How to Link Android Phone to Windows 10 PC? No Application

A few days ago I get the software update notification on my Samsung Android phone and it was the latest update of the Android 10 operating system. So, I just tab the notification and it asked me to download the Software update. Therefore, I download it and install it on my Android phone. Once, it’s installed and my Android phone gets restart then I checked my phone and I saw there are tons of new features and changes that are awesome and one of the handy features on the latest software update is “Link to Windows”.

This feature is new and it is available for those who updated their Android phone to the latest software update. If you are using the previous software update then you will need to update your software to the latest version that was released on March 2, 2020. In case, the software update is not available for your Android phone then don’t worry, Microsoft Windows has the best feature that was included in the latest Windows 10 update and the feature is “Your Phone”.

However, Microsoft has released the latest Windows 10 Operating system update, therefore, you have to download and install the latest update. for sure, you will get the Windows 10 update notification on your PC. So, go to Setting and search for “Check updates” if the new Windows 10 update is available for you then you will get it and you need to download it.

Though “Your Phone” feature is available on the Windows 10 October 2018 update. In this case, you must have this feature on your Windows 10 PC.

You will get several articles on google that will guide you to connect your Android with Windows 10 PC Via Your Phone feature, But in this article, I will show you How to Link Android phone to Windows 10 PC with “Link to Windows” feature that I have on my Android phone latest update.

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Why Link Android Phone to Windows 10 PC

Connecting Android phone to Windows 10 is the best way to share all the android files to the Windows PC. there doesn’t seem to be any damage in linking your Android to your PC though there will be many benefits. So, once you connect your phone with Computer then you will receive notifications, you can access your Photos, Messages, web pages, and many more.

There are many applications and software that allow you to connect your Android with Windows 10 PC, but the feature I am going to show you is the best one so far and this feature is new on the Android phone. When you connect your Phone then you will receive SMS on your computer and you can reply to the SMS from the PC. No matter, if you receive Whatsapp messages then you can reply to the message.

Create a Microsoft Account

before moving on, you will need to create a Microsoft account because you will link your Android to Windows Via Microsoft account. Once you open the Link to Windows feature then it will ask you to sign in to your Microsoft Account if you have then you don’t need to create the new one, simply go with your account. if you don’t have then follow the below steps.

Step 1: Click the link to open the Microsoft create account page.

Step 2: Once you click the link then you will see the below screenshot. Here, click the Create a Microsoft Account.

How to Create Microsoft Account
Create a Microsoft Account

Step 3: After that, it will ask you to type the Email address you want to create an account. then click the Next button.

Enter Email ID for Microsoft
Type Email ID

Step 4: Now, create a password, make sure, your password should not include your email address characters.

Create Mirosoft Account Password
Type Password

Step 5: Here, Microsoft will send you the verification code to your Email address. Therefore, go to your Gmail account and type the code.

Link Android to Windows 10 PC
Verify Email

Step 6: Before proceeding, you will need to fill the captcha and click the Next button.

How to Connect Android with Windows 10
Fill Captcha

Congratulations! you have created a Microsoft Account successfully. now you can link your Android with Windows 10.

How to Link Android Phone to Windows 10 PC?

Take heed, “Link to Windows” feature is only available for those who updated their Android to the latest version that was released on March 2, 2020. Therefore, before going ahead, make sure, you have updated your android software.

Once you update your software then you will get the “link to windows” feature on the quick setting panel or navigation bar. you can see the screenshot below.

Link android to Windows PC
Link to Windows

So, now you have the idea about “Link to Windows” therefore, let’s get started.

Step 1: you can open “Link to windows” from the navigation bar, but doing it from the setting is much better. Therefore, go to Settings > Advanced Features > Link to Windows. Now, click on the “Link to Windows” option.

Android 10 Link to WIndows Feature
Link to Windows

Step 2: Afterward, you will need to tab the Link your phone and PC.

Link your Phone and PC
Link your Phone and PC

Step 3: Here you need your Microsoft account that I mentioned above to create it. Now, you need to Sign in with Microsoft account.

Sign in With Microsoft Account
Sign in With Microsoft Account

Step 4: Here, click Continue and click the Allow option to allow your phone companion to access on your mobile.

Step 5: As I mentioned, Windows 10 has a handy feature called “your Phone”, therefore, it will ask you to open Your Phone feature from the start menu. So, go to Start Menu and search for Your Phone then open it.

Open your Phone on Windows 10
Open Your Phone

Step 6: Once you open the “Your Phone” app on your PC then click the Continue option on your android.

Finish Linking on your PC
Linking on your PC

Step 7: After you continue, then it will check your PC. Therefore, wait for a while.

Step 8: Once it finds your PC, then, it will ask for permission to connect your phone with Windows PC. So, you will get three number options on your Windows 10 PC on the “Your Phone” screen. and you will get a number on your phone screen, therefore, select the number on the PC you have on your Android phone and click the Continue button.

Step 9: Finally, you have connected your Android with Windows 10 PC successfully. Now, you can access to your Messages, Photos, Notifications, and even you can see your phone screen on your Windows.

Your Android Phone Connected with Windows 10
Your Android Phone Connected with Windows 10

You Can Access to your Phone

Once you connected your Android Phone to your computer then you can access your Messages, Notifications, Photos, Phone screen, and calls. Here, I will guide you on how you can control your Android from PC.

1: Messages

Control Messages from PC
Control Messages from PC

You can control your messages from your PC once you connect it to your computer. you will receive new SMS on your computer if your android is connected and you can reply to the text from your computer. As you see the screenshot, Here, I have my SMS and I can reply to them from my PC.

2: Notifications

Android Notifications on PC
Android Notifications on PC

The second option you can control is Notifications. as you are receiving notifications on your phone the same you will receive it on your PC and you can access the notifications. For those users who linked their phone to the computer, they might not get a notification because they have not allowed it from their phone. Therefore, click the Open your Phone button and allows the Your Phone Companion App. after that, you will get notifications.

3: Photos

Access your Photos on PC
Access your Photos on PC

The third option that you can access your photos and you can bring changes to the pictures. Here, you can copy, share, and save the pictures you want. It allows you to control your whole pictures from your PC.

4: Phone Screen

How to Connect Android with PC
Control Phone Screen

Simply, tab the phone screen and you will see your Android phone screen on your PC. From here, you can control your android like you can open Google, Applications, Camera, you can search for anything, and you can do whatever you want. Even you can send message or call to someone. This is what I like the new Android feature that I have.

5: Calls

Receive and make Calls on PC
Receive and make Calls on PC

To receive and make calls from PC you will need to connect your android to PC via Bluetooth. After that, allow your PC from your Android to access your calls. Then, you need to send permission from PC to Android in order to get your calls history. Like this, you can make and receive calls on your Windows PC.

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Finally, you have linked your Android phone to Windows 10 PC with the new Your Phone Companion application and Your Phone application. In case, you don’t have this app on your phone then go to Play Store and download Your Phone Companion. with this application, you can connect your Android with Windows 10 PC.

However, using its application might be difficult for you. Therefore, it is better to update your phone software to the latest version. After that, you don’t need to download any application.

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