Best Video Editing Programs for Beginners and Professionals in 2021

We all know that videos play an important role in content marketing. Here in this article, we will introduce the top Best Video Editing Programs for Beginners and professionals.

1- HitFilm pro video editing program

If you like adding effects to videos, HitFilm Pro is a must-have for you.

The basic specifications of Hit Film Pro

The first best video editing programs for beginners and professionals in 2021 is HitFilm Pro Video. This program is supported operating system: Windows – There is a free trial version without a time limit. But without the option to export – Supports downloading directly to YouTube – Supports 8K clips – Supports 360-degree technology – Program license type: Sale by copy

HitFilm Pro is a professional video editor that is also a favorite among fan filmmakers. It is full of tools that help create amazing effects, but it does need professional users to some extent.

One of HitFilm Pro’s popularity is the ability to process video inside the editor. Animations and titles can be accessed. Though you can also edit the sound and control color tones through very simple pressures. And the program’s interface is quite simple.

What distinguishes this program from other video editing and editing programs is that it supports importing and merging of custom 3D models, through the use of 3D cameras and dynamic lighting. There are also great effects that suit all areas of the video, and of course. It supports the chroma property to isolate backgrounds and colors.

2- Adobe Premiere Elements video editor

This editor comes among the programs that are the first steps for beginners who want to become proficient in the field of editing and video editing with a simple interface and multiple additions.

The basic specifications of the Adobe Premiere Elements program

Supported operating systems: Windows / Mac – Contains a free trial for 30 days – Supports downloading directly to YouTube – Supports 8K and 360-degree videos – License type: Copy sale.

We consider it one of the most important video editing software we’ll cover in this roundup. And Adobe Premiere Elements is the most preferred for beginners. It is designed in a way that makes video editing as easy as possible, and even the professional interface inside the program is very easy.

It also features Adobe Premium (for Premiere Pro), where you can purchase Premiere Elements only once and not by subscription system, so you do not have to pay a monthly fee to continue using it. The program is also affordable and accessible to everyone, which is what calculates for a program produced by a huge company such as Adobe.

Although most montage programs require a degree of familiarity and knowledge of the program before starting, Premiere Elements is ideal for beginners and you can start using it without any prior knowledge, because of what distinguishes the program’s interface from the large buttons and clear names.

There are also lots of excellent tutorials included helping create a video with wizards, using the multi-track timeline editor, and using the advanced plugins in the program.

And now with the best free video editing software

If your budget does not allow you to purchase one of the paid programs we mentioned above, do not worry, it is now the turn to share with you the best free video editing programs known so far, so do not hesitate to start working.

If you are a beginner in the field, these free video editors make the whole process very easy and not cost a single penny. This free video editing software is easy to use and a nice start to getting into this field.

Where you will learn the basics and be able to use a more advanced professional program afterward. We have selected the top five free video editing software for you according to expert opinions as well.

1- Lightworks free video editing program

We started with it because it is the best free video editing software that has been produced so far, and it is suitable for any level of experience in using these programs.

Basic specifications for Lightworks

Supported Operating Systems: Windows / Mac / Linux – Supports downloading directly to YouTube.

Lightworks is an amazing tool that was freely produced and published with the noble aim of making available a distinctive professional-quality video editing program for all users who are unable to purchase an expensive program.

It is not possible for you to become a profiler in using this powerful video editor overnight, but this is definitely not a defect in it and we insist on calling it one of the best free video editing programs that open the way for every fan of this field to start working for free in the field of video editing on the Internet.

If you are someone who has tried other free video editing programs. You may find that the interface is a little different from the one you are used to. But it is very special that you can arrange various controls and windows to create an interface that suits the way you work.

It can also post 4K video directly to YouTube, and export 3D videos, and this does not reduce the efficiency of the free video editing program as it includes everything you need to create great videos.

2- FlexClip

FlexClip is an online video editing tool and slideshow maker. It is very simple to use but powerful with thousands of templates. I think their targeted users are those who have no many video making skills or those who don’t have time for videos making. Compared with complicated software like Premiere, many people hope to edit simple videos online quickly.

The main functions of FlexClip:

  1. Web browser-based and no need to download any
  2. Rich animation elements can be added to the video.
  3. Millions of royalty-free media resources.
  4. Powerful video editing tool for video editing, music trimming, picture adjustment, aspect ratio change, effect filter, voice-over, and watermark adding.
  5. With an online screen recorder built-in.

The above is the official introduction. After I tried it, I would like to describe it as a production tool of short videos, such as advertisements, opening and closing movies, and simple promotional videos.

3- Hitfilm Express for free

And it is a powerful free video editor that can be expanded and upgraded with a lot of add-ons if you like.

Basic Specifications of Hitfilm Express

Supported Operating Systems: Windows / Mac – Supports uploading videos directly to YouTube – Supports 360 technology, but requires additional plugins.

Hitfilm Express is another great free-to-play video editor with an impressive basic editor with advanced cutting tools, a wide range of audio and video effects, layers, masks, and a chroma feature to apply green screen effects to video.

The company producing this program also produced additional tools for only about $ 10. And these add-ons specialize in color correction, masking screen protectors, and many filters and creative effects. But the free video editor is also worth a try and will help you in a great way.

The downside to all of these features is that Hitfilm Express has higher operating requirements than Lightworks or Shotcut. Which is the main reason why it is ranked second on this list. We recommend that you make sure to review the technical requirements before downloading the software for the first time.

3- DaVinci Resolve free video editing program

Although it is a free program, it is a high-quality video and audio editing program that contains many advanced options.

Basic Specifications of DaVinci Resolve

Supported operating systems: Windows / Mac / Linux – Does not support downloading directly to YouTube – Supports 8K video and supports 360-degree technology through program additions.

DaVinci Resolve is a free version of the professional video editing suite produced by the same company. But like Lightworks, it is packed with features and you may not find what is missing from this wonderful program.

DaVinci Resolve Free Video Editing Software features easy-to-use interfaces for editing, color correction, audio editing, and video export.

Whether you want to fine-tune an entire video or just a specific portion of the video, color correction is one of DaVinci Resolve’s most important advantages over other programs. It also supports HDR technology and enables you to work directly with many video file formats directly from the camera.

The program has a small number of filters and effects in the professional version of DaVinci Resolve Studio. But it does not support an export resolution higher than 3,840 x 2,160. This is the only limitation of the program, although many do not consider it important because they do not need higher than this resolution.

4- Free Shotcut Video Editor

Some consider it to be an unusual video editing program. But with its proficiency and frequent handling of its functions. It will produce outstanding video work for you.

Shotcut Basic Specifications

Supported Operating Systems: Windows / Mac / Linux – But it does not support YouTube direct upload and it does not support 8K or 360-degree technology.

Shotcut is a free, professional-looking video editor that requires a little patience to achieve the results you desire. The program’s unusual interface resembles some Linux applications, and the company hasn’t made major changes to the Windows version.

The interface may seem a bit cramped, you will not only need to download a video clip directly to the program but before you start. You have to choose the editing mode you want to work in and the tools you want to use.

Shotcut is consider to be a first-class educational program. It is possible to produce great works using this program. But if you spend more time learning about the features and advantages of the program. You will produce video works just like professional programs.

5- VSDC Free Video Editor is a free video editor

It is a free video editor full of tools, and you can add more tools from time to time.

Basic Specifications of VSDC Free Video Editor

Supported operating system: Windows – Supports downloading directly to YouTube – Supports 360-degree video.

The popular video editor VSDC Free Video Editor can give you great results. It is a non-linear editor, and it works in a somewhat different way from many other similar tools. Letting you place clips and other elements in the timeline wherever you want and edit them however you like.

It also features the ability to work with many scenes and transition effects. As well as text and text messages and merge them with video clips. And you can create a professional-quality movie with only the basic program tools. Then you can now separate the timeline as well, which gives you a lot of flexibility in editing the video, especially when working On multiple screens.

VSDC free video editing software lets you add unique effects, for example, the smoke effect. And it has some advanced tools that make you produce videos just like the pros.

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This article was about the best video editing programs for beginners and professionals in 2021. However, some of the programs are paid and some are free. But all software is best and useful for making videos. If you have any questions regarding the best video editing programs for beginners and professionals. Then feel free to ask me in the comment section.

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