Top 11 Best Android Apps In 2019 – Get Know

This is 2019 year and there are many new and best android apps in 2019 for you. although you want to know about new apps and want to use it but you don’t have a clue which one is best for your android phone. as you know there are many best android apps in the Google Play Store, so if you want to know about best android apps list then I am here to let you know about Top 11 Best Android Apps In 2019. these apps are second to none and mostly prefer by thousands of users so why not you, let’s get know about best android apps and give it a shot I am sure you will like it.

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Top 11 Best Android Apps In 2019

In this article, I am going to tell you all about the top 11 best android apps in 2019. therefore you want to use new and best android apps in this year so the apps that I am going to tell you is off the hook, and you can get it from Google Play Store. I know you are in a frenzy so let’s start. 


Wicked, controversial, but every heartbreak’s sweetheart: Xnspy is an app that’s not discussed and cherished in public but, it’s an app for the truth-seekers. It’s an app that tells if your partner is humping behind your back or if your child is wanking, watching porn. Love it or hate, Xnspy is one bold app that beholds no secrets. So, if you like sharing multiple beds, beware, Xnspy is watching you and so is your spouse! 

2. Typing Hero

it is the time to say goodbye to copy and paste. typing hero allows you to set a keyword for the text you frequently type for example. “gd” for “good morning dear friends had a ball” so each time you type “gd” then it replaced with  “good morning dear friends had a ball”. afterward allows typing hero apps on your android mobile after that apply the keyword to any app and see the result whether it is working or no. 


Typing Hero works on most apps, but will not work on apps that use non-standard input component. Known list of app that Typing Hero does not work on is accessible at.

Typing Hero App
Typing Hero App

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3. Hexshaders app

this is one of my favorites application. now I love using my android phone because with this app you can set animated wallpaper on your home screen and lock screen. besides that, the application contains over 15 shader programs, and you can choose a program and customize detail level and animation speed. so from now go to play store and install it on your android phone, although it is free.

hexshader app
Hexshader App

4. Otter Voice Notes App

this is one of the best android apps in 2019 with this app you can create notes voice, for example, whatever you are saying to the record so by default it will make the note for you. go to play store and install the app after that login with your Gmail account and allow it on your android phone, it is free and handy. besides that, It helps business people, journalists, and students are more focused, collaborative, and efficient in meetings, interviews, lectures, and other important conversations.

Otter Voice Notes App
Otter Voice Notes App

5. Drops App

if you know less language and you are looking for learning lots of languages so you can do it with drops app. In here you can learn 31 languages, each language have course and tutorial where it will guide you step by step. you can get it in play store and it’s free to install. start from now and set a goal to learn many languages with drops app.

drops app
Drops App

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6. Photo time App

this app is the best weather app in 2019 if you don’t know about whether or you have no idea when the sunrise will raise and sunset so this app helps you to get know about weather detail. besides that, you can set your location and this app gives you all detail about the weather. so don’t miss photo time app go to play store now and install it free.


7. Go To Sleep App

One other best app that I bring for you is about to Go To Sleep App. this app is good for those who never sleep on time because you know sleeping on time is the most important part of our life. like when you get caught up in the moment and you will lose track of time even you don’t know it is the time to sleep because you are hectic so, on that time this app help you to give an alert. go to play store and install it free after that set your sleeping time and it will aware you every night.


Go To Sleep App
Go To Sleep App

8. Bottom Quick Setting

Do you find the quick settings panel hard to reach with one hand at the top of the screen?
Don’t like shuffling your hand up each time? so, Bottom Quick Settings allows you to drag a quick setting panel up from the bottom of the screen and toggle settings like WiFi, Bluetooth, Flash and many more including adding shortcuts to apps and websites in the panel too! so this app is free and available in play store.

Bottom Quick Settings
Bottom Quick Settings

9. dr.fone – Recovery & Transfer wirelessly & Backup

this app is one of the most useful apps in 2019. like when you want to transfer your files wirelessly then you can do it with the dr.fone app. you don’t need the USB cable, network sharing and lots of other ways that you can transfer your files but when you want to transfer wirelessly then use this app. just you need to download it from play store and install it free, afterward open it and choose the option whether you want to send the file or receive the file. here is the link which guides you deeply about the dr.fone app. Transfer files with the dr.fone app – wirelessly

dr.fone app
The dr.fone App

10. MaterializedHome for KLWP

this app is not free you have to buy it and besides that, this app is awesome most users give positive feedback to this application. as it is like wallpaper and each wallpaper have a unique task like one of the wallpaper shows you the weather and other wallpaper shows you music and many more. this app becomes my favorite app and I am using it till now.

 MaterializedHome for KLWP
MaterializedHome for KLWP

11. Moment Camera App

this app is now across both photo and video including RAW and full manual controls to easily adjust exposure, ISO, shutter speed, focus, white balance, image format, as well as Moment Anamorphic lens support. this camera app is better ever now leave default camera and start using Moment camera app for taking high-quality picture and video. one thing else, this app is not free you have to buy it.

moment camera app
Moment Camera App

In conclusion

this post let you know all about the top 11 best android apps in 2019. and these apps are off the hook and mostly preferred by the user, so leave using old application and start from now using these new and best apps. so read it deeply and once give a try if you get any question then feel free to ask me.

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