How to Control Mac Computer with Any iPhone Version

Mac users are curious and wanna know more about How to Control Mac Computer with Any iPhone version, However, people can access PC with any Android phone and for that, they need to install the APowerMirror app to connect PC with Android.  Although connecting Mac with iPhone will be a good experience and while you connect your Mac with iPhone then you can access all the Mac applications, even, you can open iTunes, App Store, Documents, Pictures, and many other files.  Controlling Mac computer with the iPhone will be interesting things, you can use your iPhone as a mouse and keyboard then you can write or edit any files from your iPhone.

Suppose your Mac computer is far away from you and you are with your friends and watching movies then at that time you can control your Mac from your iPhone and pause/play the movie using your iPhone because you have connected both devices with the same Wifi connection. remember, both devices should be connected with the same wifi connection. to share the Mac screen you have to turn on the sharing option afterward install VNC application on your iPhone and search for your Mac computer and connect it.

How to Control Mac With iPhone

The method I am going to show you will be easy and the best one, you don’t need to search anymore about this title because I will explain each and everything about it. Although you have many applications that allow you to control your Mac but the app which I will show you is the best and handy.

How to Control Mac with iPhone

This is the best idea to access your Mac with iPhone anytime, therefore, you have to open your Mac computer and turn on the sharing option then install the VNC viewer application on your iPhone and follow the below steps.

VNC Viewer – remote desktop is the best application and it allows you to control your Mac with iPhone. even you can access Windows and Linux by installing this application on your devices. VNC viewer is free to use and you can install it from App Store. Moreover, you can control Mac with an iPad using VNC viewer application and control its mouse and keyboard from your iPhone.

Step 1: Open your Mac computer and go to System preferences.

Step 2: In system preferences click on Sharing.

How to Control Mac with iPhone
Go to Sharing

Step 3: Firstly, the screen sharing option is off, therefore, you have to turn it on for that, click on Screen Sharing from the left side of the window. afterward, the screen sharing option will be on and you can share your Mac screen with iPhone.

Share Mac screen with iPhone
Turn On Sharing Option

Step 4: Now, switch on your iPhone and go to App Store and search the VNC Viewer app. after that install the app on your iPhone.

Install VNC viewer Application
Install VNC viewer Application

Step 5: You have successfully installed the VNC viewer app, now open the application.

Open VNC viewer Application
Open VNC viewer Application

Step 6: Here, you will see the basic introduction about the VNC viewer app, So, simply click on the Get Started button.

Access Mac with any iPhone
Click on Get Started

Step 7: Now, click on the three-line bar and go to the Bonjour option.

Connect Mac with iPhone
Go to Bonjour

Step 8: Once you click on the Bonjour option then you will see your Computer name, in this case, both devices should be connected with the same wifi connection. and your Mac computer should be open. So, now click on your Mac computer name.

Control Mac from iPhone
Connect iPhone with Mac

Step 9: Simply, go ahead and click on Continue.

Access to Mac with iPhone
Click continue

Step 10: Here, it will ask you to enter your user name with a password, therefore, provide your User Name and Password then click on Done.

Enter password for Mac
Enter Username and Password

Step 11: After that, it will prepare desktop and if this is your first time then click on the Next button to show you some gestures or you can skip the guidance.

Control the Computer with iPhone
Click Next

Step 12: If this is your first time with the VNC viewer app then read the basic introduction about how to control Mac with iPhone. every instruction has discussed here. Then click on Done.

VNC basic Guidance
Basic Introduction

Step 13: Now, you can control Mac with the iPhone mobile and you can see the Mac desktop screen on the iPhone. However, both devices are connected and you can access your Mac from iPhone anytime you want.

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That’s all about how to access Mac with any iPhone version and you learned the best method that you can control your Mac with iPhone using the VNC app. Moreover, you can use this method with an iPad too and you can access Mac with an iPad using my methodology. if our article was helpful to you then don’t forget to give your feedback.

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