How to Create a Bootable USB from Android without PC?

Hello, in this article, I am going to guide you on How to Create a Bootable USB from Android without a PC? As you know creating a bootable USB drive on Android is a quite simple and easy task, you can make a windows 10 bootable USB using Android but for that, you will need to download the application from Google Play Store that I am going to show you the instructions. Although there are several applications that allow you to create bootable Pendrive on android but I will show you the bootable application that is second-to-none and so far it is in high demand.

If you want to install any operating systems such as Mac, Windows, and Linux then you can create a bootable USB drive from android in case you don’t have a computer. as users have tried and installed Windows or Linux many times from USB that they made bootable from android. So, the application that we are going to make a bootable Pendrive is called ISO 2 USB. even you can use DriveDroid application to create Windows or Linux bootable USB installer. these two applications are non-stop so far and legions of users are using ISO 2 USB and DriveDroid applications when they want to have a clean installation of any operating systems.

The pros to make a bootable USB are that you can install an operating system properly and you don’t need to do anything else. Besides that, you can install Windows or Linux with that USB on several computers. Therefore, today I am here to show you the best methodology to create a bootable USB from Android without a PC.

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How to Create a Bootable USB from Android without a PC?

The user needs android to create a bootable USB to install Windows or Linux when they don’t have any computer or they have one computer but the Operating system has stopped working and they want to change the windows using a bootable pen drive. So, the Android smartphone is the best solution to create a bootable USB and install an operating system on your PC using that Pendrive. Therefore, let’s know what requirement you will need to make a bootable USB Installer.

File Requirments

  • Download ISO 2 USB application from the play store.
  • ISO file of the operating system you want to install
  • 8GB USB Drive for creating a bootable Pendrive
  • OTG Cable to connect USB with android
  • Your Android Smartphone to make USB Installer

ISO 2 USB Application with Features

ISO 2 USB application is the top to burn ISO files to USB (PenDrive) and you don’t need to root your smartphone because it is working without root and it has a very easy and simple UI. So, you can create a bootable USB from android for Windows and Linux.

What is New:

  • v3.3
  • HotFix.
  • v3.2
  • Bugs Fixed.
  • Burning Speed Optimized.
  • New Method: Pick USB Device.
  • Annoying Ads Removed.
  • Warning before Format.
  • v3.1
  • Bug Fixed.
  • v3.0
  • Fatal Error bug fixed.
  • new UI Design.

Create a Bootable USB from Android

1 Step: Pick your Android and go to play store, now search for ISO 2 USB application as I have given the link above.

Step 2: Once you find the application then install it on your android and wait to complete the installation.

Step 3: To make a bootable USB drive open ISO 2 USB application.

How to Create A Bootable USB from Android without PC
Open ISO 2 USB App

Step 4: Here, you will see two options (PICK, PICK) the first option you have to Pick your USB Pin Drive, therefore, connect your USB with OTG Cable and connect OTG cable to your Android. After that, Click the Pick option and select the USB you have inserted.

Pick USB Pin Drive on Android
Pick USB Drive

Step 5: Once you pick the USB then it is time to PICK ISO File. you must have an ISO file of the operating system you want to make a bootable USB Drive. for example, you want to create Windows 10 USB installer then you should download the ISO file on your Android because without ISO file you can’t make a Bootable USB Pin Drive. Whenever you download the ISO file then click the Pick option and select the ISO file.

Select ISO file to make a bootable USB
Select ISO File

Step 6: So, when you pick a Windows 10.ISO file then check the Format USB Driver box, in case, you want to erase all the data. after that, click the Start button to start creating a bootable USB Drive. During the procedure make sure your Android is connected with Wifi Internet Connection because without an internet connection you can’t complete the procedure. then, make sure your Android has more than 80% charge. if it has less charge then you can’t connect your android with charging cable because you have connected OTG cable. Therefore, you should focus on these things to complete the USB Drive Bootable.

Step 7: When you click the start button. Then the process will get a start and you will need to wait for 15 to 20 minutes. During the process, you will see multiple ads running on your android screen. Here, close the ads and wait to complete the process.

Creating Bootable USB on Android Phone
Burning ISO File Process

Step 8: After 20 minutes you will see the notification “Burning ISO file done successfully“. Finally, you are done with creating a bootable USB from your Android phone. When the process get completed then your USB device will be removed from your phone automatically.

Bootable USB created Successfully
Bootable USB created Successfully

Here, I checked the USB drive on my computer. You can see the screenshot that the USB has all the Windows 10 setup files and it is ready to install Windows 10.

Windows 10 Bootable File on USB
Windows 10 Bootable File on USB

After all the procedure, Now connect your bootable USB to your PC and boot windows 10 from USB and install the operating system.

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This is the best method to create a bootable USB from Android without PC. And you see how the method is easy and there are a few steps to make a bootable USB Installer for Windows and Linux. However, ISO 2 USB application is the best so far and you can make Pendrive easily on your Android version. So, I hope you like our article and if you have any kind of question. Then feel free to ask me in the comment box.

  1. Hunter Clark says

    I followed the steps in this article 100% to a T, using two separate USB drives, and also three different Android devices. The ISO files it was supposed to burn to the drive, were from Microsoft’s “Download Windows 10 ISO Disk Image File” web page, so it was authentic. But every time I try to boot from any of the different drives I have, my PC still says that my USB drive that I selected it to boot from (in order to install Windows 10 x64) has no Operating System on it when your app is telling me its 100% completed & ready to boot Windows. Does anyone have the slightest clue of how to fix it, or either point me in the direction of software that will work? Thanks in advance for your time, patience & help!

    1. Admin says

      If still your USB is not working then the problem might be with ISO file. As our method worked for many.
      If you are interested to make your android bootable then check our article

  2. Akshay says

    Plz dont download it waste ur time not working i am personally used if really working plz tell me after 100 %done when i connect to pc say disk error

    1. Admin says

      we will fix the issue soon

  3. Michael Woodgate says

    USB to ISO is failing because “iso file contains files larger than 4gb”

    Any solution to this?

    1. Raj says

      ntfs wont support greater than 4gb, it should be fat32 to transfer files.

  4. anil says

    its not working …. after i created the bootable drive and boot my system with this pendrive.. it say it this is not bootable disk

    1. Admin says

      This method is working, try to insert another operating system installer file.

  5. Shahnawaz says

    Hi guys… I installed iso2usb on my android phone but every time I try to start It shows this
    ‘could not write to device, result==-1 errno 0 null’

    1. Admin says

      The error might cause because you leave the app during the process or you didn’t follow the full steps.

  6. Shivam says

    It’s also not worked for me

    1. Admin says

      I will solve it soon

  7. Patrick says

    The app fails to detect the USB drive. Any idea why?

    1. Admin says

      we are trying to fix the problem. Soon you will get the new update.

      1. Alvin Quizon says

        Im getting ‘could not write to device, result==-1 errno 0 null’ as well

  8. m rizwan says

    When I tried this method…. It says can’t find USB driver

    1. Admin says

      try to plug the USB correctly

  9. Aryan says

    Sir it will work

    1. Admin says

      yeah it will work

  10. AndrySS says

    Confirm – on Mi 8 Pro xiaomi and netac u335s via otg (usb 3.0 adapter) i have the same error: can’t find usb driver. What does it mean: no usb drivers for android or usb flash not properly recognised or else?

    1. Admin says

      Might be you have not plugged the USB correctly. Otherwise, this issue should not be faced.

  11. AndrySS says

    What does it mean: not correct pluged in? I have only inserted flash in the slot, what can here be done wrong? I inserted the flash and can see files on the usb, but if i try to write an iso – message appears that there are no usb drivers. So what could else be done to ensure all is correct?

  12. Zy says

    It says access denied , can u help ?

    1. AndrySS says

      No, it says no drivers found ( I can choose my flash, but can not write the ISO). Can i write any bootable iso or only some special? Can this message mean that it is an unsupported iso format?

      1. Admin says

        It can support any iso file. Make sure to select the accurate file.

  13. John doe says

    Thanks it saved my time. You are great!

  14. David A Snider says

    4 GB limit. Windows 10 iso is 5.5 gb

  15. Mohit says

    Can’t find usb driver
    Problem 😭😭😭

    1. Admin says

      sorry for that, we will try to fix it soon

  16. Tester says

    Limite to 4Giga can’t put win 10 with 5.6giga.

  17. Ernie says

    That’s useless, the point here is make your smartphone an USB Drive ( when you don’t have one at all ).
    Why would someone want to boot .iso from USB if they already have USB Drive? Would be a lot easier to just go to a friend and use his PC/Laptop to download whatever you need e.g. Windows.

    On another hand there’s method with Root, you can download .iso using your smartphone and simply boot it in your BIOS directly from the smartphone.

  18. Jake says

    Please sir how to fix can’t find driver

  19. eebu says

    for me it get’s stuck on 17% and won’t load after that.

  20. Eric says

    Waste of time because the ISO file is over 4gb and is not supported with thr ISO application

  21. Shell says

    ISO files are bigger than 4gb so it won’t work.

  22. aniketbansode says

    I am trying, but its not working. Access (permission denied) how to fix. My PC totly off what can I do ? Please give me solution.

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