Our Top Best Blog Posts of 2020 – Best Blogs in 2020

Let’s show you our top Best Blog Posts of 2020 – Best Blogs in 2020 that we published. However, Before blogging I was confused about what to do and how to start a job to earn a penny although several companies and jobs can help me to get a good bit of money. But, the main problem was, I wanted to start my own business. later on, I searched on google and looking for self business then I get the clue to start a blog. blogging is the best way to learn more about today’s technology and information about what people are doing and how they become a success. if you are jobless and you don’t know what to start then I recommend you make a website and start blogging. with blogging, you can get extra knowledge and besides that, you can earn lots of money.

Today is the day of blogging, where more than 50% of people are running different blogging on various niche. you can select the niche to start and publish high-quality content to get more and more traffic on your website, in this case, your revenue also increases. publishing a blog website is not complicated, simply buy a domain and host then start your blog.

So, in this article, I will give you the Techbland best blog posts of 2020 that they get traffic through that article. Moreover, I will show you the best blogging idea to start a blog in 2020.

Our Top Best Blog Posts of 2020

The below lists are our best blog in 2020, therefore, I will show you one by one with details. so, you can check our handy posts.

#1: Download MacOS Catalina DMG file

As you know, macOS Catalina 10.15 is the latest version of Mac OS that released by Apple company in 2020, Apple has worked on macOS Catalina and added tons of features like auto dark mode, iPad apps on Mac, SideCar feature (you can make your iPad as a second screen display with help of SideCar feature), So, there are many handy features that MacOS Mojave, macOS High Sierra, and other Mac OS don’t have.

Therefore, you can install macOS Catalina on Hackintosh, Mac Mini, Macbook, Mac Pro, and virtual machines although Virtual machine is the best way to test any beta version before going to install on your host computer. If you want to install MacOS Catalina on Virtual Machines then you will be safe from bugs and errors that macOS Catalina beta version has. Therefore, this is our top blog posts of 2020 that gain more traffic than another article.

#2: Download MacOS Mojave Image File for Virtualbox & Vmware

the second best blog posts in 2020 are downloading macOS Mojave image file for Virtual machines, however, MacOS Mojave is one of the powerful operating systems so far, even, Apple released the new version of Mac OS called MacOS Catalina, still, users prefer MacOS Mojave and they are running Mac OS Mojave till now. so, it’s clear that macOS Mojave is in high demand because of high search volume in google up to now.

So, you can install MacOS Mojave on Hackintosh, Macbook, virtual machines, and other platforms. the installation is quite simple on any system. therefore, give it a shot and get the handy features of MacOS Mojave.

#3: How to Uninstall Applications in MacOS Catalina

Hands down, I have more traffic from MacOS Catalina on different keywords, as I have uploaded various MacOS Catalina articles in 2020 although macOS Catalina is the current update of Apple company, therefore, Mac users are curious to know more about MacOS Catalina features, functions, and other keywords.

The MacOS Catalina beta version has a bit errors like Wifi is not working, email errors, login problems, and some other common errors, then, Apple released the next version of MacOS Catalina and fixed several bugs and added new updates called MacOS Catalina 10.15.2. So, if you are running MacOS Catalina then check this article, in case, you want to delete any applications in MacOS Catalina

#4: How to Mirror iPhone to Samsung TV in 2020

The best keyword that gains more traffic to our web blog is to mirror the iPhone to Samsung TV. people mostly have the issue to mirror their iPhone with their Samsung TV and this is the best information that every iPhone users want to know. Therefore, check the article and connect your iPhone to any Samsung TV version.

#5: Download MacOS Catalina Image File

Take heed, we gain thousands of traffic from MacOS Catalina different keywords, as we have written various articles about MacOS Catalina installation on different platforms, downloading MacOS Catalina DMG, VMDK, and Image File. Moreover, you can find content related to upgrading MacOS Catalina on virtual machines. the reason to publish tons of keywords on macOS Catalina is, this is the current news and update from Apple company and Apple has legions of fans and users, therefore, it is the low-competition keywords with high-volume although it doesn’t have high CPC though you can get a good bit CPC.

#6: Top 5 Free Movie Download Site in 2020

Many people love to stream Bollywood, Hollywood movies as there are tons of amazing Indian movies that thousands of people are watching daily. although, Hollywood movies are the best too. So, we have several websites that allow us to download different language movies. Therefore, if you want to download movies then you can check our below article to get thousands of movies.

#7: How to Download macOS Catalina ISO File

You might think, we are getting much traffic from macOS Catalina keywords, Yes? of course, we have many views on macOS Catalina’s various articles. you know Apple is the top company among thousands of companies and they produce many handy products like this year Apple released macOS Catalina, iPadOS, WatchTV, iPhone 11, and many other useful systems.

Therefore, if you are a blogger then don’t miss the chance to write an article on MacOS Catalina because you can rank your keyword easily within a few weeks even you can rank within a few days.

These are the top blog posts of 2020 that we have published and we are getting much traffic so far although there are some other best blog posts in 2020 and you can check it in Techband.com. Now, I will show you some other blogs that have the best content in 2020, and still, they are best.

Some other Best Blogs of 2020

Business Insider

This blog is the best till now and it was created in 1998, the authors are the experienced one and they ranked many articles on google first page. although they gain thousands of organic traffic. However, they published thousands of articles on different keywords, therefore, you can check its all articles. So, after 2017, the admin continues to grow its business insider across Facebook, Instagram, and blogosphere.


Group work is better than individual work, for example, you have started a new job and you are alone so the same time your friend starts a new job with a group of people But your friend becomes more successful than you. So, the same TechCrunch is a group of the author and they are uploading several articles daily although they ranked many its articles on google and they are getting thousands of traffics. So, you check the website and read its handy articles.


Mashable is a global, multi-platform media and enjoyment company. Powered by way of its very own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to supply for tech, digital lifestyle, and enjoyment content material for its dedicated and influential target market around the globe.

Blog Hubspot

Hubspot is the multi-blog post with having different niche articles. you can find every update and technology content in this blog. However, this blog was founded by B. Halligan and D. Shah in 2006. Hubspot is an inbound selling platform that helps companies attract customers.

Small Business Marketing Ideas

Everyone is curious to know how to earn a good bit of money doing small business. Though there are different ways to earn a penny or to build your business. But, what about if I provide you the best blog post that can help you to start your small business and grow it. However, Expresstext.net has written an article on Small Business Marketing Ideas that can make a difference today. In this article, you will find the best ideas on how to do business and how to grow it.

Some Different Blog Niche

You get our top blog posts and you find the best blogs in 2020. now, you can find various blog niche that you can start your blog now and you can select any niche for your website. if you don’t have the clue then check the below list.

#1: Tech Blog Niche

Well, the new blogger doesn’t have much idea about what niche they should start and write content. as I was confused about what title and keywords I should write. I know you have much information on technology like iOS devices, Android Devices, various Operating systems, and many more. therefore, you can go with Tech blog niche, the good news is, you can rank easily on google the first page because the keyword has low competition with high-volume. remember, always select a long-tail keyword to rank faster.

#2: Health and Fitness Blog

Every single person wants to be fit and healthy even you want to be strong and healthy, therefore, if you have an idea about how to be healthy or how to become strong then you can start your blog. however, some people are going to the Gym, Club and anywhere else though they have tons of ideas about fitness and health. I know doctors have much better ideas on how to remain healthy but they don’t have many ideas on how to do fitness. then you need to ask from sports person to give you the clue about doing exercise.

There are various exercises for different parts of the body, as we have more than 6 parts then each part has its workouts that you must do. So, if you are a sports person or you are studying health then I prefer you to start your blog with Health and Fitness.

#3: Politics Blog

The unmarried topic on most people’s minds on a day by day foundation is politics. Politics tends to stir up ardor approximately as tons as or greater so than any other subject matter. Those who step into the sector of blogging about politics had higher be thick-skinned and able to manage themselves properly when confronted with differing opinions.

These blogs can take an extreme and informative method to the governance of one’s nearby area, the state and/or the sector as a whole, or it is able to take an extra humorous method. There are heaps of niche regions to be introduced into light with a political blog and lots of possibilities to be both a conformist to a selected perspective or a rogue to all of them. Regardless of which method you take, you can count on to have lots of active participation whenever you mission into this arena, and not all of it’ll be complementary, so be prepared to deal with a grievance or don’t start this sort of weblog.

#4: Fashion Blog

The best idea of creating a blog related to fashion, as we have different kinds of fashion like eye fashion, face fashion, dress fashion, and many more. so, if you are good with fashion ideas then go ahead and find various fashion keywords. However, fashion becomes the most important thing in our life no one goes out without fashion including makeup, clothes, etc.

Legions of people are searching daily on google about different fashion keywords, therefore, it is the best chance to rank your website and earn more money. However, the competition might be difficult but be patient and try your best.

#5: Food and Recipe Blogs

Besides other blog niche food and recipes are the best ideas to create your blog, however, food is one of the important parts of our life and most ladies are trying to know different cooking ideas on various food and recipes. you know people like to make testy food and learn more recipes to cook for their families. Therefore, if you have much information about food and recipes then start your blog now.

Never waste your single day on thinking about what niche should I start, simply start your blog, and day by day you will find keywords and ideas of different titles.

#6: Best Website Builders

To start a blog you will need to create a new website and customized it. Creating a website is not as simple as drinking water. It will need web development skills to build your website or you will need to hire a web developer to build a website. So, if you don’t have the clue how to do that, then don’t worry. website builder blog is one of the best blog websites that guides you on how to build a website and many more. This blog is one of the best in 2020 and even it is on the top for 2020.

The website builder will give you the idea of what templates to choose for your blog and how to create web pages. And you will get more extra bonus tips to take your website to the next level. As a result, jump to the link and find your solution.


That’s all about blogging and blog niche. Moreover, you get our top best blog posts in 2020 and I guide you more about best blogs and blogging ideas. So, if you want to start blogging then you have decided well and you will be a success on your way. So, I hope you get our article and if you like our content then please give your positive feedback.

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