Will Apple Release MacOS 10.16 this year? Get full Prediction

MacOS Catalina 10.15 is the current Apple operating system with tons of new handy features and many bug fixes and improvement in the latest MacOS Catalina 10.15.5 update. But, what you think? Will Apple release the next MacOS 10.16 this year?. No one can predict the next Apple operating system in this COVID-19 situation. However, Apple users are waiting to see the new MacOS 10.16 beta release date.

You know, Apple has worked hard and added many new features and improvements in MacOS Catalina 10.15. Then, it means, the MacOS 10.16 will have tons of new features and changes that a user looks at. But, we can predict some features that should be in the MacOS 10.16 Apple operating system.

Some of our research says, the MacOS 10.16 will introduce in June 2020 and will be rolling out completely in September 2021. This is only because of COVID-19, Apple developers might not work at home as they did it at the office. Therefore, it can be that Apple MacOS 10.16 release date will be in 2021.

According to MacOS Mojave 10.14 and MacOS Catalina 10.15 release date. We can anticipate that Apple will introduce the first MacOS 10.16 beta version in June 2020. As a row, Apple introduced its other operating system in June. So, the follow-up MacOS 10.16 will release after a few days.

This 2020 will be the great year for Mac users to see many new changes, New Apps, and new operating systems. Let’s hope, Apple will introduce the new Apps and new MacOS 10.16 in World Wide Developer Conference in June 2020.

Upcoming MacOS 10.16 Release Date

We can not tell you the exact release date of MacOS 10.16, as we didn’t hear anything from Apple regarding MacOS 10.16. But, we can make a guess and in our opinion or in our research, the MacOS 10.16 beta release date will be June 2020. And the final release of the MacOS 10.16 will be September or October 2020.

The only way we have to predict the release date of MacOS 10.16 according to MacOS Mojave and MacOS Catalina. Otherwise, no one knows when Apple releases the follow-up MacOS 10.16. However, Apple releases its operating system in June every year.

As always, Apple will release the beta version of the operating system and they introduce it in WWDC. The beta version is the user test and gives feedback on the errors and bugs that they face in the current OS. As a result, Apple developers will fix it in the next beta version. However, the final release of the MacOS 10.16 will be September or October 2020.

What can be the Name of MacOS 10.16?

This operating system will have a unique name like MacOS Catalina. Apple always defines a new name that looks different and unique. But, our predict says, one of the below names will be the name of MacOS 10.16.

  • Marin
  • Monterey
  • Sacramento
  • Sequoia
  • Sonoma
  • Tahoe
  • Ventura

Features we would like to see in MacOS 10.16

Here are some features that we would like to see in the upcoming MacOS. Perhaps, all the features will not define but few of them can be added in the MacOS 10.16.

This year health becomes an important thing in our life. As we have Health applications in iOS and Apple watch to check our health stats. But, we hope Apple adds health features in MacOS 10.16 to see our health stats from the Mac desktop.

If the Clock app can be added in the MacOS 10.16 with full functionality that it is in the iOS app. Then, it will be easy for the user to set alarms, stopwatch, and other functions. So, we hope Apple will add this feature in MacOS this time.

Automation and Siri Shortcuts:
Automation is in demand from Mac users and Apple is working on automation over the years. However, you will find several automation tools for Mac like AppleScript and Automator. On the iPhone and iPad, you have its shortcut app. But, it is easy to use with the help of Siri self-generation shortcuts. So, we will love it if Apple adds this to the Mac operating system.

Multitouch is prime to how customers engage with their iOS devices. It is not going to be carried out on Mac screens as Apple doesn’t, and has continually indicated that it won’t ever, offer touch-touchy screens. However, Apple does now permit folks that hyperlink their iPad to their Mac to apply the touchscreen of the iPad to control their Mac, so perhaps this is a precursor to a touchscreen Mac. We’d love to see some new multi-contact style features at the Mac.

Multiple Docks:
The dock is one of the handy apps in Mac that allows you to quickly access to your most-used applications or folders. But, what if Apple add multiple docks in upcoming MacOS 10.16, However, there are some users that use multiple displays.

If you have opened multiple pages then you will see dock across all the pages with the same menu and same options. What I think, if we have different options on different pages then it will be easy for users to work with the page and edit the video, coding, and more. This separate dock will speed up your workflow.

Save As:
We don’t know, why Apple replaced Save As (Command-Shift-S) with the duplicate in its iWork applications (pages, numbers, and keynote). This will confuse the user that command-shift-S is working as Save as an option. Apple should think about these changes and replace it again.

iPhone auto Unlock:
Apple added an auto-unlock feature in MacOS High Sierra and users can unlock with Apple watch. But, we hope Apple adds the option that a user can unlock their Mac with their iPhones.

Do you want to access the previous worksheet that you have done or worked one week before?. However, Windows have a Timeline feature that allows users to access the past workflow and can edit and work on it. Although this feature will be helpful for Mac users to have in the upcoming Mac operating system.

Time Machine, Cloud Backups, and More:
Mac users love to see some changes in the time machine backups process. As you can backups your files in the cloud on your iPhone. So, why not in the Mac operating system. In Mac, you can back up your files in External hard drive using time machine. But we hope apple brings changes to the time machine backup application.

Your Mac might be set to store your all contents and documents in iCloud. The time machine cloud will backup the files and move it to a location where you can download the files. If your Macs be stolen or stop working.

So Time Machine has to use HFS+ to work right now, but in the next version of macOS, Apple could update Time Machine to use APFS snapshots for file linking, rather than hard links.

However, doing backups to the cloud with cloud storage prices. We think Apple should update the time machine and add a cloud backup option. This will be great to backup on a cloud rather than on external hard drive.

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Let’s hope, Apple releases the next operating system called MacOS 10.16, though we don’t know what the name will be. But, we can predict some names for MacOS 10.16. Still, we are not sure that Apple will release the first beta in June 2020 or no. Because of COVID-19, the developers can’t work from home as they can do it at the office.

Looking at other Mac operating system release date, we can make a guess that Apple will add the above features and you will have the new MacOS 10.16 in a few days.

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