any camera level but you can’t use any microphone for sound. Therefore, in this article, I will show you the best microphone for youtube vlogging.

If you want to become a successful vlogger then you will need to purchase the best microphone for your vlogging. However, the microphone is the first step for making a video then the second place is the camera. although users attract to those videos that have clear sounds and no background noise. recording audio with the top microphone will play a major role in your video.

There are tons of best microphones for vloggers such as lavalier mic, shotgun mic, diaphragm mic, condenser microphone, and many other external microphones. So, here, you will get the best and most affordable price range microphone to purchase for youtube vlogging.

Differences between blog and vlog

A blog is something where you read tons of text and get informative articles. behind every blog, there is a blogger that write articles and contents for a blog and publish it to their website. for blogging, you will need a website or blogger to publish your content and earn money. 

Vlog is a kind of video that vloggers will make a video or create a vlog of events, fun, and entertainment to upload it to the internet. to upload vlog you will need to create a youtube channel. you know there are billions of videos on youtube and each video belongs to a vlogger. therefore, if you want to start vlogging then create a youtube channel and upload your videos. 

So, you can earn money from blogging and vlogging. for that, you will need to link your blog or vlog to Google Adsense and you must have visitors to earn money. hands down, the content is yours and you haven’t copied it from the internet. because a copy of content never ranks on google or youtube. It means all content or video should be created by yourself.

Vlogging Requirements

If you decided to start your vlogging then you will need two things to move on. the first important thing is the camera, you should have the best camera for shooting videos though there are multiple cameras like DSLR camera is the top of all. after that, you will need a microphone to avoid background noise. each requirement has a 50% role to complete the video.

The low-quality sounds will never gain visitors, you know, people love those videos that have clear sounds with no ambient noise. if users can’t hear you then they never come back to your video. therefore, the microphone plays a major role rather than a camera. 

So, several types of microphones and vlogging cameras will help you create high-quality videos and attract users to watch your all videos.

The Best Microphone for Youtube Vlogging

Here, I will show you the best microphone for vlogging there are many types of microphones like USB microphones, DSLR microphones, Lavalier microphones, Smartphone microphones, and many more. So, we will walk you to the best microphone that has affordable prices.

1: Rode VideoMic Pro 

Best Microphone for Youtube Vlogging
Rode VideoMic Pro

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The first and the best microphone on the list is Rode VideoMic Pro, this mic is the best for vlogging that helps you to record high-quality audio. even Rode Mic allows you to fix the audio percentage with a microphone that is connected to the vlogging camera. it has the best design like a shotgun that every vlogger prefers to buy. I recommend you not miss this microphone and purchase it now.

The pros of the Rode microphone are, it is designed for DSLR vlogging cameras and other movable audio recorders, you can connect this mic easily with external mic port and it has a 3.5MM connector which is the best option to attach it with your vlogs camera. Although you will have the high-quality broadcast audio with a 1/2 condenser capsule and crisp clarity at the same time. using this microphone will avoid background noise so that your users can focus on what you are saying.

Every product whether Microphone, Camera, Headphones, etc has its pros and cons. so the Rode VideoMic pro has several goodnesses like it is the best shotgun mic for vlogging cameras and the best ideal for vlogging purposes. it has a 40Hz-20KHz frequency response with the special mounting system available. Moreover, this microphone also comes with a super-cardioid pickup pattern.

However, Rode Microphone is used for outdoor and indoor vlogging, this microphone can pick one direction sounds that are what vloggers don’t like. besides that, this mic is expensive and out of the new vlogger range.

2: Audio-Technica ATR3350

Best Microphone for Vloggers
Audio-Technica ATR3350

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The next most affordable microphone is the Audio-Technica ATR3350 which is the Lavalier model microphone. this is the best microphone for youtube vlogging with a low price range. this mic picks up the sound around the camera and it is designed with an omnidirectional capsule to get the accurate voice for all directions. although this mic is cheap and small, it has several features with a solid frequency response of 50-18,0000Hz and a max sound pressure level of 54db.

It comes with a dual-mono 1/8 output plug for video cameras with DSLR, or a hand-held video recorder. It means it will work will other devices too, simply have a look at the compatibility relying on what you are using. stereo “1/8” enter to file audio on both the left and proper channels.

The Audio-Technica additionally comes with a clip for the mic combine that with the low-profile layout making for minimum visibility. The Audio-Technica ATR3350 is a strong alternative as the first-class microphone for vlogging for a person who needs something cheaper and low-profile.

3: Rode NT-USB

Best Outdoor Microphone for Vlogger

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Another best microphone I recommend for all youtube vloggers is the Rude NT-USB though it is expensive, it is the top of all. The Rude NT-USB condenser mic is a USB microphone that is easy to use with its USB connection. this mic has several features and it is the best for YouTubers and vloggers who want to record tutorials, instructional videos, unboxing products, and other projects.

The main reason that I prefer you to buy Rude NT-USB microphone is, you don’t need any special drivers or software to start it and it has a stereo headphone jack for monitoring. Besides that, you can control the mic volume with volume control buttons. Moreover, it has a pop filter, stand mount, desktop tripod, and storage pouch. however, users complain about headphone jack problems.

4: Shure SM7B

Top Shure Microphone for Vlogger
Shure SM7B

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To connect Shure Mic to your vlogging camera you will need to use an XLR cable and preamp because this microphone is not a USB mic. therefore, you will need a cable to connect it through USB. However, the Shure mic is expensive and in high demand from legions of YouTubers and vloggers. if you want to repress all the background noise on your video then purchase a Shure microphone from amazon. This mic is very popular among top podcasts, voice-over actors, Youtubers, Vloggers, and even Twitch streamers.

This mic only captures the front voice with its unidirectional pattern, To have a high-quality and avoid background noise, you will need to connect the preamp to increase the signal to usable levels. although it has a low DB level to capture your voice. That’s what I like this microphone because it will ignore all other noise and only focus on your voice.

I know, this microphone is more expensive than other microphones and it required additional equipment like preamp and XLR cable. though it is expensive, it will be worth it believe me. Once you give it a try and you will notice how much it is good.


Best Microphone for Youtube Vlogging

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If you are a new vlogger then the Takstar microphone is the best one for you as it is very cheap and the best for vlogging. it looks like a shotgun and it can record crisp without any worries. although a new vlogger doesn’t have much money and they can’t purchase Rode Mics, Shure, and other expensive vlogging microphones, therefore, Takstar is the best solution for you. However, this microphone should be your first purchased mic for your vlogging, only you need to spend $20 and start shooting videos.

Takstar has a 3.5MM universal connector that you can plug inside the external microphone jack of your vlogging camera. using this mic, your video and sound will be high-quality and your audience will enjoy what you are saying.

You don’t need to worry about its HD sound output, you might think it is cheap and it won’t give us high-quality audio. No! this microphone is cheap but it will give you 100% high-quality sound results without background noise. and you can use this mic for many years.

Best Microphone for Recording YouTube Videos

The above microphones are the best microphone for youtube vlogging and they will be used for all kinds of vlogging and shooting videos. Now, check the top microphone for recording the youtube channel. In case, you have a youtube account then check it out.

1: Blue Snowball USB Microphone

The best mic for recording youtube videos is Blue Snowball USB Microphone. this is the best mic for all YouTubers who are running youtube channels and uploading videos daily. though youtube is the best platform to earn money and find thousands of videos in different categories. you can buy it at an affordable price and especially beginners can use this microphone to become successful vloggers.

Blue Snowball has several features such as the blue snowball rate is of 16-bit at 44.1 kHz, and there are three settings for recording video. It makes it easier for the user to switch between the patterns of omnidirectional polar, cardioid, and cardioid with a -10dB pad. Moreover, The range of the frequency response is from 40 Hz to 18 kHz.

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2: Razer Seiren Pro

The second best microphone for Youtube vlogging and gaming videos is Razer Seiren Pro. this mic is in high demand and lots of game lovers prefer to purchase this mic to use it on gaming videos. this mic has a unique design and tons of features while using Razer microphone there won’t be any background noise or other kind of disturbance. So, you can adjust it to your work area because it does not need much free space.

However, Razer Microphone has several features the Razer mic will dedicate sounds from all around the camera and it will capture four directions. you can have the volume control to adjust the mic and headphone volume. using this mic you will gain lots of visitors.

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Shotgun microphones become the top and playing a major role for vloggers to gain and attract viewers. Though there are multiple microphone companies and there are tons of microphones that are handy for YouTubers and vloggers to shoot a video and have a clear sound. So, let me introduce you to another best microphone and it is the Sennheiser mic which is a certified audio company based in Germany. the new brand MKE 400 provides you the high-quality audio in a low price range.

This mic has handy features and it is used for outdoor and indoor vlogging. While recording you will have isolated sounds and this microphone will provide you a special Cardioid pickup pattern. And it will be fit for all kinds of vlogging cameras. So, why you are waiting, common and purchase this microphone.

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More Useful Microphones for Vloggers

Below are the best and most useful microphones for vloggers and even YouTubers can use for their purpose. Therefore, check it out and purchase your affordable microphone.

  1. Apogee Mic
  2. Zoom H1
  3. Rode SmartLav
  4. Powerdewise Lavalier
  5. Tascam Portable Studio

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Microphones play a major role in making a video. If you want to have a clear sound then you need to use a microphone. However, 50% of the video is depending on the microphone not only the camera. If there is background noise on your video then no one wants to watch you and they never come back.

So, I hope you find your favorite microphone in this article and you purchased it for your vlogging. If you haven’t bought it so far, Then don’t miss the chance. Purchase the best microphone for youtube vlogging.

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