How to Download MacOS Catalina Installer? [Latest Update]

Should you install/Upgrade to MacOS Catalina? Although Apple released the best and powerful operating system in 2019. MacOS Catalina has several cool features that help Mac users to do multiple things using the MacOS 10.15. those users who are running MacOS Mojave so far and don’t know how to upgrade MacOS Mojave to MacOS Catalina, because updating any operating system to another OS is quite difficult. The current OS is MacOS Catalina and Apple released the new update of MacOS Catalina which is 10.15.3. So, before thinking about MacOS Catalina installation on various platforms, you will need to Download MacOS Catalina Installer. In this case, you can install MacOS Catalina on PC-Hackintosh, MacBook Pro/Air, Mac Mini, or Virtual machines.

If you are Mac user and you are using MacOS Mojave, MacOS High Sierra, or other versions of Mac OS, then you can download MacOS Catalina Installer from App Store, But, here I will show you to download MacOS Catalina Installer without App Store and it might look strange to you. So, the MacOS Catalina Installer offline file can be ISO, DMG, VMDK, and Image file that can help you to install MacOS Catalina on Virtual machines.

For Sure, Windows users can’t install MacOS Catalina without Mac OS Catalina offline download file, However, Mac never allows windows users to install MacOS on its PC, But, you can use third-party software to run Mac OS on your Windows. Thanks to Virtualization software to allow Windows and Linux users to install any guest Operating systems on their PC.

So, in this article, I will provide MacOS Catalina ISO, DMG, VMDK, and Image file for you and you can download it easily with Google Drive and MediaFire servers.

Apple released new Update of MacOS Catalina

The first MacOS Catalina beta version has little errors that were faced by users who installed MacOS Catalina on their PC, Users stuck what to do and they are waiting for the new update of MacOS 10.15. However, Apple fixed several bugs and added new changes to the new update and release it to users. I know Apple is the great and he never hurt its users, So when time goes by, Apple announced and released the new version of MacOS Catalina which is MacOS Catalina 10.15.3.

The new update has tons of new features and apple solved several errors like Wifi is not working, Email Problem, Login problem, and many other common issues. So, the new changes are Apple remove Dashboard app on Mac, Connect your iPad with SideCar feature wirelessly, iPad apps are supported on Mac and many more. So, the current and latest version of MacOS 10.15 is MacOS Catalina 10.15.3.

MacOS Catalina Handy Features

  • Apple TV: This new trade-in MacOS is an exceptional software to offer all your desires for looking at TV and you will find you all your favorite shows. Moreover, you’ll find extra than 100,000 films and collections in this program.
  • IPad Apps on the Mac: now you can use your iPad apps on the MacOS Catalina, as you know the MacOS Mojave has the same functions in which you may use an iOS app on the Mac. Therefore, now the MacOS Catalina has announced the new adjustments that you may use iPad apps on MacOS Catalina.
  • SideCar: With SideCar function, you could use your iPad tool as a 2d monitor show, for Mac user, that is a terrific function to have a 2d show of your MacOS in an excessive resolution. Moreover, A SideCar is an awesome tool for editing motion pictures with Final Cut Pro X or drawing with Adobe Illustrator.
  • Screen instances come to the Mac: Working on the unmarried app for a long term or spending tons time on an app and finding how much time you spend on it, now you can get the idea with the assist of new capabilities 0f MacOS Catalina. Screen time permits you to test how much time you spend on an unmarried app.
  • Music App: With this feature, you can pay attention to over 50 million distinctive songs, polyphony, and music movies. the new Mac Music app is a lot quicker and less difficult to use in preference to before. Moreover, customers can access their library music without any issues.

Other Common Features are:

  • Updates on reminders and Safari
  • Use three Apple apps rather than iTunes App
  • Find me
  • Use iPad apps on Mac
  • Take usage of Apple pencil
  • Screen time
  • Sidecar
  • Well Security and Privacy
  • Communication Limits
  • Approve your Mac with Apple Watch
  • Catalina dynamic wallpaper (The wallpaper is enhanced by its dynamic night/day versions)
  • Project Catalyst: iPad apps that have been brought over to the Mac/
  • Three new features in Apple Mail: mute a thread, block a sender and unsubscribe.

Why Download MacOS Catalina Installer?

A simple answer on why you should download Mac OS Catalina Installer, As you know, without Mac OS installer you can’t test the Operating system on your PC. However, we have multiple offline installers such as ISO, DMG, Image, and VMDK. these files are the MacOS Catalina installer that is needed to download before thinking of installation.

Although, Mac users can upgrade to any new operating system easily, but Windows and Linux users need to download MacOS Catalina installer offline to install it on their PC. and they can only install Mac OS on PC with the help of virtual machines. So, to install any Mac OS on Virtual machines you need to download its image file.

What is a Virtual Machine?

An easy word a virtual machine is virtualization software that allows Windows and Linux users to run multiple operating systems on a single PC. mostly, Virtual machine is used by Windows users and they use virtual machines to test any MacOS on Windows.

However, there are several virtual machines like Oracle Virtualbox, Hyper-V, Vmware Fusion, Vmware Workstation, and many more. So, the best and handy one is Virtualbox and VMware. users install it on PC and run various operating systems at a time.

To run a guest operating system on virtual machines, you will need to download a virtual image file then you can install any guest OS. Therefore, the MacOS Catalina installer that I am going to give you is mostly used for Virtual machines.

Download macOS Catalina Installer Without App Store

Here, I will give you different offline installer files and they are saved in Google Drive and MediaFire. it means you will get the download links on these two servers. Each file is different and you can install MacOS Catalina with any file, no matter, which installer file you have downloaded. So, download MacOS Catalina any installer file without App Store, I recommend you to download one of the files (you don’t need to download all files).

#1: Download MacOS Catalina ISO File

The first Mac OS Catalina Installer file is .iso file. mostly users download MacOS Catalina ISO file and they have installed MacOS Catalina easily with ISO file.

#2: Download MacOS Catalina DMG File

In case, you want to download the MacOS Catalina DMG file for virtual machines then you can do it easily with the below links. the file size is more than 5GB and you need a fast internet connection to complete the download soon.

#3: Download MacOS Catalina VMDK File

Many users contact me and said the MacOS Catalina is not installed as I inserted the VMDK file, I don’t know what is the main reason though they have missed any steps. Anyhow, you can download the MacOS Catalina VMDK file and install it on Virtualbox or VMWare.

#4: Download MacOS Catalina Image File

The last and handy file of MacOS Catalina is an image file, in many cases, users recommended to download MacOS Catalina Image file for Virtual machines. as I mentioned, each file is different and they are not the same. So, In case, you love to use image file then download the below files.

Install MacOS Catalina on Virtual Machines

If you are a windows user then you are curious to install macOS Catalina on Windows, However, you have one of the macOS Catalina installer files and you want to test and experience the new Operating system of Apple. then you can install it easily with some steps. Although, Windows users can install macOS Catalina on Virtualbox and Vmware.

So, in which platform you want to install the Catalina though both software is the best and there are some changes of steps others are the same. The choice is yours, the below article links will help you to perform a clean installation of MacOS Catalina on Virtual machines.

Install MacOS Catalina on Various Mac PC

Installing MacOS Catalina on Mac PC is quite simple, only you need to upgrade to the latest operating system. MacOS Catalina is a Mac Operating system and its the pros of Mac users to test the Mac OS Catalina without wasting time. if you are thinking that, you can’t install or you don’t have the clue then the below articles will guide you to install MacOS Catalina on different Mac PC. As you have Macbook Pro and Air, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, Hackintosh, Macintosh, etc.


That’s MacOS Catalina’s different installer offline files that you can install MacOS Catalina on your Windows. So, I have provided all the offline files and you need to download one of the files and insert it on virtual machines and install MacOS Catalina. In case, you get any error with download links then please comment on us in the comment box.

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