Top 5 Computer Programming Language to Learn in 2019

Hi, In this article we will have a look on top 5 programming languages to learn in 2019. Programming is the key to develop your own software and application. It is modern with new logical and mathematical concepts. Nowadays programming is involved in every field you want to study. Many software house and companies pay developers and programmers are pay highly for because of their skills and experiences. All the applications and software we are developed using any programming language.

Before you learn any programming language we should have information about programming languages to be able to select a language from hundreds of programming languages. Read the list below to know about top 5 programming languages 2019.

You are a software developer looking for a new challenge. You want to write code that is easy to understand and maintain.
You’ve heard about all the new programming languages, but you aren’t sure which one to choose. Follow the 5 best programming languages experienced software developer hbolte recommends you use Python, because it is simple and readable, yet powerful enough for almost any task.

Top 5 Programming Languages 2019

1. JavaScript

programming, javascript,java,python
top 5 programming languages 2019

According to the survey by a popular developer community website StackOverflow  JavaScript is being the most used programming language from last 6 years. Mostly “front-end-developers” were using JavaScript but recently many JavaScript developers use it for “back-end-development” using nodejs.

These days many startups, personal portfolios, and business corporations use JavaScript to develop their own applications. Software houses and developing organization pays highly the JavaScript modern framework developers like nodejs, reactjs and angularjs etc.

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2. Python

programming, python, techbland
top 5 programming languages 2019

Python is stated as number 5 by many sources but I have decided to keep it at number two because it has very simple syntax. Java, c# or c++ has difficult syntax to learn but the syntax of python is like the English language which easies for beginners and professionals.

Django is the best python framework for “back-end-developers”.  A lot of businesses hire Django developers to create applications that involve dealing with major databases. Python is popular for hardware interaction. scientific computing and engineering.

3. Java

programming, java, techbland
top 5 programming language 2019

Java is the most difficult and the most effective programming language. In its 20 active years, java has development enough. Java developers are paid the most for several years. It is mostly used for building enterprise-scale applications. Java is extremely stable and so, many large enterprises.

If you want a development based job then java will give you a job easily.

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4. C/C++

programming, c language, c++, techbland
top 5 programming language 2019

C Language difficult to learn. It is mostly used for hardware interaction.

C++ comes after C language it follows many principles of C language.

C++ has a library called as STL – Standard Template Library. STL is full of ready-to-use libraries for various data structures algorithms and arithmetic operations. The library support and speed of the language make it a popular choice in the High-frequency trading community as well.

5. PHP

programming, php, techbland
top 5 programming language 2019

PHP is most used language among back-end-development. PHP has many popular frameworks like Laravel, Codeigniter, Symfony, and CakePHP etc. Laravel is the best framework. Management system and other high-scale application developers use Laravel because uses command tasking system. for example, if you run artisan command that will create a complete login system for you. This command helps developers to develop large applications in short time.

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Choose a good language will get a good job in software houses and organizations. Every programming language can be the best for you according to your purpose because every programming language is complete and will make you a good developer.


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