Download macOS Big Sur ISO DMG and VMDK File

2020 is the best year for Mac users and there are several good news that Apple announced at WWDC June 22. Today is your day and you have a new operating system, new iOS, new iPadOS, and much more. Thanks to Apple for sharing the latest and new update of the Mac users called macOS 11 Big Sur. The current macOS has a number of new features and improvements that are handy for Mac users. However, the macOS Big Sur is the 11th version of the Apple operating system and the name was taken from a beautiful coastal city in California, USA.

On June 22, at WWDC online events, Apple introduced all-new software and highlighted all the new features and improvements made in the new software. Although, macOS Big Sur has tons of new features and best experience in Menu Bar (menu bar is taller and more translucent), Floating Dock (Apple redesigned Dock), New icons for Apps (Now your Apps icons looks more familiar and fresh), Lighter Windows appearance, Redesigned sheets, a new design in sidebars (the sidebar gets full height), new symbols in toolbars & sidebars, and much more.

The macOS Big Sur inspired by iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, The new update of iOS 14 called Control Center is included in the latest macOS 11. Now, you have a control center in your system with newly designed. Even, you can customize the control center. Besides that, the Notification Center was updated in macOS Big Sur with redesigned all the notifications, widgets, and much more.

The major update comes in the Safari web browser and in macOS Big Sur, Safari is 50% faster than chrome. You can customize the Safari start page and you can change the Safari wallpaper. Moreover, there are new Favicons in tabs and you can see more tabs at once to switch between sites and apps. Safari is the main browser of macOS and in the new iOS 14 updates, you will have Safari extension on the App Store.

In macOS Big Sur, Messages get a new update where you can pin multiple conversations, even you can search the past conversation. Apple makes it easier to find older messages. The best feature I liked is, while you start a conversation with a new person then automatically you can share your name and photo. Moreover, you will have inline replies, you can mention an individual in a group message. At last but the list, the new Memoji sticker was added in messages in macOS Big Sur, though you can create and edit a Memoji that reflects you.

Why Should I Download macOS 11 Big Sur ISO, DMG, and VMDK File

If you are using a Mac computer and you have the previous macOS Catalina, Then, you don’t need to download these files because you can update to the latest operating system. Updating to the latest operating system is easy on the Mac desktop. But, what about Windows and Linux users. First of all, they cannot run macOS Big Sur on their PC because Apple doesn’t allow them.

Therefore, they need to download the macOS Big Sur image file for virtual machines. What is a virtual machine? A virtual machine is the virtualization software that allows you to run multiple operating systems in a single host. It means you need to download and install the virtual machine on your system. After that, download the macOS Big Sur virtual image file. Then, you can install any guest operating system on your Windows.

Besides that, if you want to create macOS Big Sur bootable USB to have a clean installation. Then, you need to download the macOS Big Sur installer file. You can create a bootable USB of macOS Big Sur on Windows and Mac.

Final word, to install macOS Big Sur on Virtual machine on windows or to create macOS Big Sur USB installer. Then, you need to download macOS Big Sur ISO, DMG, and VMDK files. Therefore, in this article, you will find the macOS Big Sur ISO, DMG, and VMDK file.

Download macOS Big Sur ISO File

We just check the macOS Big Sur using the macOS Big Sur ISO installer file in a virtual machine on windows. Some users face issues while installing macOS 11 on their PC. But, using this ISO file you can install macOS 11 on Windows without facing bugs. Therefore, you can create an ISO file on your Mac by downloading the assistance package file. In case, you want to have ISO file direct link then download from the below link.

Download macOS 11 Big Sur ISO File

Download macOS Big Sur DMG File

To have a clean installation of macOS Big Sur on a virtual machine on Windows you need to download the dmg file. This file is the developer beta of macOS Big Sur. Soon the public beta will be uploaded once Apple releases the public beta.

Download macOS 11 Big Sur dmg File

Download macOS Big Sur VMDK File

In the first step, users try to install the operating system using the VMDK file. VMDK stands for a virtual machine disk. Therefore, you can install macOS Big Sur on VirtualBox or Vmware on Windows and Mac. No matter, whether you are a Mac user or Windows but you can use a virtual machine on your desktop.

Download macOS 11 Big Sur VMDK file Soon we will upload the VMDK file.

How to Install macOS Big Sur on Virtualbox and Vmware

Once you download the macOS 11 Big Sur ISO, DMG, and VMDK file. Now, you can install the macOS 11 on Virtualbox or Vmware. macOS 11 is in its developer beta version, soon the public beta will be released. But, the installation method is the same, whether you have developer beta, public beta, or the final version.


In this article, you can find all the macOS 11 Big Sur installer files to install it on virtual machines. So, I hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comment section.

  1. LOL says

    Poor quality content. Even the VMDK link is for ISO, not VMKD. Really sorry for you guys

    1. Admin says


      Sorry for that, However, the ISO file will work for you to install macOS Big Sur. Though we are working on the VMDK file.

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