How to Install MacOS Catalina on MacBook Pro and Air

In June 2019 Apple announced their new MacOS 10.15 in World Wide Developer Conference which is named as MacOS Catalina. However, the Developer Beta is in stock for the user to install and test the latest version of MacOS. Therefore, in this article, I will guide on How to Install MacOS Catalina on MacBook Pro and Air. remember, before going to install MacOS Catalina make sure you have a backup of your MacBook Pro and MacBook Air in order to not lose your data during the installation. Therefore, you can install MacOS Catalina developer beta, However, the MacOS Catalina 10.15 public beta is coming in July 2019.

How to Install MacOS Catalina On MacBook Pro and Air

However, Mac user can’t wait to install MacOS Catalina on MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. as I mentioned MacOS Catalina developer beta version is available for the user, therefore, remember, the beta version might be buggy (it means you will face some problems with some of the applications that will crash and stop working) but again you can install and go with it. So, here I will show you each and everything you need to know about the installation of MacOS Catalina 10.15 on MacBook Pro and Air, therefore, pay attention to each line and steps and follow my steps.

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Install MacOS Catalina Developer Beta

The installation is not that much hard that you are thinking and it is quite easy to install macOS Catalina developer beta. However, we are going to install Mac OS Catalina beta version, therefore, make sure you have a backup of your all data in order to not face problems during the installation. Although you can restore your lost data after the installation but make a backup of your data at first will be the best decision. Therefore, it is one of the best strategies whenever you are going to upgrade your operating system.

Step 1. Developer Account

So, for developer beta, you must have Apple developer account then you have to go to and click on the account from the top right.

how to install macos catalina on macbook
Open Developer Account

When you click on the account option then here you have to sign in with your developer account. Therefore,  you have to write your Apple Id and password to sign in to your account.

Sign in to your Apple ID
Sign in to your Apple ID

Step 2. Download MacOS Catalina Developer

In this page, you have several menus on the left side of the windows but you have to find download option and click on it.  In the second page, you will see the beta software page and here it will give you the MacOS Catalina 10.15 Beta. therefore, click on the Install profile option, after that the downloading will get a start and wait to complete the download.

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Install MacOS Catallina 10.15 beta
Install MacOS Catalina 10.15 beta profile

Step 3. Install DMG File

Once the downloading will complete. then you have to click on the download button which is located on the top right side. So, there you will get the install DMG file, therefore, you have to open it.

Step 4. Open the Package

So, now everything is ready and you have downloaded the MacOS Catalina 10.15 beta and the downloading is completed too. So, in this stage MacOS developer beta access utility will open up, therefore, you have to click on the file and install it.

Step 5. Install macOS Developer Beta Access Utility

After you click on the file then the installation wizard will appear, therefore, read the installation wizard attentively and follow it in order to install MacOS Catalina. However, I will show you the complete guide of installation that you should not face problems.

#1. the first step is about the introduction of MacOS Catalina installation, So, you will be guided through the steps important to install MacOS Catalina, Therefore, read the introduction and click on the Continue button.

install macos Catalina developer beta
Introduction Wizard Page, Click on Continue

#2. In the next steps, it will ask you to agree on the license agreement, Therefore, if you want to install it on MacBook Pro then you have to agree to the license, So, click on the continue button and click on the agree.

Agree on License to install MacOS Catalina
Agree on License Agreement

#3. Now here, click on the install button to continue the installation, for that, you have to enter your Touch ID or enter your password to allow MacOS Catalina to install.

enter your Touch ID or Password
Enter Touch ID or Password

#4. Wait for a while to complete the installation, after that, close the installation wizard utility. Congrats, the installation has been done successfully.

Step 6. Upgrade MacOS

Now that you have done the installation successfully, then after that, it is time to upgrade your operating system. to do that, here I will show you the steps, therefore, follow me carefully in order to not face problems.

#1. The first step, you have to click on the Apple logo on the top left menu bar.

#2. On there, you see an option of system preferences, therefore, click on it.

#3. In the system preference window, you will see several options but you have to find the system upgrade. whenever you get it then click on it.

#4. In this step, you should see the MacOS Catalina 10.15 beta as an option and click on the Upgrade Now.

#5. Here, click on the Continue button.

#6. to complete the installation of the software, you have to agree to the terms of the software license agreement. Therefore, click on the agree button.

#7. Now the installation is ready, therefore, click on the install button.

#8. Click on the continue button.

#9. In order to continue the installing of MacOS Catalina 10.15 beta, you need to log in as an administrator with your Touch ID or enter your password.

#10. Now macOS 10.15 beta will be installed on the disk, therefore, just watch the installing of MacOS Catalina.

#11. The installation is ready, so, click on the restart button to install the MacOS 10.15 beta. However, your computer may restart more than once during the installation but don’t shut down your PC.

#12. Congralution, you have successfully install MacOS Catalina on your MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Moreover, now you can check all the new features of MacOS Catalina which is the most useful and awesome. Therefore, start using MacOS Catalina and enjoy its new features.

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In this article, you learn how to install MacOS Catalina on MacBook Pro and Air. therefore, I hope you like this article and it was useful for you. Moreover, if you have any opinion and you have any question then feel free to leave a comment and don’t forget to give your feedback.

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