How to Download Android 11 Beta Version For Free? New Version

Have you heard Google is launching the new version of Android and you are curious to give it a try, then in this article, you will get How to Download Android 11 Beta Version For Free? New Version and many more details about Android R.

2020 is the luckiest year for Android users and the good news is, Google is releasing the new version of Android OS called Android 11 or Android R. Although this is the preview mode for users to give it a shot and check the new changes and features that Google placed. However, every developer mode has some common issues and bugs errors. Though you can download the Android 11 developer modes to install it on your android phone. What I recommend you, wait for the Android beta version which is launching in May 2020 because the preview mode has tons of errors that you will face during the installation.

I know you can’t wait to give it a try and get the experience of Google android 11 features although Android 11 has several new features that are handy for users. However, Google is releasing the new version quite earlier after five months of Android 10. This preview mode is in stock to get the feedback of users what kind of bugs they are facing while using android 11 the new version OS.

You have the idea, before launching any new version Google will release the developer preview mode to be check by users and find out the internal errors, We all know this version developer mode has multiple errors. though on Wednesday, Feb 2020 Google released the first developer preview and Google will release 2 more developer previews within 2 months (March and April) after that on May 2020 Google will release the first beta of the Android 11 version once all the bugs will be fixed. However, if you are looking for the developer mode to check it and get knowledge of Android 11 all features then you download the Android 11 beta from different platforms such as Emulators, download, and flash.

Take heed, before going to install the Android 11 developer mode on your android phone, make sure, you have a backup of your all data because you might lose your files during the installation. As a result, you can’t trust the developer preview mode due to several bugs. Finally, I prefer you to be patient and wait for Google to fix all the errors and once the beta version releases then go ahead.

Developer Preview Mode Overview

Before continue, you have to know what actually developer preview mode means in software life. However, A developer preview mode is the beta or ‘work in progress’ that figure out for developers to give a try and test the new version. Basically, developer mode release earlier to a final rollout of the software for users. Google releases the developer mode in order to collect and incorporate user feedback.

In those early phases, while the software hasn’t even been officially announced, it gives Google the threat to iron out some troubles before it affords a lowdown on what precisely has changed. At this point in the rollout, it’s generally aimed toward developers, to provide them as a good deal time as viable to get their apps walking on the new code and making it all work without hiccups before Android 11 lands.

Android 11 Name

You know Google has changed Android Q to Android 10 and after that users can call it Android 10 rather than Android Q. The same case is with Android 11 the new OS version. Actually, it is the Android R but Google named it Android 11. calling Android 11 is quite understandable and easy for the user to remember. So finally, you can call it Android 11 or you can say Android R.

Android 11 Beta Release Date

As I mentioned Google announced and released the first developer preview of Android 11. in the first preview mode, you will see several errors and Google is looking to fix those errors till the beta version release. So, Google has released the first developer preview mode on Wednesday, Feb 2020. However, after that, Google will release the second developer preview mode in March 2020 and the last developer preview mode which is the third developer mode will be released in April 2020.

Google releases the developer mode because they are looking to know what bug errors are inside the Android 11 version. during the installation, users will face several errors and they will give feedback to Google and Google will fix it immediately. Once all the errors will fix then google will release the first beta version in May 2020. In May 2020, the Android 11 beta version is in stock to download and install it on Android phones. Therefore, download the Android 11 Beta version from this article.

As you will get three developer modes the same Google will release three beta versions to be tested by users in order to not remain any errors. Once users are not facing any problems and Android 11 is working properly then finally, Google will release the final version after June 2020. Afterward, you can download and install Android 11 on your Android devices without facing issues.

Android 11 Supported Devices

Those devices that supported Android 10 can support Android 11. Both versions are released by Google. So, the devices that can support Android 11 the new version of Android are listed below. If you are using one of the below devices then you can install or upgrade to Android 11 or Android R.

Android 11 can be installed on Pixel 4 Xl, Pixel 4, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, Pixel 3a XL, Pixel 2, and Pixel 2 XL.

Android 11 New Features

Google has included tons of new features in the new version of Android 11, it has pretty much handy features like Chat Bubbles, Notification Conversion, Send images from Notification, and many other useful features that are listed below.

  • Chat Bubbles: Chat bubbles is the new UI for messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsUp, Viber, and other third-party applications. Although bubbles were the original part of Android 10 that added in the preview mode But in the final release version, bubbles feature was nowhere. Therefore, Google included this feature in the new Android 11. this feature lets you keep several conversations easily accessible anywhere.
  • Conversation in the Notification: Along with bubbles, Google included the next handy feature on Android 11 that brings a new committed conversation section in your notification shade. with this feature you can see any ongoing conversation on the notification bar, it will help you to access immediately to your contact.
  • Send Images from Notification: Now you can send images from notification if an application can support copy and paste for images. So, you are able to send or insert pictures with your message without having to open the full application.
  • Screen Recording: Another feature that discussed on Android 10 beta version but it didn’t make its way to the final version. Therefore, Google announced it on Android 11 and now you can make your screen record with the new feature screen recording.
  • Mute Vibration while using Camera: The lovely feature of Android 11 is Mute vibration while using the camera. Now anytime you open the camera app and you want to take a picture or make a video then nothing will interrupt you everything will be in mute vibrate.

Some other Android 11 Features:

  • Support for mobile driving licenses
  • Improvements to scoped storage
  • New biometric authentication levels
  • Preparing for 5G
  • Better compatibility with pinhole/waterfall displays

How to Download Android 11 Beta Version?

If you don’t want to wait for the final release version then you can download Android 11 developer mode for supported devices. Android 11 download preview mode is in stock for Pixel 4 Xl, Pixel 4, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, Pixel 3a XL, Pixel 2, and Pixel 2 XL.

Therefore, download any of the preview modes that you are using the device. remember, this is in your risk because the preview mode has multiple errors while installing on any device.

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Android 11 is the powerful Android operating system those who are android users will enjoy using Android 11 the new release OS version. Although this is the preview mode again thousands of Android users have tried and installed it on android devices. If you are curious about what features it has and how is it then download it and install it on your devices.

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