How to Hard Reset Oppo F11 Pro Mobile? – Best Methods

In this article, I am going to guide you on How to Hard Reset Oppo F11 Pro Mobile and the interesting thing is here that you will learn four methods to reset your Oppo F11 Pro mobile. However, the user will hard reset their mobile when they face problems with applications or their phone is working too slow and to fix those errors they use to hard reset their phone. Moreover, if you want to unlock Oppo F11 Pro Screen lock, Pin Lock, Pattern lock and password lock then hands down this method are the best ones to do that.

However, you know Oppo f11 is a well-known smartphone nowadays and it is top-ranking and very faster working mobile. As you know Oppo f11 pro release recently in October 2019 and this mobile is Android 9.0(pie). Oppo f11 supported Nano-SIM and Dual SIM, Moreover, the display is LTPS IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen and having 16 M colors display Size.

Well, Oppo f11 pro supported GSM/HSPA/LTE network and Oppo f11 phone has an internal memory of 128GB, 6GB RAM which is the best, and internal memory of 64GB or 4GB RAM CPU Octa-Core, 4*2.1. However, Oppo f11 pro has the best quality camera of 48Mp and 5Mp, and Secondary Camera of 16Mp. Then it has a Non-removable Li-Lion 4000mAh battery. Oppo f11 pro is available in 4 color which is Aurora, green, Thunder, and Black. So the price is 320 EUR, but now I am going to discuss on how to hard reset Oppo F11 Pro mobile. Moreover, if you want to buy an Oppo F11 mobile then you can get it at a good price.

Why do you need to Hard Reset Oppo F11 Pro?

A simple question why do you need to hard reset oppo f11? well, the only answer can be that your Oppo f11 is not working properly or any of application that you installed recently and its not performing well, or maybe after installing APK software in your mobile. So, if you think the apps are not suitable or not perfect for your Oppo f11 because those Apps might slow your mobile performance and it’s not working well. then on the dot, you need to hard reset or factory reset your Oppo f11 pro to fix the problems. So, below are the instruction to hard reset Oppo F11, therefore, read the article or instruction attentively and follow my steps to not face difficulties.

Before Hard Reset Oppo F11

Here, I will tell you what you need before hard reset or factory reset of your Oppo f11 pro, So, follow all the instructions below.

  1. Your Phone should have 80% battery charge
  2. You need to have a backup of all mobile data (Contact No, Images, Videos, etc)
  3. Remove your Gmail ID from your Oppo f11
  4. Original USB data cable
  5. USB driver (Note: if you want to reset your Oppo F11 with PC)

How to Hard Reset Oppo F11

In the first step, you will learn how to Hard reset your Oppo f11 pro, So, here I will guide you all the steps you need but before hard reset remove your SD Card and SIM Card from your mobile otherwise you will lose all your data.

  1. Turn off Oppo f11 pro by pressing the Power button
  2. Then press volume down + power button at a time
  3. When you see Oppo logo on display screen then release all button and touch on the screen
  4. After that, select English oppo recovery
  5. Then Select Wipe data
  6. Now to select wipe data (keep SMS, Contact No, and Image)
  7. afterward, select OK
  8. Now you need to reboot your phone, therefore, select reboot
  9. You are done and you did hard reset successfully to your Oppo f11 mobile

How to factory reset Oppo F11

Now you will learn how to factory reset Oppo f11 and it is the second method to reset Oppo F11. So, before doing the task you need to remove SD Card and SIM Card from your phone to not lose your Contact No and Images.

  1. Turn On your Oppo F11 Pro
  2. Now go to Settings and then go to Aditional Settings
  3. After that, select Back Up and Reset
  4. Here, select factory data reset
  5. then select Erase all content and settings
  6. Here you are done with factory reset

How to Reset your Oppo F11 with miracle tool

The third method and very useful one, well, you will need this method when you forget your Oppo F11 pattern lock or face lock, then at that time, you can reset the lock with this tool. So, see how we can reset the lock with the Miracle tool.

  1. Download the Miracle-free tool from Rar file password is:- Android tricks Box
  2. And also download Oppo F11 USB driver and install it in your PC
  3. then Open miracle free tool
  4. Now turn on Oppo F11 Pro
  5. Then Connect your Oppo F11 with a USB cable to PC
  6. Ok now click on MTK
  7. And then click format and select port
  8. When you see the warning message then press N key from the keyboard
  9. Afterward, click the start button
  10. Here you are done with Miracle tool

How to Soft Reset Oppo F11

This is our last method and here you will learn how to soft reset Oppo F11. Well, sometimes, you have noticed that while using your mobile or working on your mobile then suddenly your Oppo F11 is not working properly or hang. then at that time, you are trying to turn off your mobile but you can’t, So, here press the power button + volume down button for a long time. After that, you see your Oppo F11 Pro turn off then turn on your mobile by pressing the power button. This is the method to soft reset your Oppo f11 and you are done with Soft reset.

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In this article, you learn 4 methods to hard reset Oppo F11 Pro and all the methods are off the hook and very easy. So, try this method and if you get any question then feel free to ask me.

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