How to Download Manjaro Linux – Download Latest Version

Manjaro Linux released the new version as it is Manjaro 18.0.4 so, in this article, you will get the idea on How to Download Manjaro Linux. well, Manjaro is the operating system and it is the best suitable OS for replacement with Windows and MacOS. however, it has different editions and all are used for the same base but only it provides a different experience. Manjaro is a well-known operating system and it is in high demand nowadays that’s why legions of people download Manjaro on their system. therefore, here I will give you the link that you can download it easily.

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How to Download Manjaro Linux – Download Latest Version

In below you will get everything about Manjaro Linux latest version like I will let you know about its features where it is must to know. then you will get about Manjar current version, so everything I will explain below. to get know about Manjaro details then read the article till the end.

What is Manjaro Linux OS

Manjaro is an accessible, friendly and open source Linux distribution and community. it is based on Arch Linux, besides that, it is the best operating system to get started with. anyone can go with it because it is suitable for anyone to use whether you have experience of Linux or no.

well, Manjaro is the entry-point in the world of Linux, unlike proprietary OS, moreover, you are allowed to control over your hardware without any restrictions. besides that, Manjaro is not a consumer-oriented OS, and you have full control and you will not prevent from breaking your own installation. but after a while, you can break it again because it will be a part of the fun. so, this all is about Manjora Linux that what is Manjaro, I hope you get about this Operating system.

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What is Current Version of Manjaro Linux

The current version of Manjaro Linux is 18.0.4 which was released in a few days later. well, this version has the best features and thousands of users download it on their system. so, therefore, in this article, I will let you know all about Manjaro Linux 18.0.4,

New Features of Manjaro Linux

It is time to get know about new features of Manjaro Linux, as I told you that the current version is 18.0.4 so you might be waiting for its features. then don’t worry, here I will let you know about new features of Manjaro Linux.

  1. You can update whenever you want
  2. To save your data from thieves
  3. Bring any changes to Manjaro Linux OS that you want
  4. You can install any Application Software
  5. You will find several Langauge options that you can translate
  6. Get a new graphics card with Manjaro Linux
  7. You can create multiple user accounts inside this OS
  8. Everyone can use this Operating system 
  9. Manjaro is a Well-Known Operating system in Linux

Download Manjaro Linux 18.0.4

Now that you get everything about Manjaro Linux then it is time to show you the downloading method. well, I have searched a lot but so far, I didn’t get the correct download link but finally, I found the URL from where you can download it easily and you will get information about it.

Step 1. so simply click the link below and download the Manjaro Linux 18.0.4 ISO file.

download Manjaro 18.0.4

Step 2. While you clicked the above link then scroll a little bit down and you will see the below screenshot.

how to download manjaro linux latest version
Download Latest Version

Step 3. As I told you that Manjaro Linux has different editions, so you can see in above that there are different editions but select that one which you want to download and install. while you click any edition then you will see the below screenshot.

how to download manjaro linux
Click to Download

Step 4. Scroll down a little bit, then you see the above picture so click the Download button and wait for a few seconds then you will get the below screenshot.

how to download manjaro
Download Now

Video Guide:


In this article, I have told you about downloading Manjaro Linux latest version and with this method, you can download it easily and fast. so follow all the steps and give it a try hands down, you will get the Manjaro ISO file. besides that, if you get any kind of problems then feel free to ask me.



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