Samsung Android 10 New Software Update – What’s New?

Have you updated your Samsung android 10 Software Update that was released a few days ago? if you are android user fur sure you have an android 10 operating system and you have many ideas about android 10 features and functions. However, Google has announced and released the next version of the Android operating system called android 11 ‘R’. though its final version is not released yet but you can try the developer preview mode to give it a try and test the new features.

What I am saying in this article, you don’t need to install the new Android 11 OS on your android phone because the android 10 new software update is released and you can update your software to the latest version. the new software update has tons of new features and changes. give it a try and test all the new changes, I know you will love it. I really like the way Google has bring new changes to the Android 10 version such as dark mode on images, text, applications, and day/night color adjustment.

Moreover, this new software update has new icons and colors with smoother animations. So, there are many new changes to settings, cameras, and galleries even you can make a movie on the picture on Gallery. Therefore, I am saying try the new android 10 software update rather than installing the android 11 operating system.

So, if you have not updated your android phone then go to setting > software update and check for the update. if the new software update is available for your device then you will get the software update, otherwise, wait for the new software update.

In this article, I will guide you on Samsung Android 10 new software update features and new changes that are made on my android phone once I updated to the new software. let’s check what’s new in the android 10 new software update.

Android 10 new Software Update Release Date

Some of the users might not get the software update notification on their android phone. However, the software update is released a few days ago and it is available for all android users to update their software. As I get the software update 2 days ago and I have updated to the new software version. I test all the new features and changes, that’s what, I like the new software version and I prefer all android users to give it a shot.

So, to check the software update go to Setting > software update and check for the updates. if there is no update then you can download the software update apk file to install it on your phone.

Android 10 new Software Update Version

Android 10 new software update version “G960FXXU7DTAA/G960FOXM7DTAC/G960FXXU7DTA3”. is released for all Samsung Galaxy mobiles including S8, S8+, S9, S9+, S10, S10+ or other models. this software update size is 1794.31 MB. before updating your software make sure you have free space storage to complete the update process.

What’s New on Android 10 Software Update

There are many new changes you will see once you update your android software although One UI (User-Interface) upgraded with android 10 with several new features. What’s new on the new software you will get below in this article. Therefore, before updating your phone make sure you have a backup of your important files though there won’t be any problems during the process but again having a backup of files gives sounds good.

Moreover, there are some android applications like Calculator, Samsung Internet, Samsung Health, and Samsung Notes that need to be updated individually after you update your android software.

Below are the new changes and features of the new software update. there are tons of features let check it out.

1. Dark Mode:
Android updated dark mode and set it on image, text, and day/night adjustment color. Moreover, you will have dark wallpapers, widgets, and alarms.

2. Icons and Colors:
The new software has updated the application icons and system colors. android 10 improved layouts for title and bottom to remove extra space.

3. Smoother Animation:
Amazing animations with a playful touch on the screen.

4. Full-Screen Gestures:
You will have new navigation gestures.

5. Refined interactions:
In the new software update, you can easily navigate on different screen surfaces no matter if its large screens but you can navigate with your finger movement. Moreover, you can easily focus on highlighted buttons.

6. One-handed mode is changed:
You will get the new one-handed mode access and you can do it with double-tap the home buttons or swipe down in the center of the bottom of the screen. Or go to settings > advanced features> one-handed mode.

7. Accessibility:
High evaluation keyboards and layouts for big text have been improved and a new feature has been brought that converts speech to on-display text in actual time at some stage in voice/video calls or when speakme into the mic.

8. Better text over wallpapers:
See text greater clearly against wallpaper, as One UI 2 robotically adjusts font colors primarily based on light and dark regions and shade assessment within the picture below.

9. Device care:
The battery usage graph now provides greater precise information.

10. Digital wellbeing:
Set dreams to keep your phone utilization in check and Use Focus mode to help avoid distractions from your phone. Keep an eye fixed on your kids with new parental controls.

11. Camera:
The new changes have brought to the camera application on the android phone. now you will have a new camera layout with a new icon layout. new icons added to find more settings and features.

12. Link to Windows PC: The best feature you can mirror your android phone to your Windows PC and you can check all the pictures, messages, and notifications. However, you can get the link windows option on the quick toolbar setting.

13. Link Sharing:
Now you can share or upload more than 3GB per file up to 5GB.

14. Samsung DeX: You can connect your android phone to your computer with Samsung DeX. to do that, you will need to download the Samsung Dex on your PC.

More Features of Android 10 Software

  • Internet
  • Connected Car
  • Calendar
  • Samsung Contacts
  • Reminder
  • My Files
  • Calculator
  • Tips: you will get more tips to use new features.
  • Media and Devices

How to Check for Updates on Android

Now, you have many ideas about new software update features and new changes. However, this software update is off the hook. When I updated the software then I checked all the new features and changes, I was shocked, my android phone looks awesome and there are some new settings like Connect android to PC and many more.

Though Android 11 is on the way and it will release in May 2020, this new android OS has tons of new features and it will be the advanced OS. Here, I will tell you to go with the new android 10 software update, don’t think about Android 11 because Android 10 software update has several features that you will enjoy while using. Therefore, to check for software updates follow the below steps.

  • Take your phone and go to the Setting.
  • Scroll down and tab the Software Update.
  • Here, you will have two options “Download and Install and the Last Update”. The first option Download and Install will check the new software update for your android if its in stock. and the last option will show your last updated software.
  • To check for update, tab the Download and Install option. Now it’s scrolling and checking the software update for your android if it’s available.
  • As I have updated already, therefore, it is showing your software is up to date. but your android is not up to date and for sure you will get the software update.
  • Once you get it then it will ask you to download the software update. download it and wait for a while, make sure your android is connected with Wifi internet.
  • When the downloading is done then click the Install option to install the software on your android. remember, your android should have more than 70% battery charge.
  • Now, it is installing the software update and once it’s installed your android will get a start.

This is the method to check for the software update if your software is not up to date. However, for some users, the new software update might be not available, So, be patient and you will get the software update notification soon.

Check Quick Settings Panel

Once you updated software then you will have several new settings on a quick navigation bar, you will see new icons and color, you can imagine the Gallery changes, and there are tons of features. Here, we will check some of the quick settings panel icons.

1: Media and Devices 

Samsung Android 10 Software Update
New Settings Option

The first changes you will see on the navigation bar which is Media and Devices. With Media settings, you can take control of music and videos playing on your phone or on other Samsung devices. Therefore, click the media option and check all the features even you will have tips to know what to do. and The next option Devices will help you to control your SmartThings devices and scenes.

2: Link to Windows

Link android to Windows PC
Link to Windows

The best feature of android is to link your android with Windows PC. this option will help you to connect your phone to your computer and you can call and receive calls on your PC once you connect your phone. Moreover, you can view your 2000 pictures on your computer instead of 25 pictures.

Therefore, to connect the phone goes to a quick setting panel and tab the Link to the Windows option. After that, click the link to your windows PC option. Here, it will ask you to sign in with Microsoft account or you can connect through QR code on your PC.

3: Smart Views, Kids Home, Screen Recorder, and Dolby Atmos

Android 10 Software Changes
Android 10 Changes

Here are other new changes of the Android 10 software update, you have Smart Views, Kids Home, Screen Recorder, and Dolby Atmos. They are amazing and handy for all users though you don’t need to download a screen recorder application because you have a screen recorder option on your settings and you can make a record. Therefore, check all of the features and use them.

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The Samsung Android 10 new software update is looking amazing with having tons of new features and changes. the update is available for all android users on different android mobile versions. therefore, update your software and enjoy the new changes.

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