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First of all, let’s know what is meant by the employee? Does the employee have the right to take care of his health and family through a health insurance policy? If yes, then what are the real rights and benefits of health insurance for employees.

An employee is a term for workers and managers working for a company, organization, or community. These people are the staff of the organization. Generally speaking, any person hired by an employer to do a particular job is an employee. An individual who provides labor to a company or another person or if you search in a dictionary. Simply you will find the definition of someone, who works for pay and if you look for synonyms for the word employee. The actual synonyms are coke, slave, and servant.

As we have several best Health Insurance for employees that are providing the best quality options to the employees and one of the health insurance is Jubilee Life Insurance. Many of the employees prefer Jubilee Life insurance to the insurer.

What are the terms and conditions of an employee’s health insurance?

Employees health insurance doesn’t matter that you are governmental or employee of any private organization or company. The real matter is what are the policies which give you more benefits as an employee. Let’s know how many of you are a health insurance holder?

Many of you are thinking that we are already provided with the group health insurance by the government, company, organization, or employer. Then, should I take a separate health insurance policy? Of course yes, having separate health insurance is having many benefits. But in this article, I will tell you some three of the reasons why you should take separate health insurance.

Private sectors or organization employees

Generally, a private organization provides five to four lacs of health insurance coverage to employees. In many companies it can be more than this and in many companies it can be less than this insurance amount. But this insurance cover isn’t enough or sufficient for a family and yourself. Especially in very serious and critical illnesses it’s insufficient. And now a day’s everything is very expensive so you must have a separate health insurance for your benefits.


For government employees generally there is no limit to health insurance. But here comes a problem of cash claims and hospital’s network availability is problematic. For example: In any emergency or common day’s railway hospital having free treatment for railway employees. But generally there isn’t any good facility for patients is also a major concern.

And if you go to private hospitals for treatment and you are the employee of the state or center government so the first government won’t provide you the amount you need in case if they provide you again you have to spend from your pocket first and then you can take from the government

And taking the amount of money from the government in emergency cases is not easy it has also many polices to get the amount you spend for treatment this option of reimbursement is very time taking.

Retirement of an employee

Many employees forget what will happen when they leave a company or they are retired. Their body won’t stable as fit as they were before. They may face many diseases like typhoid, asthma, blood pressure, diabetes and etc…. God forbade in case when age grows up, these kinds of common diseases appear in the human body then at that time taking health insurance is difficult and expensive so that’s why taking separate health insurance policy is very good and beneficial.

Which kind of health insurance employees should take?

A normal policy for an employee is not as good as super top-up plans, which are considered to be most suitable for employees.

What is super top-up plans?

A super top-up plan is like water in a health insurance policy. Normal or group health insurance policy cover to some insured plans while the super top-up plans cover the additional more than some insured plans for any kind of employee. For example: your insurance company has provided you five lacs insurance cover now you can apply a supper top-up plan whose range can be up to ten lakhs, fifteen, twenty, or thirty lakhs. So it means if you got a claim of 10 lakhs so the first 5 lacs claim your company will pay and the other 5 lakhs your super top-up plans will pay.

How many types of “TOP UP PLANS”?

We have two types of Top-up plans and the first one is top-up plans and the second one is super top-up plans.

Differences between these two plans

Let’s find the differences with an example: a man having 5 lakhs from the health insurance company. And he has bought an additional> top-up plan or super top-up plan of 5 lakhs. Now he got 8 lakhs claims first 5 lakhs he got from his company and the other 3 lacs his super top-up plans or top-up plans paid.

2nd example: the same man but his 8 lakhs claim come twice. His 1st three lakhs claim he bought himself and other five lakhs his wife bought now how they will settle their claim. First 5 lakhs his company will pay, 3 lacs were his expenditure and 2 lacs was his wife expenditure. How to get the more three lacs? Here now your top-up plan is not activated while your three lacs will be paid by activating super top-up plans. So that’s why we always say buy super top-up plan instead of top-up plan.


  1. These plans are very cheap, having a low premium and the expenditure is also normal. You can get a normal plan in 300 which is very cheap then a normal policy and very cheap in critical illness.
  2. This is having another benefit. All diseases are covered. In critical illness plan thirty-five to forty diseases are covered that mostly adds, cancer, typhoid these kinds of diseases are covered. While in super top-up plans any type of hospitalization, doctors’ fees, medical fees, and medicines all are being covered.
  3. This benefit is very big like after four years you can convert to base policy. In case if you left the company or you got the retirement then you can convert this super top-up plan to base policy. So till that time if you got any kind of illness. You can get rid of that illness and be treated in hospital because you have converted the policy to base policy, that’s why you won’t get any additional expenditure. There are many companies, organizations that provide the best policies for employees.

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So I hope you all have decided which plans you have to purchase that cost you more. Well, it’s not so simple. Sometimes you pay money towards your health care and sometimes the insurance company pays money but when to figure out it all is up to you because while purchasing for having the best health insurance policy.

You have to be fully focused to have a healthy and secure future, make a plan that gives you a fruitful future, and your family also gets the benefit. A healthy employee is a happy employee. And to have a happy planning and happy family create a health insurance plan.

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