Which Health Insurance is Best for 2020?

Health insurance: Prevents you and your family from suffering a financial loss. As a result of an accident, illness, or disability. Provides an income when you are disabled or in hospital. Or covers the cost of your medical or nursing care and an arrangement by which a company. Or the state undertakes to provide a guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, or death in return for payment of a specified premium. Therefore, in this article, you will know which health insurance is best for 2020.

Are you worried about getting ill? That how you will pay the hospital bills, doctors’ fees, and other expenditures of medicine. So here my article will explain and help you to find a good and beneficial health insurance for you and your beloved family.

First of all, let’s know how many types of health insurance we have and which one you have to select for yourself.

  1. Accidental cover
  2. Critical illness
  3. medical

Accidental Cover

Incase got forbade you got a horrible accident, you got the internal injury and you can’t attend your office. Don’t worry here is the best option for health insurance (accidental cover). That covers a monthly or lamp amount that covers your hospital charges and other important works.

The accident insurance premium is of very short time and we can get more benefits from this. Although many people select life insurance though it is taken in that situation. When your death or when you are supposed to die and your family should be safe and healthy and the life insurance pays them. But in case you got a deep injury and you can’t go to work, office and you lay on a bed or you are passing from disabilities so in that situation accident insurance is best that gives you financial help as well to support your family.

Critical Illness

It is a kind of insurance that you have taken 25 lacs for your treatment cover but in this amount some serious illness is being covered like; cancer, heart attack, tumor, typhoid. As we all know there are different kind of diseases but got forbade from that twenty-five or twenty-four diseases you are involved in then the insurance company won’t see that you can effort or how much expenses you got because you have already taken 25 lacs for your treatment or Critical illness covers.

If the doctors or hospitals examine that you got this illness then they will directly give you 25 lacs and with that money, you can assist your family. Taking the critical illness insurance policy is good because you are not supposed to prove the hospital’s bills or other expenses, just the prove of diagnosing is enough for all.

Pure health insurance or medical

It is a supporting way to manage hospital fees, doctors fees, and medicines. If you are taking five lacs of medical. In case you are admitted to the hospital for more than a day. In that hospitalization the expenses that occur and the expenses of the medicines, all will be covered by medical and you must take this for your hospital expenses.

Many people are confused about health insurance how to choose and what to choose. In my article I will guide you that before choosing health insurance what things you have to note.

1: Pre & post hospitalization

Pre and post-hospitalization covers how many days spent in the hospital?. However, Pre and post mean if you are admitted to a hospital on 1st January but the medical expenditure which is done before and after this date how this policy covers all. Usually the best policy is to cover at least 30 days of hospitalization expenses before and 90 to 120 days after hospitalization expenses, just because it covers your three to four-month illness expenses so have a look at pre & post-hospitalization expenses.

2: Premium

We have always heard of policy Bazar and other websites that cover 5 to 4 lacs you want to choose. there are different and separate insurance company premiums. Mostly there are many differences in premium so you can save your money through premium.

3: Bed OR Per Day Room Charges

First you have to check that the policy can provide you single private room expenses allowance or no. Usually policies are like this, we give all the charges of the room when we are booking two sharing rooms, a general ward, or a triple sharing room.

If you are taking a private room then you won’t give the charges or dues of the room. It’s not about a private room but fortunately the rooms that are mush clean and tidy. Doctors mostly pay attention to the single room then general wards. So while checking the policy do check about single room charges that cover 4 to 5000 rupees.

4: Claim Settlement

In any situation, if you asked for a claim from any insurance company that you are admitted to hospital and this is the expenditure. So how much you are sure or have the chance that the company will give you money. So here I will share some companies claim settlement that provides the best claim.

Give priority to those companies whose claims settlement is good. This means that they invest and give claims to the insurers, mostly we see the premium policy of companies for claim settlement. But at the time of need they won’t give money so in this case taking the less premium policy is useless.

5: TIE-UPS with Hospital

It means the policy or insurance company you have been the insurer has the tie-up nearer to your home good hospitals or no. Different companies have tie-up with different hospitals. For example, you are ill and check the hospital, you are admitted to have a tie-up with your insurance company or not. If the hospital wasn’t tie-up with your insurance company.

Then the claim process will be much difficult. First, you have to spend from your pocket after a visit to your insurance company for further process. Then this process takes 3 to 4 months to overcome then here you will face cash problems. So, that’s why its compulsory to check that the policy you are taking has tie-up nearer to your home hospital or city. If you get to know this then you won’t spend any penny from your pocket all expenses the insurance company will effort.

6: IN-House Claim Settlement

this is the most important one that checkout if your company’s claim settlement is not dependent on third party administration. Some insurance companies are like this, they have opened the company but when insurers are going for claiming that you are real existing for documents and hospitalization research. Then they transfer that to another company though he/she isn’t the employee of the insurance company.

So, this professional agency researching that these claims are real or not is called third-party administration. Casually these companies irritate the customers in making reports. So, in this situation find and select a good insurance company. That they sell also for searching the claims that are right or wrong goes themselves. And don’t give it to the other companies. This is called in-house claims settlement so select a company that has its in-house claim settlement.

It’s important to know while taking the policy many online companies only connect with you through call and help you in fulfilling the foam with a short and hurry time. Because their interest is to sell the policy after will you receive a claim or not it’s not their tension. Because they received the money, they sold the policy so put your full attention, while taking policy never do hurry.

7: Existing Diseases

While filling the policy foam they will ask what diseases you had before. So, tell the correct and true answers the diseases you had or have like this your premium will get up. But from this your claim guarantee would be confirmed. Many times it happens online filling the foam we forget to say or in a hurry, they forget to write. After when we get ill and visit to the hospital. Then, they check the medical history that this disease was present or no. That we haven’t said to our insurance company. So we won’t make a claim. Saving the little benefit of premium and doing in a hurry to make the work easy don’t forget to disclose about the disease.

Now it’s up to you which insurance is best for you to select. There is not a clear answer. Like being a ritual fund or life insurance I will directly recommend a policy. But there is no clear answer for medical insurance because it’s depended on you like; where you live? Which city do you live in? Which insurance companies are tie-up with your hospitals?

But shortly I will recommend you some good insurance companies in Pakistan:

  1. East-west life assurance company
  2. IGI insurance limited
  3. EFU life assurance LTD
  4. New jubilee life insurance company limited
  5. State life insurance corporation of Pakistan

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I hope you get all the ideas on which health insurance is best for 2020 for every person. Whether students, workers, or anyone can be. Finally, I have a question, have you insured yourself to any health insurance company? Answer my question in the comment section and let me know about yourself.

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