10 Magnetic Car Phone Holder with Wireless Charging in 2021

Truth be told, driving is the best time to charge your smartphone especially when going for a trip, or having a power shortage in your home. However, plugging and unplugging your device while driving is another pain or stress, and can deflect your attention from the road.

Fortunately, the massive advancement in technology has tended to put an end to this cord car charging. The Evolution of a smart magnetic car phone holder with wireless charging is a more convenient and fast charging alternative. Apart from being stable in your car, they also fit inside your home or office. To save stress, all you’ve to do is to mount your phone on this magnetic wireless charger, and your phone automatically starts charging. Most of them come with an amazingly sleek design that’ll add more beauty to your car interior.

When going for your desired wireless magnetic car charger, a lot of genuine and knock-off products fill the market today. I know you won’t like to fall a victim to one of the inferior ones. Amazingly, we’ve done our research and bring out ten Magnetic car phone holder with wireless charging (2021) that’ll suit your phone’s size so far they’re compatible with the Qi device. To serve you better and save you from being a victim of inferior products, you can order your desired phone cramp charger through our Amazon’s web seller. If you’re using an Oi-enabled smartphone, here’s a list of ten best wireless magnetic car phone charger that’ll give you accurate service, and a long life span.

1: iOttie Auto Sense Wireless Car Charger

Magnetic Car Phone Holder with Wireless Charging
iOttie Auto Sense Wireless Car Charger

iOttie after many years of trial, finally bring out an auto-sense wireless car charger alongside a phone clamp. Nevertheless, this is one of the best car chargers you’ll ever come across. The iOttie automatic wireless car charger is available in both mount and vent clip version. The sleek designed charger features a telescoping arm, alongside a comfortable suction cup. Amazingly, the iOttie is compatible with most smartphones. When it comes to fast charging, the auto-sense charger gets 7.5-watt for an iOS and 10-watt for Android devices.

Other features include a dual USB adapter which is versatile and compatible with supported devices. However, the attached USB is Micro and not USB-C. Overall, the iOttie wireless charger is a must-have for every car owner.

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2: ZeeHoo Wireless Car Charger

Best Car Phone Holder in 2020
ZeeHoo Phone Holder

ZeeHoo wireless car charger, though it’s not popular. But has the whole features required of a quality wireless car charger. ZeeHoo really wants to show their worth by including an auto clamp, a USB-C port, a suction cup, and 10-watt for Android devices, while capping 7.5-watt for iOs devices. Though it’s not as glibly built as the iOttie wireless charger. However, it manages a USB-C port connection.

This wireless car charger recently it’s taking over the market with its auto sensitive telescopic arm. The included telescopic arm is one of the primary features you’ve to look for when going for your car’s wireless charger. The telescopic arm smartly gripes your smartphone, making you not to fear your expensive device falling apart from its grip.

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3: iOttie iTap 2 Wireless

Magnetic Car Holder for 2020
iOttie iTap 2 Wireless

In terms of a more discreet-looking wireless charger, the iOttie iTap 2 is the best option for you. The iTap 2 wireless charger is available in an air vent, CD slot, and car mount versions. The amazing feature is the air vent clip mechanism which keeps the iTap 2 charger securely connected to the air vent. However, for your device to work on a magnetic car mount, you either attach a metallic casing, or you insert one of the included slim metal plates on the back of your smartphone. If you’re a type that hates the metallic plate being on your device, you can attach your phone case to give your device that sexy look you wanted it to have.

The iOttie iTap 2 car mount features a dual USB charger which includes a USB port for external device charging. Unfortunately, the included connectivity is a Micro USB  and not USB-C, unlike the ZeeHoo car charger. The car mount is very compatible with small phones like iPhone 11 pro, but those with larger devices like Samsung Galaxy Note 10 can go for other wireless car chargers on our list.

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4: LOJIA 15W Fast QI Wireless Car Charger Mount

Megnatic Car Phone Holder with Wireless Charging

The LOJIA 15W fast charger features an automatic opening and closing clamp which securely grips your device. To let you drive comfortably, all you’ve to do is to attach your smartphone using one hand while still concentrating on the road. Above all, the 15-watt charger is the best option when looking for a wireless fast car mount.

In the case of Samsung and iOS devices, you don’t need to remove your phone’s case for charging. The included air vents and windscreen features allow you to automatically connect your device for a fast charging operation. This is a better alternative for the iOttie iTap 2 car charger as you’ve to charge your large devices wirelessly using this LOJIA car charger. And for better connectivity, you get a clip air vent, mount, and USB-C charging cable.

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5: Kenu Airframe Wireless Car Charger

Best Wireless Car Phone Holder
Kenu Airframe Wireless Phone Holder

The Kenu is widely known for its pricey, quality phone accessories, and this top-notch quality car charger is no different. Apart from being packed with numerous features, it’s also a reliable and more portable car charger. For better connectivity, the wireless charger works optimally with a device less than 3mm thick. Fast charging is just a piece of cake with this device, just mount your phone, then continue your journey, before you know it, you’ve got a 100% smartphone.

If you own a Wireless compatible device like Samsung and iOS, charging won’t be a problem for you as you’ve to enjoy a more seamless fast charging. The 360-degree enabled feature allows you to turn your phone vertically or horizontally. While using this Kenu Airframe wireless car charger, you got to enjoy a video call operation, GPS, and a responsive face ID on the go.

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6: SCOSCHE VQ2M VentMount  Wireless Charger

Car Phone Holder Megnatic
SCOSCHE VQ2M VentMount  Wireless Charger

This minimalistic wonderful sleek design wireless car charger can be used on any iQ enabled smartphone. More to say, you’ll enjoy seamless fast charging on your Samsung or iPhone devices. It’s amazing sleek design not only adds more beauty to your car interior but also allows for ceaseless airflow from your air conditioner outlet. By using this Scosche mount charger, you’re guaranteed of constricted and secure phone grapple.

Mounting your device is very fast. All you’ve to do is to lock or unlock the button to mount or remove your phone/GPS device. You can mount compatible devices that don’t exceed 3.5-inch. Whether you’re looking for a landscape or portrait position, the VQ2M 360-degree orientation feature got you covered. Amazingly, you can set the neck of the device for closer phone operation.

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7: AHK Wireless Car Charger

AHK Car Phone Holder for Drivers
AHK Wireless Car Charger

The new AHK wireless car charger is the best all in one wireless fast charger. With a wireless and hands-free mobile device operation, this charger allows you to get direction, charge your phone, and make phone calls while still driving. The charger features adjustable 360-degree orientation flexibility which allows you to turn your device horizontally or vertically.

The automatic opening and closing clamp allow you to mount your device using one hand. This makes it easier and safer for you as you got to charge your device using one hand while still concentrating on the road. By using this phone charger, you don’t have to remove your phone’s case as this device is compatible with all iQ-enabled devices that are between 60-80mm width. The 100% fast charger can charge at 7.5W for iOS devices, and 10W for Android devices.

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8: VANMASS 15W Universal Car charger

VANMASS 15W universal Holder
VANMASS 15W Universal Car charger

When going for the best magnetic car phone wireless charger, a lot of considerations have to be put in place. The 15W phone charger offers a one-hand user control feature which enables you to connect your phone while still driving. The silicon pad holds your smartphone phone firmly, which makes you not worry about the phone falling apart.

Above all, the Vanmasss 15W wireless charger is compatible with lots of mobile devices. You charge your Motorola, Huawei, iPhone, and Samsung devices. With the built-in battery, you can comfortably remove your smartphone even when the car is shut down without going through the stress of starting your engine again. However, when your phone’s GPS navigation is turned on, the charging speed will decrease because the power intake might surpass the charging speed.

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9: Peteme Automatic wireless car charger

Peteme Automatice Holder for Driver
Peteme Automatic

In terms of cheap, sleek, comfortable wireless car charger, nothing beats the Peteme 10W fast charger. The device boasts of automatic clamping which grips the compatible smartphone for fast charging. When unsupported devices are inserted, the two clips automatically hold the phone, then use it as a phone holder. To remove your smartphone, all you’ve to do is to touch the sensitive area using one hand.

The adjustable 360-degree rotation allows for optimal viewing which makes it easy to use your GPS, or make phone calls. The Peteme car charger also features an air vent clip, a Micro USB cord, and a dashboard mount. Above all, the Peteme automatic car charger is the best cheapest car charger you can buy for just $22.

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10: DM 10W wireless car charger

DM 10W Wireless Charger
DM 10W Wireless Car Holder

If you’re looking for a wonderful design wireless car charger that won’t be difficult to install, the DM 10W wireless charger can do the job well for you. The built-in battery allows you to easily remove your phone even when the car engine is turned off (NB. The battery doesn’t charge the phone). The body is made from high-quality aluminum alloy, thick silicon pad, and anti-vibration. The design adds more built to your car’s interior decorations.

Above all, the DM wireless charger is compatible with all kinds of mobile devices less than 6.5-inch without removing your phone’s case. The attached blue LED light indicates that your phone is charging perfectly while when the light is off signals poor charging or inappropriate connection. Inside the pack, you’ll find a USB-C cable, a user guide manual, and 1 car phone holder.

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Reasons Why You Need One of the Best Magnetic Car Phone Holder with Wireless Charging 2021

To begin with, each one of us knows the dangers of pressing your smartphone while driving. Unfortunately, most of us need our phone services when driving. Important things like navigating your map, taking phone calls, listening to music, etc have to be done when driving a car. To help save us from unwanted accidents, the inventory of a magnetic wireless car phone charger tends to put a stop to all these disasters. The evolution of the cell phone mount helps to keep you concentrated on the road while driving. Here are some of the benefits of a magnetic wireless car phone charger.


The foremost reason why you need one of the best magnetic wireless phone chargers is you don’t have to deal with the stress of inserting cables again. It gives you more time to concentrate on your driving by just dropping your phone on the magnetic clamp, then your phone automatically starts charging. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about forgetting your card or where to charge your smartphone as you just have to charge all your mobile phones while driving. The most important aspect of this wireless charger is that you’ll have a 100% battery life even before reaching your destination.

Numerous Device Charging

Today, many of us have more than two smartphones. Usually, most of them use the same chargers – there can be a difference when Android and iOS devices are involved. Amazingly, having one of the best magnetic wireless car chargers would do the job of charging your smartphone simultaneously. By having one of the best car phone chargers, you won’t need additional cables or an adapter in your car.


One of the reasons why you should buy the best magnetic wireless car phone charger is that it can consolidate almost all cell phone types, no matter their size, shape, or charging port. So if you’re a type that has both iOS and Android cell phones, you won’t have to worry about their different charging cables as you’ve to charge the two of them using this magnetic wireless car charger.

No Wear and Tear

Many of us use to answer calls, navigate through maps, take video calls, etc while driving. This all is possible through a magnetic wireless car charger. With one of these devices, you’ll concentrate on the road while still charging, taking calls, or navigating through the road maps.

Are Magnetic Mounts Safe for Your SmartPhone?

The Evolution of magnetic mounts has been exceptionally useful since it’s innovation. From its humble origin as a compass used to show you directions so you won’t get lost to the incredible car charging mount it’s today. Usually produced with neodymium magnets, magnetic phone clamps are always reliable and easy to use. Since their evolution is spreading like wide fire, many things are stopping people from buying one of the best wireless magnetic car phone charger.

A lot of speculations and concerns have risen since the inventory of this smart wireless charging device. People are worried whether this device is slowly damaging their expensive smartphones. Amazingly, we’re here to clear your doubts and fears. Magnetic wireless chargers are safe to use, and you’re guaranteed your smartphone’s safety while using the device. Contrary to what people believe, here are some of the most common speculations about this magnetic wireless car charger that you don’t have to worry about.


Do you remember the long culture of creating psychedelic colors on your phone or other electronic devices by just swiping magnetic elements in front of their screens? Old televisions, desktop computers, phones, etc are all allergic to magnetic disruptions. Recently, the introduction of IPS LCD, OLED, and AMOLED on smartphones and televisions. Today really put an end to this magnetic interference. Modern devices and electronics no longer rely on magnetic fields to operate. This simply implies that magnets no longer disrupt the activities of smartphones and other electronic devices like they once did.


Your images, files, data, etc are safe why using this wireless car charger. You don’t have to worry about losing your numerous apps and files. This is because modern smartphones now possess storage clips for memory, then the old use of hard drives.

Battery Drainage

Modern smartphones usually have Li-ion batteries where charging is made through chemical reactions. Many users complain of experiencing a lower battery percentage after using a wireless magnetic car charger. This is caused by the use of navigation while charging – as we all know, GPS application makes use of lots of energy.

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The Car Phone Wireless holder is one of the important things for the driver while having a long trip. During driving, you might have a phone call, messages, listening to music, and something else. So, the magnetic car phone holder with wireless charging will help you to charge your mobile. Therefore, this article has provided you the 10 magnetic car phone holder with wireless charging for 2021.

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