Best Printers for macOS Big Sur & Catalina in 2021 – Pick Up Now

If you’re looking for the best compatible printers for your macOS Big Sur computers, you’ve come to the veracious website. Irrespective of the Mac you’ve, be it MacBook, or traditional Mac computers, you’ll find the best compatible printers that’ll suit your system. To make buying your desired macOS Big Sur printer easily, we’ve included a variety of products alongside an Amazon insight web seller.

In June 2020, Apple released the latest version of macOS known as Big Sur (macOS 11). The latest operating system will feature major upgraded specs including Safari Web browser, and updated Messages and Maps apps. Those using the older operating system can try the new version by downloading the latest macOS Big Sur public beta. Getting the best Printers for your macOS Big Sur computers guarantees that you can easily connect your Apple computers either through direct or wireless connections.

Choosing the correct printers is very important to macOS Big Sur users. Recently produced printers are Mac compatible, but most of them work best on Windows PCs. The clear differentiation lies in the driver software’s power which might be contrary to Mac and Windows PCs. So when buying printers for your PCs, don’t just buy any available product, make sure to buy a printer compatible with your macOS Big Sur computer. Of course, macOS computers has always been known for top-notch graphics and video editing features. So many macOS computer users prefer going for specially designed macOS Big Sur printers for their photographic and printing works.

Getting the best compatible printers for your macOS Big Sur & Catalina computers ensures you can easily link your Apple devices. Not all macOS Big Sur printers are of high quality. Many of them will break down or develop mechanical issues upon a few months of purchase. Before going for one, a lot of care and consideration has to take place. But the good news now is that our Big Sur best printers review got you covered.

Our top 15 best printers for macOS Big Sur and Catalina are of superior quality and the best products available in the market today. You won’t have to worry about where to buy one as you can order your desired Big Sur printers through our Amazon’s web seller. On the next subheading below is a list of our top 15 best macOS Big Sur printers currently available for your Apple PCs, and smartphone devices.

#1: Epson Expression Premium XP-6100

Best Printers for macOS Big Sur in 2020
Epson Expression Premium XP-6100


Weight: 12.1kG | Speed: 23PPM | Printer Category: 3-in-1 color inkjet printer | Paper Capacity: 500 | Paper size: Up to A4

Epson has proven to be top-notch when it comes to compact sleek printer design. They have shrunk this 3-in-1 shoebox square printer while still retaining the basic quality features required of a printer. Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi, and Airprint make the connection between your macOS Big Sur device and the XP-6100 easy without the need for USB nor Ethernet cables.

Apart from its wireless connection, it also offers automatic duplex printing services, a USB slot, and an SD card storage slot on its variety of media spaces. You can print up to 500 A4 papers all at once while using this Epson printing machinery. Although it lacks a touch screen control, But that won’t be a problem as you can easily use the buttons and printout your office documents and files, especially when it comes to excellent photo printouts.

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#2: Canon Pixma G5050

The Top Affordable Printer for macOS Big Sur
Canon Pixma G5050


Weight: 6.5kG | Speed: 13PPM | Printer Category: 3-in-1 color inkjet printer | Paper Capacity: 250 | Paper size: Up to A4

This Canon’s 3-in-1 inkjet printer is very costly but would save a lot of inks for you while printing. The cost-effective Pixma G5050 slashes you per-page ink cost to the lowest minimum while still delivering high-quality black and white printouts. Canon deliberately included more than enough ink for 6,000 black and white pages, alongside 7,700 colors, thus the reason for the hefty price tag.

Although the Canon Pixel G5050 prints slowly, with a 350 paper capacity (250 in the main tray, while 100 in the extra tray), it can yield a high number of printouts at once. It comes with Wi-Fi, an auto-duplex mode, which can be easily connected to compatible macOS Big Sur and Android devices, without requiring any expertise experience.

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#3: HP Color Laser 150NW

Best Printer for Mac
HP Color Laser 150NW


Weight: 10kG | Speed: 18PPM | Printer Category: Color Laser printer | Paper Capacity: 150 | Paper size: Up to A4

This color laser 150nw printer is specifically designed for those on a low budget, while still lacking some basic designs and features. However, there’s no USB port on the front side, LCD, and no automatic printing on both paper sides. The interesting aspect of this HP printer is that you don’t need any auto-duplex service when printing on plain A4 papers.

This cheap, basic compact printer, while being a laser, can easily undersell the running costs of inkjet printers. With Wi-Fi and Airprint built-in connections, you can easily connect to your macOS Big Sur and Android devices. The 150nw is one of the few printers that come with a USB cable connection.

#4: Brother HL-L2300D

Best Brother Printers for macOS Big Sur
Brother HL-L2300D


Weight: 15P | Speed: 27PPM | Printer Category: Monochrome Laser printer | Paper Capacity: 250 | Paper size: Up to A4

The Brother HL-L2300D is a Monochrome, low budget, compact printer which weighs just 15 pounds and can easily be placed on a desk. When it comes to paper handling, the HL-L2300D can handle up to 250 papers on a one-sheet feed. Apart from that, it also features an inbuilt automatic duplex for two-sided printing services.

The Brother HL-L2300D is the best when it comes to quality text printing, but not the best when it comes to pages that contain inside photos. However, low-quality photos can be printed at ease on this HL-L2300D. It possesses a printing speed of 27 pages-per-print (PPM), which is fair enough for average office works. The Brother HL-L2300D can be best utilized as a personal printer, be it for home or office purposes. You can connect your macOS Big Sur device through a USB cable connection.

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#5: Canon Selphy CP1300

Canon Portable Printer in 2020
Canon Selphy CP1300


Weight: 1.9P | Speed: 1.3PPM | Printer Category: Photo printer | Paper Capacity: N/A | Paper size: Up to A4

The Canon Selphy CP1300 is a tiny, wireless photo compact photo printer. Apart from having some numerous, special upgraded features than it’s predecessor, it also graces a top spot on our 15 best MacOs Big Sur compatible printers. Among the numerous added features include a large screen LCD display on top of it, an upgraded user interface and search bar, and an added Wi-Fi connection to interact with friends. The Canon’s photo printer retains its predecessor’s compact portable feature, alongside an assortment of connection options, and high-quality photo printouts.

Additional benefits of the Canon’s Selphy CP1300 include an added SD card slot, alongside a USB port for direct photo printouts from compatible Mac devices. You can easily connect your macOS Big Sur’s iPad or iPhone with ease.

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#6: HP Envy Photo 7855

Best Printers for macOS Big Sur
HP Envy Photo 7855


Weight: 16.7P | Speed: 15PPM Black / 10PPM color | Printer Category: Monochrome Laser printer | Paper Capacity: 125 | Paper size: Up to A4

When searching for a compact photo printer with varieties of step-up options, the HP Envy Photo 7855 will give you excess of your desired service. The HP photo printer features a wide range of connectivity controls for your perfect photo-centric printouts. The improved speed and photo quality are nothing compared to.

The 3.5-inch touchscreen is positioned in the front panel of the printer. It can print out 125 sheets on a 15PPM for black, and 10PPM for colored printings. You can fax, print, copy and scan from a USB drive, or inserted SD card. Connectivity options include Ethernet, USB, and Wi-Fi for compatible devices.

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#7: Brother HL-L2390DW

Brother HL Compatible Printer for Mac
Brother HL-L2390DW


Weight: 22.7P | Speed: 32PPM | Printer Category: Monochrome Laser printer | Paper Capacity: 250 | Paper size: Up to A4

The Brother HL-L2390DW is a top-notch quality monochrome laser all-in-one compact printer, specifically designed for home, and small office works. It has a lower price tag than most models of its competitors. Although the Brother HL-L2390DW is not the best when it comes to the fastest monochrome laser printers, it still delivers at a low-budget running cost. Despite the fact that some of these laser AIOs are bulky, big, and require a large amount of space, that’s not the case with this HL printer.

Typically, the HL consists of 251 paper capacity (250 main plates, and 1 override slot) running at 32PPM. In addition, the 2.7-inch display which is surrounded by some buttons serves as an option for input configuration, and connection settings. Although the HP doesn’t support Ethernet connection, and USB thumb drives, it does support Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi direct. Brother provides this entry-level printer with its own mobile connectivity such as iPrint and scans mobile apps.

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#8: Canon Pixma MG3620

Canon Pixma Printer for Mac
Canon Pixma MG3620


Weight: 11.9P | Speed: 9.9PPM Black/5.7PPM color | Printer Category: Inkjet printer | Paper Capacity: N/A | Paper size: Up to A4

When searching for a colorful, inkjet, fast scanning printer, the Canon Pixma MG3620 is a bare-bone wireless compact device that will deliver high-image quality printouts for you. On top of the printer, you’ll find an attached LCD control panel for running certain device operations. Although there’s no ADF, Canon however attached a duplexer for two-sided printing services, which performs most tasks at average running speeds.

Apart from delivering high-quality printouts, the MG3620 makes use of dye and pigment ink. Because of this, dye inks deliver vibrant color printouts, while the pigment ink creates heavier and sharper texts. The inbuilt wireless connection allows you to print from anywhere around your home while using the compatible device. The printout results are excellent, accurate, and comes with rich and sharp color results.

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#9: HP OfficeJet Pro 6978

Best Printers for MacOS Big Sur
HP OfficeJet Pro 6978


Weight: 17.9P | Speed: 32PPM | Printer Category: Inkjet printer | Paper Capacity: 250 | Paper size: Up to A4

A high-quality printout service, coupled with high printing speeds, alongside low running cost makes the HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 the best when it comes to low volume printing at home and small offices/workshops. It offers a variety of quality features including an auto-duplex ADF, quality texts, graphics, and photo printouts. The  9 x 18.3 x 15.4-inch printer can fit perfectly anywhere it’s placed.

The 6978 paper capacity comprises of a single 250-sheets tray. Among its numerous connectivity options include Wi-Fi and Ethernet slots. You can connect your macOS Big Sur devices through USB, and wireless direct. Other connectivity alternatives include Mopria, Airprint, and HP’s built-in print. Overall, the HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 prints your documents well, while still delivering high-quality sharp color printouts.

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#10: Canon ImageClass MF269dw

Best Printer for Macbook Air
Canon ImageClass MF269dw


Weight: 27.3P | Speed: 30PPM | Printer Category: Monochrome Laser printer | Paper Capacity: 250 | Paper size: Up to A4

Canon is a well-known company when it comes to image and video-related products. The ImageClass MF269dw monochrome laser printer is an absolute thick, and compact printer machine. The printer can be best utilized when using at home, or in small offices/workshops. It has the same printing speed as inkjet printers, while it’s not the best laser printer. There’s a variety of connectivity options which include Wi-Fi, USB 2.0, and Ethernet connections.

The ImageClass MF269dw printout service is of the highest standard, a sharp colored printouts are more than enough reason to convince you to go for one. Apart from that, it’s very reliable and can never break down upon months, or a few years of purchase. The only backslide of this printer is its high cost. But once you can shy away from the high price tag, the MF269dw is the right monochrome laser printer to go for.

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#11: Canon Pixma Ts9120

The Best Portable Printer for Mac
Canon Pixma Ts9120


Weight: 14.6P | Speed: N/A | Printer Category: Inkjet printer | Paper Capacity: N/A | Paper size: Up to A4

Another amazing product of Canon makes it into our top 15 best compatible printers for macOS Big Sur devices. Canon specifically designed this printer for those with fewer documents or text printings, but numerous image printing. As you can see from the specs above, the Canon Pixma Ts9120 is a superior quality printer for your printing services, while dominating the market with its silent sound, and massive speed printouts.

Looking at the design, you’ll find out that the printer is just a lightweight, easy build printer which is very portable, making it easy to carry around. It has 5 color inkjets which include black, yellow, cyan, pigment black, and magenta, making the printer able to produce quality and excellent photo results. The only issue with this printer is the high price tag. There are a variety of printers on our list who can match the services of this printer, but when image quality is concerned, nothing beats the Canon Pixma Ts9120.

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#12: Canon PIXMA Pro-100

best printers for Mac
Canon PIXMA Pro-100


Weight: 21 | Printer Category: Monochrome inkjet printer | Paper Capacity: 150 | Paper size: Up to A4

In terms of high-quality document printing, inkjets printers are the best option for you. The Canon PIXMA Pro-100 features 8-dye inks for superior bright color prints, 3 of which are dedicated to grayscale inks for perfect black & white prints. The high impact printer offers 4800 x 2400 DPI that features the latest technology for amazing results.

Canon deliberately created this printer with a variety of connection options. Among them include Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity, Airprint, USB ports, and automatic connection with your macOS Big Sur devices. The built-in Wi-Fi allows you to connect the printer with multiple compatible users without any cable connection.

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#13: Brother MFC-J985DW

Best Printers for MacOS Big Sur
Brother MFC-J985DW


Weight: 13.3P | Speed: 10-15PPM | Printer Category: Monochrome Inkjet printer | Paper Capacity: 100 | Paper size: Up to A4

The Brother MFC-J985DW is specially designed for your home and office work purposes while still maintaining that low running cost. With this Brother printer, you save enough money while still printing your documents at a very high speed. It features two automatic duplexes which carry out the operation at a very high speed.

A 2.7 touchscreen display makes controls easy for you. The multi-purpose Brother printer features connectivity options for MacOs Big Sur computers, tablets, mobile devices, and laptops. Thanks to its Wi-Fi direct connection, alongside a powerful Bluetooth that allows anyone inside the room to automatically connect and printout different documents. The machine is compact and weighs a mere 13.3P which makes it easy to move around. Brother included a two-year warranty period, alongside the free phone, email, and live chat support which makes it easy for you to repair upon breakdown.

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#14: Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000

Best Printers for macOS Big Sur
Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000


Weight: 18.7P | Speed: 9.2PPM for black, 9.0PPM for color | Printer Category: Monochrome Inkjet printer | Paper Capacity: 200 | Paper size: Up to A4

To get high-HD image quality, the XP-15000 can be an amazing reliable option for you. This Epson inkjet printer features a six-color Claria HD ink which enables it to bring out amazing black and white prints, alongside multi-color gamut. The featured 2.4-inch color LCD screen display is more than enough for smart control navigations.

The XP-15000 large rear tray makes printing operations easier than ever before. Apart from being lightweight, the Epson photo printer offers an Ethernet connectivity option which allows you to connect your macOS Big Sur’s tablets, laptops, and mobile devices automatically.

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#15: Brother MFC-J5830DW

Best Printers for macOS Big Sur
Brother MFC-J5830DW


Weight: 37.7P | Speed: 22/20PPM | Printer Category: Monochrome Inkjet printer | Paper Capacity: 250 | Paper size: Up to A4

When you’re contemplating the best proficient compatible inkjet printer to buy, the Brother MFC-J5830DW would be the best option for you. The added 25.9-ml ink container makes  P600 color your evergreen option. The supported wireless printing technology brings more printing convenience into the game.

You can printout wirelessly through a series of supported options which include Google Cloud Print, Wi-Fi direct (2), Mopria, Airprint, and Brother iPrint&Scan. A 3.7-inch touchscreen display allows you to navigate through apps and features automatically. The easy set up wireless features allow numerous users to submit works through compatible tablets, phones, laptops, etc.

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What’s the Difference Between macOS Big Sur And macOS Catalina Operating System

Let’s say it, this year 2020, a lot of weird things are already happening. That same year, Apple hosted its first-ever online virtual meeting. During the meeting, they announced the transition into macOS Big Sur operating system (macOS 11), thereby putting an end to macOS Catalina.

The new version 11 features a lot of renovated designs, alongside upgraded iOS elements. Apple revealed that macOS Big Sur will be the first operating system to support Macs with Silicon Chips. I know you’ll be asking whether this version 11 is worth upgrading to macOS Catalina, and their compatible devices. Anyway, by going through this article, you’ll find the features alongside their supported devices.

The macOS Big Sur New Design

Apple revealed that the macOS Big Sur features the biggest change in design in the last 20 years of its innovation. Below is a quick glance at how macOS Big Sur differs from macOS Catalina.

  • New Navigation interface featuring direct easy access to settings and controls
  • Full-size quick views around apps
  • System notifications arranged by apps
  • Three fresh added widget layouts
  • Added Translucent Dock bar, and menu icon
  • Circled corners around Windows and app

Just like you can see the newly launched Big Sur operating system takes a certain first view approach, removing that old virtual complexness, and allowing you to change a lot of things on your desktop. It also has that unique, sweet, and satisfying iOS aura about it. You’ll only notice that if you’re using an Apple smartphone device.

Safari Feature Upgrade on macOS Big Sur

Apple introduced some amazing retouch on its Safari feature on the macOS Catalina which allows you to change password easily and tab switching. However, this year’s macOS Big Sur comes with major Safari transmutations. In macOS 11, Safari is 100% customizable and faster than the chrome browser. Here are some major changes.

  • Custom-make start page: On your macOS 11, you can easily customize your page background picture, and select what you’ll like to appear on your Safari main page.
  • Preview Tabs
  • You can be able to know who’s monitoring you
  • Translate webpage language

macOS Big Sur Compatible Devices

Here are the new operating system supported devices

  • MacBook (2015 till date)
  • MacBook Pro/Air (2013 till date)
  • Mac mini (2014 till date)
  • Mac Pro (2013 till date)
  • iMac (2014 till date)
  • iMac Pro (2017 till date)

Is it Safe to Upgrade to macOS 11?

The arrival of macOS Big Sur is just super exciting. Many Apple users are rushing to have the latest Apple operating system. The new features are really a different form of design. You can easily differentiate between the new model and old designs.

However, many users are getting curious to know whether it’s safe to upgrade to the latest version. Meanwhile, we’ve made a series of research, and bring out a few problems encountered by Big Sur users. So far, the major problem comes from the installation process and its Safari browser. But Apple released some statements regarding the issue saying it’s normal.

Furthermore, doing the launching process, Apple revealed that the new operating system will offer more customizable controls over user’s personal information than its predecessors. App developers will be demanded information on their privacy when bringing new apps into the play store. With this improvement, you’ll know the apps inside details before installing it.

Before installing macOS Big Sur on your device, make sure your Mac is well prepared. You’ll have to free up some space – at least 20GB of disk space is required, and back up your data to make sure that nothing misses on your Mac after installation.

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Finally, this was the best printers for macOS Big Sur and Catalina for 2021 and all the printers are affordable and portable for your Mac. You can use the above printers for any kind of Mac laptops and Mac operating systems such as macOS Big Sur, macOS Catalina, macOS Mojave, etc. Therefore, check the printers by clicking the link and order your favorite printer.

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