Digital Marketing Strategy & Tactics to Persuade the Customers

In this era, the internet opened the gate for a variety of opportunities for business, so you need to think how to advertise your business even before the MVP launch. Social media is not only used to share private pictures of an event but also to attract customers for marketing and reach them conveniently. Speedy digital media transmit information with ease and digital marketing strategy help to boost the business.

Digital marketing strategy and tactics are highly targeting, measurable and interactive marketing of services and products using technology to reach the viewers turns them into customers and retain them. Gaining customers is nice, but maintaining them is good. You can always reach out to a digital marketing agency for help.

Traditionally, word-of-mouth is the most efficient and cheapest form of advertising a product. Even in this time of internet and technology, industries and brands are using the same marketing strategy to grow their business. Moreover, customers have become smarter and recognize false promotions by brands. They seek recommendations from family and friends and check reviews before buying something. To amplify the power of word-of-mouth in the digital age, many businesses are turning to white label marketing services, which allow them to offer additional services under their own brand name, thereby strengthening customer trust and loyalty.

Ask Brand Advocates for Feedback

It is the most common and effective way for marketers. According to studies, customers form an opinion of the company in just 8 seconds. It means it takes only 8 seconds to win a potential client. The best way is to highlight customer testimonials on the homepage of your website. Convincing testimonials will persuade people to take action.

Marketers must include different social media platforms and email to collect feedback. Always seek permission before publishing feedback on your website. Adding a customer’s identity can increase trust and statement look legitimate.

Social Proof with Other Marketing Channels

The second most beneficial tactic is to integrate testimonials with marketing emails, PPC ads, twitter, Google, and Facebook paid advertisements. To make extreme of the testimonies, the company must add customer’s feedback in a marketing email and sponsored ads.

These days it is in trend to add videos in testimonials. Always ensure to add catchy statements by customers and use them as a subject line that will help to increase your CTR’s. For sponsored ads, it is crucial to add recent and authentic reviews in your ads.

Let Speak in Case Studies

It is a current trend to publish case studies to give an insight into the business to the customers. Case studies are either written or visual. Opt for the second option for maximum advantage as it uses words in your case study from outside of your business. Words by clients will be more likely to help your business as they can use as reputable references.

Add two or three testimonials in case studies to boost the confidence of your prospects. The primary purpose is to illustrate your previous client’s satisfaction and trust in your products or services.

Influencer Marketing

Marketing managers are aware of the benefits of influencer marketing tactics. It is one of the most used strategies these days. Gently nudge your social media followers to contribute to the social media page.

Hire any influencer with good numbers of genuine followers. Ask them to shout outs for your products such as above ground pool etc. Ask influencers to take a selfie with your product and post it on social media platforms with a hashtag. These social media campaigns will help boost engagement and, in turn, will help grab potential buyer’s attention.

Referral Marketing Programs:

Referral marketing is a possible tactic to grow the customer base. It is the most potent signal to drive brand awareness and get profitable customers. It not only helps in the acquisition of customers but also in retention. So, it reported that 18% more chances of staying customers with referral marketing.

But the question is how businesses can convince customers to refer your brand. In this case, you can tell customers that they will get benefits by referring the product to family and friends.

Customer’s Expectations

Happy and satisfied customers are the key to digital marketing. However, everyone has to pay for advertisements. The best way is to promote your products through happy customers.

By exceeding the expectation, we mean sending them some complimentary gifts or deliver the product before time.

Marketers who do not want to spend money to surprise their clients, they usually send personalized messages or cards. It will make them feel unique and valued and give a customized experience.

Delight Unhappy Customers

The only way to delight customers is to deliver the best quality products on time. However hard you try, sometimes thing goes wrong. Always deal with these customers carefully and with great responsibility. If not handled effectively, bad comments can affect the reputation of the brand as a decreasing number of sales.

Moreover, it often saw those unhappy customers when dealt with them. The responsible behavior of the brand proves its professionalism and sincerity to the customers. Make the customer care department and try to communicate with unhappy customers timely otherwise, the loss is yours.

Hopefully, these Digital Marketing Strategy tactics will help in the growth of your business.

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