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The great news is coming for iPhone user and do you know what can be the shocking news? The iPhone is going to introduce the new iPhone 11 that will release in September 2019. However, you have the idea iPhone is releasing mobile each year and they update it with new features and design. The new iPhone 11 will come with the best design and have awesome features, and the best feature is that it has a triple camera with ToF Sensor, fastest charging with wireless battery sharing and many more awesome function. Like this, in this year 2019 iPhone will release its new mobile which is iPhone 11 or iPhone XI, So, here I will let you know everything about iPhone 11: Release Date, Price, and Specs. Whatever you need to know I will mention in this article. Therefore, read the article till the end.

iPhone 11 Release Date

So far, there is no exact information about the new iPhone 11 release date, you can predict it to come by September or October in a row as previous models of iPhone mobile. However, it would not be good to speculate a release date of the iPhone 11 right now, but you can consider it with its previous launchers and you can come somewhere near to its release date by looking to the previous model release date. Well, it has been observed that the company prefers to move with its new and big release on Wednesday or Thursday and IFA 2019 is one of the most revered events. However, IFA predicts in Berlin that the new iPhone will release during the same month of September and it seems that the company may decide to launch its new product during the same week.

iPhone 11 Price

Legions of people are waiting for the new iPhone 11 and they are curious about its price that how much it will cost. However, you have the idea that every new product will cost expensive and when time goes by it will cut down their price. So, now here I will let you know about the new iPhone 11 which has the best design and performance among all iPhone models.

We know that the new iPhone 11 will be expensive and no one has the idea of the price but here Techbland predicts that the new iPhone 11 will offer several prices which are: $399 (128GB), $499 (256GB), and $599 (512GB) from September 20, 2019.

iPhone 11 release date, prize and specs
iPhone 11 2019

Some free prices are claimed to be $999 (128GB) storage, and if you want to (256GB) storage then it will be $1099, Moreover, if you want to use or to have (512GB) storage then the price will be $1199.

However, since none of this price has confirmed yet from Apple company but here Techbland predicts the new iPhone 11 price. Although you know that the new iPhone 11 won’t be cheaper because this phone has many best features and awesome performance rather than other iPhone models. So, how you can imagine that the new iPhone will be cheaper and every individual can buy it, Sorry

iPhone 11 Specification and Features

As you know every new mobile will come with new features and functionality, So, same here iPhone 11 has multiple features that everyone is shocked. like iPhone XI there is no mobile to have such best features like triple-lens,  Bilateral Charging, Blood Suger Detection, and many more. So, below you will get the idea about iPhone XI features.

Triple Lens

This is the first Apple product that includes a triple-lens on the backside of the phone and you know about the iPhone X camera that it is awesome and it takes the best snapshot. So, what can be the snapshot of iPhone XI as you know it has a triple-lens with having 12Mp. Therefore, the Apple company is curious about the feedback of its new product when they release it in public.

Bilateral Charging

Well, iPhone X and iPhone XI support wireless charger and bilateral charging allow you to charge your phone wirelessly from the backside. However, bilateral charging will charge your phone very fast and one of the disadvantages of bilateral charging is that it is expensive. SO, this is the new and best features of the iPhone 11 and if we discuss on charging device then the bilateral charger is second to none.

Face ID

This time Apple company embed a fingerprint scanner, I don’t know why Apple company make this decision for their new iPhone 11. However, they said, in 2019 new iPhone 11 will have Apple’s Face ID face recognition and it will remain with more powerful and they will upgrade it too.

Blood Sugar Detection

By its name, you will get something, as you know Apple is the most well-known smartphone company and they release the best phone every year in a row. So, like this in this year’s iPhone release, its new model iPhone 11 2019 with amazing features and one of that feature is blood sugar detection. Well, with this feature you can get the idea about your blood sugar and you can detect it easily. if some of you have blood sugar and they don’t know about it so they can easily find it with this option.

iPhone 11 Performance

No doubt that iPhone 11 performance will be off the hook and as you know Apple company focuses the most on their phone performance. However, the new iPhone 11 2019 has a chipset of A12 Bionic and it has the best graphics performance. Moreover, it has Hexa Core of 2,49 GHz, Dual-core, Vortex + 1.52 GHz, Quad-core tempest. Besides that, iPhone 11 has 4GB RAM with 64-bit Architecture.

Chipset Apple A12 Bionic
Graphics Apple GPU (four-core graphics)
Processor Hexa Core (2.49 GHz, Dual-core, Vortex + 1.52 GHz, Quad-core, Tempest)
Architecture 64 bit
Ram 4 GB

iPhone 11 release date, prize and specs

iPhone XI 2019

iPhone 11 Design

Legions of people are waiting for the new iPhone 11 2019 which has amazing design and display. However, Apple users know about the design that they make and release in a row. if you see iPhone X design then you will get a little idea about the new iPhone 11 2019 design, as you know iPhone has the best design and shape among all smartphones and one of my favorite phones is the iPhone. Because the iPhone works a lot on its design and display due to those legions of people prefer iPhone rather than Samsung.

So, if I let you know about the iPhone 11 design then needless to say you will get into it, however, the new iPhone 11 has a triple camera lens on their backside and this mobile will take picture awesome. So, you can see the picture below that how Apple includes a triple-lens for their new iPhone. Moreover, I should tell you about its thickness that iPhone 11 is 7.8mm thick and 71.4mm wide. Besides that, this phone is waterproof you can use it inside the water several times in a row. and last, this phone has a height of 143.9mm.

iphone 11 release date, prize and specs
iPhone 11 design

So, you can imagine about the new iPhone 11 design, here are some important information about iPhone 11 design that you should know.

Thickness 7.8 mm
Width 71.4 mm
Waterproof Yes Water resistant
Ruggedness Dustproof
Height 143.9 mm

iPhone 11 Display

iPhone 11 will have a 5.8-inch display and somehow it’s like iPhone XS but iPhone 11 has smaller bezels. and the sad news is this that iPhone 11 won’t support 5G but might be it will. Moreover, it has a 4,000mAh battery and a USB-C port. Although iPhone 11 will come in four colors which are grey, gold, silver and blue.

So, if we discuss the iPhone 11 size then the size of the phone highly stands against one though, while some reports are saying that the new iPhone stays with the same size. so far, no one can confirm the size because some reports suggested the main iPhone 11 will be a little bit bigger and there are too many ideas where we can not say anything about its size. Therefore, we have to wait for its release date then we can say something.

However, till the time the iPhone 11 won’t release then no one can predict about it because in some cases they said the iPhone 11 will support USB-C port and in some cases, they said it won’t, Therefore, we cannot say anything. Moreover, the iPhone 11 front camera be upped to 10 MP, as you know the iPhone X front camera has 7MP. and the rear camera will have 14 MP and 10 MP lenses, where the same its more than the previous model.

Display Type OLED
Aspect Ratio 19:9
Bezel-less Display Yes with notch
Pixel Density 463 ppi
Screen Protection Yes
Screen To Body Ratio Calculated 80.2 %
Screen Size 5.8 inches (14.73 cm)
Screen Resolution 1125 x 2436 pixels
Touch Screen Yes Capacitive Touchscreen, Multi-touch

iPhone 11 Camera

Now, let’s discuss the iPhone 11 camera and you know this time iPhone has a triple-lens camera on their backside. So, here I let you know some of its features. However, the iPhone 11 camera features will be Auto Flash and face detection, Besides that, it has 4000 x 3000 Pixels Image resolution. not this much, even it has a Back-illuminated sensor and it has autofocus during taking pictures. if we discuss its shooting focus then it has continuous shooting, high dynamic range mode (HDR).

Camera Design
The new iPhone 11 Camera

The iPhone 11 front camera is 10MP and the rear camera has 14MP and lenses 10MP. So, you can use optical Image Stabilization. Therefore, it’s all about the iPhone 11 Camera features.

iPhone 11 Battery Life

Everyone knows about iPhone battery life that the iPhone has the best battery life among all smartphones, and this time the iPhone has a more powerful battery life for their new iPhone.

Well, the iPhone XS has more improvement rather than iPhone X in battery life, but we noted in our review, so far, it is the best battery life in the market.

However, Apple got to grips with battery life and this time it gives the iPhone 11 a power pack that it seems more comfortable. and you cannot find any mobile having such battery life.

If we see the battery technology then it isn’t going to give us the multiple days of battery life with a single charge, if we take a glimpse on 2000s phone than no mobile has the best battery life but an iPhone can use the battery in two days with a single charge.

Wireless Charging Yes
Type Li-ion
Capacity 4000 mAh

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That’s all about iPhone 11: Release Date, Price, and Specs. Therefore, you learn here everything about iPhone XI, whatever you need to know is included in this article and I hope you get everything properly that we mentioned here. However, if you like our title, So, don’t forget to give your feedback.

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