Top 5 Free Movie Download Site In 2020 (Latest HD Movie Site)

Hello, here I will tell you about the Top 5 Free Movie Download Site In 2020(Latest HD Movie Site). there are lots of movie download sites that allow you to download movies but perhaps they are not free of cost, and you have to pay to download a movie. or perhaps you are looking for a free movie download site to download the latest HD movie. and you could not find the best movie download site and so far you are searching for. then needless to say you are in a good place and this article is for you.

Here I am going to show you the top 5 free movie download site and besides that, I will show you how to download HD movies with those websites in an easy way. fat chance there are no websites that let you know how to download movie never million in a year, but hands down they are telling you about the best websites. don’t worry I am here to tell you deeply about downloading HD movies and within that, I will let you know about the top 5 free movie download sites in 2020.

Read the article carefully and don’t miss any line or paragraph because perhaps you will face difficulties. but again I feel glad to solve your problems and feel you at home.

Top 5 Free Movie Download Site In 2020

Top 5 free movie download site: people love to watch movies, as it helps us to refresh our mind. the days are gone when the movie theatre was the only source to watch HD movies. now in the 21st century, everything has come to our fingertips. now you can watch movies on your laptop and desktop easily either it is online or offline. but for watching an online movie you need to have a good and stable internet connection. if your internet connection is slow then you are not able to watch perfectly. so, at that time, you need to watch it offline, for watching offline you need to download a movie. downloading the movie seems to be the best idea ever. and you can watch it anytime and anywhere.

1. Todaypk Movie Download Site

One of the best and useful websites where you can find any kind of movies of any year just you need to look for your favorite one. here you can quickly download HD movies because it is free of cost. On this website you will find Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, Pakistani movies, Punjabi movies and lots of others. just give a try you will begin to like it.

How to Download Movie

let’s start downloading a movie from the todaypk website. follow all the steps that I am going to show you. you might be faced with lots of ads but don’t worry it is free so that’s why it will show many ads.

Step1: Go to the website and search for your wanted movie you are looking, afterward, you find the favorite movie then click on that.

select movie download site

Select Movie

Step2: When you open the movie then you will see the next window screen including the downloading button, So, click the Download button.

download from movie download site

Click On Download Button

Step3: Then, you will get the movie tailor with file size, However, you are here to download the movie, therefore, click the Download.

download movie download site

Again Click on the Download

Step4: On the next page, it will ask you to click the download button to start the download.

movie download site

Click to Start Download

Step5: Finally, you will get the download information pop-up dialog box, So, click the Start Download and wait to complete the download process.

download now

Download Now

2. MoviesCouch Movie Download Site

This website is one of the best websites among all sites. Here you will find movies through the navigation menu like Pakistani movies, Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, and besides that, you will find the TV Series. you can find your favorite movies and after a while, you can download HD in a very easy method. it is the best way to download the latest movies because it updated their site daily.

How to Download Movie

get to know about how to download a movie from this website, perhaps you don’t have a clue how to download HD movies. so don’t worry I am here to show you, follow my steps.

Step1: Go to the website and find your favorite movie, after that, click on the movie thumbnail.

downlaod movie

Select Movie

Step2: Then you will see the download dialog box, therefore, click the Download button.

click to download

Click on Download button

Step3: Once you click the download button then wait for a while to complete your download file.

movie downloaded

Your Movie Downloaded

3. Mydownloadtube Movie Download Site

Mydownloadtube is one of the favorite sites of movie lovers. Here you will find your favorite movies in high quality and besides that, you can watch it online. here you will find Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies and many more. and its downloading is so easy just you need to give a shot. therefore I prefer you to use this website for any kind of movie.

How to download a movie

here I will show you how to download a movie from mydownloadtube easily, you can download your favorite movie here. let’s start.

Step1: In this site, you will get the latest movie update and you can download it easily, So, go to the site and search for your movie then click on it.

downlaoad movie

Select Movie

Step2: Once you open the movie thumbnail then you will see several options, but you need to click the Download button.

movie download site

Click on Download Button

Step3: Later on, you will get multiple download links, all the download link size and movie quality are different, therefore, click the first link because the movie is in high-quality. After that, you will get the download information dialog box, So, click the start download.

HD movie download site

Select Quality To Download

4. YIFY Movies Download Site

This is one of the most websites where you can download high-quality movies to watch offline. it allows you to download unlimited movies from 2000 movies. although there are popular downloaded movies where you can download popular movies without searching. this website is best for downloading movies and it put the latest movies daily on their website.

How to download the movie

here I will show you how to download a movie on the YIFY Movie website. it is so easy just to follow me.

Step1. Go to the Site and click on any movie that you want to download or search for the movie which you are looking for.

Search For Movie download site

Search For Movie

Step2. Click on the download button.

Download the Movie

Download the Movie

Step3. select the movie quality either you want to download 720p or 1080p. after that click on the download button.

Select Quality

Select Quality

5. Movies Counter Download Site

You can download high-quality movies with the easiest method. it allows you to download movies for PC and Mobile Devices. here you can find Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, English Movies, and the Popular category. therefore you don’t need to look for other websites because this is the best one ever.

How to Download Movie

let’s know about how to download a movie from the movie’s counter website. this website is the best and it’s easy to download the movie.

Step1: Open your favorite browser and search the movie’s counter download site. after you access the site then search for your wanted movie and open it.

select movie

Select Movie

Step2: Then, you will get the download page, simply, click the Download button.

download movie

Click On the Download button

Step3: Now it will start the downloading, you need to wait for a while and your file will be downloaded soon.

movie downloaded

Your Movie Has Been Downloaded

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With this article, you have known all about Top 5 Free Movie Download Site In 2020 (Latest HD Movie Site). these websites are the best and useful, it is most preferred by many people and you can download HD movies easily. so start from now and check all the website I am sure you will love it. besides that, if you have any question then feel free to ask me.

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