How to Install Ubuntu 18.10 on Virtualbox on Windows

In this article, I am going to guide you about How to Install Ubuntu 18.10 on Virtualbox on Windows. in here you will get everything related to Ubuntu 18.10, and you will learn somehow about what is Ubuntu plus its features. besides that, I will show you how to download Ubuntu 18.10 and how to install Ubuntu 18.10 on Virtualbox on Windows. so if you looking for install Ubuntu complete guide then be with us till the end of the article because in this post I will guide you completely about the installation of Ubuntu 18.10. install Virtualbox ubuntu plus install ubuntu on Virtualbox.
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What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu comes with everything that you need to run your organization, school, office, home and lots of things. and besides that, all the essential applications like office software, web browsing, email, organize your photos, edit and illustrate, videos, gaming, and many more features. so you can do any task with Ubuntu that you want.
install Ubuntu Linux, how to install Ubuntu 18.10 on Virtualbox on windows.
Open Source:

As we all know Ubuntu is free open source to download, use and share. it is the most powerful OS that we can do any task inside that. install ubuntu VMWare, or install Ubuntu on hyper-v
how to install Ubuntu 18.10, install Ubuntu on Virtualbox.

Ubuntu is the most secure operating system around. and the long-term support releases give you five years of security patches and updates. install ubuntu Virtualbox, ubuntu VirtualBox, install Virtualbox ubuntu.

Required Files

Here are the required files for installing Ubuntu 18.10 on Virtualbox on Windows, everything you will need is here just download the required files and install Ubuntu on Virtualbox on Windows. how to install Ubuntu 18.10

Install Virtualbox On Windows

If you don’t have Virtualbox on your windows then you need to download it from above link and install that on your system because without having Virtualbox on your windows you can’t install Ubuntu 18.10. to top it off, if you don’t know how to download and install Virtualbox then click here to get know about installation of Virtualbox.

Video Guide: how to install Ubuntu 18.10 on Virtualbox

Create A New Virtual Machine

So now that you have Virtualbox on your windows and you want to install Ubuntu 18.10 on Virtualbox then initially you will need to create Virtual machine for Ubuntu 18.10. then after that, you can access to install Ubuntu on Virtualbox on windows. therefore open VirtualBox and follow below steps to create a new virtual machine.

Step 1. first of all, for creating a new VM you need to click on the New button.

create new virtualbox
Click On New

Step 2. After that, you need to provide a virtual machine name as you want to install Ubuntu 18.10 then write in empty place Ubuntu 18.10 as I take this name. then afterward its type and version will detect automatically if not then do it manually.
For ubuntu 18.10 you need to take half of your physical RAM as I have 8MB so that I take 4MB and I recommend you to take 4MB memory size.
so, we are creating a virtual machine, therefore, we have to select the second option to create a virtual hard disk now.

vm detail to install ubuntu
VM Detail

Step 3. in this step you need to add a virtual hard disk on VM because without hard drive VM is useless therefore select the first option.
then for storage on the physical hard disk, you have to select the first option and click on the create.

Create Virtual Hard Disk
Create Virtual Hard Disk

Customize Virtual Machine

here you need to customize VM while after you created a virtual machine. so if you don’t know how to customize virtual machine then follow me in this step.

Step 1. in the first step click on the settings to customize the Virtual machine. 

Customize Virtual Machine
Customize Virtual Machine

Step 2. in General setting go to advanced option and select Bidirectional for both shared clipboard and Drag’n’Drop.

General Setting
General Setting

Step 3. then go to System menu and go to Processor and select 4 for CPU. but remember you can change it in the future if you wish. 

Processor option
Processor option

Step 4. after that, go to Display and increase video memory to 128MB. it’s your wish you can take any number of MB but I recommend you to take 128MB.  

Display Screen
Display Screen

Step 5In step five you are in Storage menu and in here you have to insert the Ubuntu 18.10 ISO file. so for that, you have to click on storage menu then click on empty option afterward click on CD Icon then in here you have the option to choose iso file from your computer. after that, while you have to insert Ubunto 18.10 ISO file then click OK button to save all your changes.  

Install Ubuntu 18.10 on Virtualbox

now that you have customized virtual machine and besides that, you have inserted Ubuntu 18.10 ISO file. so now its time to install Ubuntu 18.10 on Virtualbox on windows. therefore if you don’t have the idea so just follow my steps to install Ubuntu 18.10.

Step 1. So in here select Ubuntu 18.10 Virtual machine and click on the Start button to continue the installation of Ubuntu 18.10 on Virtualbox.

install ubuntu 18.10
Click On Start Button

Step 2. in this step select the language in which you want to install Ubuntu 18.10 on Virtualbox. so, I will choose the English language because I want to install ubuntu with the English language.
so besides that, you will see two option one with the name of try Ubuntu and second with the name of Install Ubuntu. the first option means that if you want to try ubuntu then click on the first option and the second option means that if you want to install permanently on Virtualbox then needless to say click on Install Ubuntu.   

Install ubuntu 18.10
Install Ubuntu 18.10

Step 3. then in here it will ask you to select the keyboard layout for ubuntu 18.10 operating system. there are many layouts but you have to choose the country where you live, although it’s your wish you can select any of them. 

Ubuntu Keyboard Layout
Ubuntu Keyboard Layout 

Step 4. in here it will ask you about the updates and other software during installation. so select these three options, even you can read the description to know about each option. 

Updates and other Software
Updates and other Software

Step 5. in installation type select the first option as its default option but don’t worry its just warning and it will not erase your file and data from your operating system.

Install Ubuntu Now
Install Ubuntu Now

Step 6. in this step it will ask you question to write the changes to disk, so just click on Continue 

Disk Changes
Disk Changes

Step 7. select the location where you live and click on Continue.

Select Your Location

Step 8. so here provide you detail like your name, your computer’s name, pick a username, password and confirm a password then you have two option but I choose the first one.

Provide your details
Provide your details

Step 8. now you will see the Ubuntu installation has been started just you need to wait a few minutes in order to complete the installation.

Ubuntu installation has been started
Ubuntu installation has been started

so in the last step, it will ask you to restart Ubuntu 18.10. so just click on the restart button. and come back to Ubuntu 18.10 and give it a try on Virtualbox on windows.

In Conclusion

In this article, you have learned everything related to Ubuntu installation on Virtualbox on windows. I hope you get everything that I told you, so install Ubuntu 18.10 on Virtualbox and give it a shot now.
So if you like our article please let us know in a comment and if you have any idea or suggestion then please feel free to tell us.

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